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How to Create a Manifestation/Vision Board Part 2 ~ My Personal Board

Hello Again 🙂

My last blog explained how to create a Manifestation Board. I’d now like to walk you through how to use it effectively!

As with all things, the intent with which something is created is incredibly important. When selecting the pictures or words for my board, I ensure they evoke some sort of emotional response in me. There has to be a connection, a smile, a feeling of some kind. That emotional energy is then put into the board as we’re creating it. How the board is created is entirely up to you ~ it can be neat and tidy or higgeldy piggeldy ~ as long as it makes you feel good when you see it and each individual desire can be focused on.

Once our board is ready to go, it then has to be placed somewhere we can look at it regularly, several times a day. Each time we see the board, its not enough to simply think about what we want or ‘wish’ we could have something ~ we have to think it, feel it, imagine already having it and most importantly FEEL like we’re already experiencing it.


For example, if one of the things on the board is a beach holiday, then every time we look at our board and see the picture of a gorgeous, hot, sunny, sandy beach ~ we must imagine actually being there & more importantly, how it would FEEL to be there. Feel the sand under our feet, smell the salty air and hint of coconut in sun tan lotion, feel the warmth of the sun on our skin and feel the relaxation and joy of being somewhere so beautiful, on holiday, without a care in the world.  If a new surround sound gaming system is on the board, imagine sitting on the sofa with the booming noise all around, friends maybe playing alongside us and imagine how joyful and cool that would FEEL. If we put our thoughts, our belief and our emotional energy out into the Universe in a way that makes it think we already believe and are experiencing what we desire ~ then is conspires to bring those things into our lives. It really IS that simple.

The more imaginative and real you can make the experience every time you think about it, the quicker it will enter your life. Some things may take time, for example, a new car. This may mean having to let go of the old, often in ways that unsettle us, like the old car breaking down etc. ~ just stay open and accepting of everything that happens from the time you start using the Board. We can only control WHAT comes into our life ~ not HOW it gets here. Its important to let go of HOW.

Below is a picture of my own personal romance board. Many people think they know what they want in a relationship, but most of us don’t have a clue! I was 38 and had no idea that what I was asking for was completely wrong for me! I like the bad boy look ~ so guess who kept knocking on the door! Doh!!

So I decided to read and do the work suggested in a book by Barbara de Angelis. The book got me to really look at myself and what were the most important, core value things I simply could not live without. I narrowed it down to nine words. Thats it ~ just nine simple words. It didn’t matter to me whether my future partner was rich or poor, black or white, young or old ~ after a lifetime of difficult relationships, it mattered that he was a good man who shared the same family and life values.


Meeting a man who was strong & independent within himself, honest & romantic was important to me as were growth, acceptance, physical attraction, intimacy, communication and freedom between us both in a relationship. I knew some of those values were also going to be challenges…such as intimacy, communication and freedom ~ after all, not all men share their feelings easily, deep intimacy is difficult for me due to past experiences and I’ve always been a free spirit ~ something that most men are drawn to at the beginning, but then after time, try to crush, contain or tame! It was important that I learn to give someone all of these important things too ~ some words are easy to say, but harder to put into practice!

I then looked for pictures that symbolised a healthy, loving relationship to me or the sort’ve bond I would like with a man. Some breeds of swan mate for life and as a totem, they symbolise Grace, so a picture of them was cut out of a magazine and placed on my board. I loved the idea of walking on a sandy beach somewhere foreign, of playing in the park with a dog, of moving in together one day, of lazy Sunday mornings, of growing old together even though our roots were separate like trees. The four elements are important to me, so I wanted all four represented on the board for balance and acknowledgement of there always being a bigger picture than ‘us’.

I then placed the board by my bedside and every time I looked at it, imagined one or several of those things happening. I had no idea who the man would be, but in my imagination, walked along feeling deeply in love, fulfilled and happy, holding a man’s hand (but not seeing his face). Am blessed with a vivid imagination and its easy to bring up the feelings of love & happiness at the thought of being in a healthy relationship. I never once wavered in my belief that the right man would enter my life when the time was right for us both. Six months later, I met my wonderful partner and he is exactly what I cosmically ordered 😉

My man didn’t come in the box I’d imagined however, nor was it easy. He lived 130miles away, had only just come out’ve a painful long term marriage and had three teenage children. If I had been focusing on external things such as a job, no kids, no baggage, nice car etc., which in the end aren’t important to me, then we never would have met. However, because I focused on manifesting the simple, core values ~ my partner is absolutely perfect for me, despite our multitude of differences. We face some challenges, but also balance and compliment each other. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, healthy, healing relationship and very proud that I did the work and manifested all by myself…lol.. 😉

Some people laugh at the idea of a manifestation board & think its ridiculous, but I know that they work and I am living proof 🙂 Three years ago I was shut down against the world, on my own, a single mum living in a small council flat in Norwich, working my backside off to barely keep my business afloat. I’d been stripped down & hammered into submission by allowing an awful, long term, abusive relationship to continue. The government had made some monumental financial mistakes (I appealed against them and won!), I was struggling with health issues and life in general. Even though I loved my son, my job and had some wonderful friends in my life, I still felt very broken and alone, but refused to allow victim mentality to creep in. Instead, I asked the Universe for help. A manifestation board was one of the answers that came back to me.

Now I’m living in Sheffield in a stable, lovely home, have the support of a loving partner in a healthy relationship, 4 beautiful kids between us, all of the family support I’ve ever wanted, a gorgeous dog, cat and a business that is starting to expand at such a pace I can barely keep up. My health issues are manageable & my friends are honest, true, wonderful people. There is little drama or chaos in my life any more. Am finally healing an incredibly deep, long term wound from childhood and also fulfilling a life long dream of working for the NSPCC as a volunteer. I’ve worked & saved hard to take the kids on holiday overseas, seen both of my wonderful parents and families this year (who all live overseas) and am starting to live, what for me, is my dream. How cool is that?

Manifestation Boards are easy, they’re creative, they’re fun and THEY WORK! Don’t knock it….till you’ve tried it 🙂 

Lots of love





8 thoughts on “How to Create a Manifestation/Vision Board Part 2 ~ My Personal Board”

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  2. Hi, I just found my way to your site via a link on Facebook. I’m going to start a vision/manifestation board soon, so it’s been interesting to read your posts. I’m totally in love with crystals, so will read more of your posts too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the positive feedback ~ isn’t it lovely how we are led to places that can support us on our journey 🙂

      1. Definitely! I have bought crystals over the years but it’s in about the last 18 months that I’ve really become passionate (obsessed?) by them. I had actually popped into a local crystal shop for the first time in ages, to buy crystals for a few people I knew who were having a very tough time and of course ended up buying something for me too.

        Things really took off – and about six months after that, my life was turned upside down. Along with my dogs and some very good friends, I’m incredibly grateful for the crystals in my life 🙂

        I’m enjoying looking through your site, I love reading about crystals and other people’s experiences with them.

        1. Lovely to share experiences and so glad you feel an affinity with crystals. I wouldn’t be without them! What dogs do you have? We’ve got a 7 month old German Shepherd/Galgo cross and he is my absolute baby! LOVE HIM…lol Have a great weekend x

  3. Thank you for these blogs on manifestation boards. I was inspired to make one of my own for the first time. I was so excited that I did a test-fit without glue to see what it would look like and ended up taking pictures with my cell phone. I love it, because now I can view my board anywhere and anytime I like, not just at home.

    1. What a great idea Cari, I might add your idea into the blog as its an awesome way of reminding ourselves of our goals whilst on the move! Have an awesome year 🙂 xx

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