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Zincite ~ Forged in Fire

Zincite is an incredibly rare mineral form of Zinc Oxide that was first discovered in 1810 by a man named Archibald Bruce. It was then renamed as the Zincite we know now in 1845. Zincite can be found growing in nature in only one location in the World, New Jersey, USA.  Most of the Zincite on

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How to Create A Manifestation/Vision Board Part 1

Have you ever heard of a Manifestation or Vision Board? I hadn’t until several years ago when my son & I decided we’d try it out one wet & windy winter’s day. It seemed like a good creative project we could sit and do together and I wanted to empower my boy to realise he

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Moldavite ~ The Master Transformer

Moldavite is one of the most interesting substances found on the planet.  Primarily, because it doesn’t come from Earth!  In fact, only 98% of its chemical compound can be identified – the other 2% has endlessly baffled scientists…. all we know, is it ain’t from around here! Moldavite is a meteor that hit earth approximately

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Don’t Worry ~ Its Only Energy :-)

Just a short little blog today to remind us all to take a step back and not worry! I’ve had a lot of people writing to me recently asking what is going on with the energy for a looooooooong list of different reasons. There is a LOT of shifting energy around at the moment so

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Abundance ~ Why Aren’t I Getting It?

Hello There 🙂 I’ve noticed a change in my life lately….. a shift in the flow of abundance. We all go through different cycles in our lives, but I know this isn’t one of those cycles. This shift is one I have created through a simple change in attitude and perspective. And I could kick myself…

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New Energy 2014 – How Do We Work & Manifest With It?

How do we work with this new, expansive, speedy energy? You’ll probably be falling into one of two groups……you’ll either be dealing with one issue after another in quick succession whilst juggling all the other responsibilities in your life….or the energy will have simply wiped you out and you’ll be suffering from ill health and

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New Energy 2014 ~ Its Changing How We Manifest

If you’ve been reading my blogs over the last week, you’ll be on board with the fact that our Universe is expanding and time is speeding up (Click Here for 1st Blog ~ Why Energy Is Changing in 2014). Most of us know this, but we’re only just starting to explore how this is affecting us.

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How do we Keep Up Spiritually with our Expanding Universe?

It has occurred to me recently, through connecting to Source to write monthly energy reports/blogs and conducting many readings & personal development days ~ that the energy we are all working with is changing. As are the rules we used to follow with regard to energy work and manifestation. I’ve read endless websites and blogs

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