How do we Keep Up Spiritually with our Expanding Universe?

How do we Keep Up Spiritually with our Expanding Universe?

It has occurred to me recently, through connecting to Source to write monthly energy reports/blogs and conducting many readings & personal development days ~ that the energy we are all working with is changing. As are the rules we used to follow with regard to energy work and manifestation.

I’ve read endless websites and blogs alongside many channellings from ‘other beings’ and waded through a lot of scientific information. At the end of it all, I found myself thinking ‘I wish someone would just put all of this information in one place, in simple terms, in plain English, from a place of reality, not wrapped in fluffy or confusing channellings from ‘another’ being’.  

At which point….the penny dropped (cheers Universe!). So I’ll try to keep things real. 

Thats not to say all information channelled through human beings is fluffy or confusing by the way…..I’d just like to make that clear. Its simply that most of it isn’t very helpful or easy to understand and follow. Lots of waffle, lots of fluffy ‘you are loved’ or lots of far out information that means little in today’s reality. I do trust some channelled sources however, such as Akashic Transformations and a few other, really guiding and supportive sites. I think thats the key ~ we should ask ourselves ‘does this help me in my life now’ and if the answer is ‘no’, then stop reading. We only have a finite amount of time in a day to absorb and process new information.

Moving on………I never believed that moving into 2012 and the beginning of a new Mayan calendar signalled the end of days or anything hugely dramatic and obvious. What it did signify was something very subtle that sensitive folk are now starting to tune into…… a new level & speed of energy.

The Universe is expanding….scientifically, thats what space and the Universe is doing and its pulling our energy system with it. Check out NASA’s website if you’d like to research more of the science ~ Click Here.

We either go with the flow and expand with the Universe or we struggle against it and life gets very uncomfortable


Lots of people talk about the Ascension process. I don’t believe we are ascending to any collective form of new conciousness. I’d like to believe its possible, but having travelled the world and visited a lot of highly populated, third world countries, and understanding that only 10% of the population on our Earth is spiritually aware……. have you any idea how many people would have to shift consciousness in order for the talked about ‘Ascension’ to take place? There are approximately 7.14 billion human beings on our planet. The Ascension process is a personal process….to keep up with the expanding Universe. It cannot be a collective process in our lifetime. Despite my belief that we are all connected and being an eternal optimist and idealist, its not possible to argue with the math.

7.14 BILLION people. That requires 3.57 BILLION people to shift consciousness for us to ‘ascend’ as a collective. Lets keep it REAL!

Its true that in order to expand, we have to clear our energy system of anything that is tying it down. Whether that be childhood stuff, relationship stuff, past life stuff….whatever way ‘stuff’ is manifesting in our life….its time to accept it and let it go or heal it and move on. As fast as possible. If something is tying us down, we’re not able to expand. Simple law of physics.  

The difference now is, we don’t have years and decades to complete this process any more. Not unless our soul has chosen an entire lifetime to heal one particular wound. For some, that will resonate, its a deep wound, probably has ties in past lives and the thought of simply accepting the wound and moving forward will be impossible. And that is fine. However, I’ve met many clients recently…beautiful, spiritually aware people whom have been working on their issues for years….even decades. The idea that they can just accept the wound and move on has been a revelation for them.

Its been a revelation for me too. Deep wounds from childhood, many years of different forms of therapy, many sessions of counselling……if that hasn’t fixed it, the wound is there for a reason so best leave it alone and get on with living. Our wounds do not have to define us. And in making that decision, that energy no longer ties me down.  That simple truth has set me free personally and WOW, has my intuition expanded in line with that 🙂 What works for me may not necessarily work for you….but its interesting to roll the idea around in your mind and see what happens.

We ALL have a choice. We can simply choose to not let the past define our present. It REALLY is that simple. And if patterns of behaviour come up due to that past wound, then they can be dealt with and moved through quickly in the present moment. I’m a firm believer in going to the root of an issue and working from there….but it isn’t always possible and now, many of us no longer have the time. 

Time is speeding up. All of us can feel it, even our kids have been discussing it and how weird the passing of time feels these days ~ its a bit freaky! A direct result of the Universe expanding. The more it expands, the quicker things feel. We’re being called to work on multiple levels (even in multiple dimensions….but I don’t want to freak too many people out) and one thing after another just keeps coming. Its about time we all realised…..its not going to let up, we’re not getting much chance of a break any more so the only way to move is forward!

Keep an eye on my free monthly energy reports….I’ll give a good head’s up ahead of time as to when we’ll get a break to process everything. Breaks are few and far between in 2014, but there will be some, small points of rest during the year. And they should be used wisely 😉

Food for thought…..I hope. PLEASE feel free to comment. I love a good debate and to be challenged on my intuition….because it is MY intuition, not an angel’s, spirits, guides or other worldly beings’. I’ve worked with all of those weird and wonderful energies through the years, but as time has gone on, if I’ve been given information from someone/something specific, am not aware of it any more. I plug into Universal Consciousness and no longer label or question the information that flows……it just IS, it is REAL, it is TRUTH and I take FULL responsibility for it.

My next blog is on how this new, speedy energy is changing the way we work spiritually and how it is affecting crystals. The blog after that will question how the new energy is affecting how we manifest things in our life. There is no more ‘ask and it is given’. Its ‘ask and then get off our backsides to make it happen’. I do love a bit of controversy 😉

Until then….. much love and have a great week




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