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New Energy 2014 ~ Its Changing How We Manifest

If you’ve been reading my blogs over the last week, you’ll be on board with the fact that our Universe is expanding and time is speeding up (Click Here for 1st Blog ~ Why Energy Is Changing in 2014).

Most of us know this, but we’re only just starting to explore how this is affecting us. And its not just us….crystals are changing, spiritual methods that have worked for eons are changing and more importantly….how we manifest is changing!! (Click Here for 2nd Blog ~ How Energy is Changing Crystals & The Chakra System)

Ask, Believe, Receive no longer works.  It is too inactive and does not resonate with the speed of current energies. Several decades ago, we could ask and believe and we’d receive.

Then came about a big shift, when we learned we had to add emotional energy, visualisation and living in the ‘now’ to our asking. Esther Hicks and Abraham arrived in the world alongside such great books as The Secret. These methods made us work harder in order to manifest our desires. Now, we need to take it a step further and add action to the mix.  

It makes sense ~ if our energy is being stretched & expanded, then we need to be more focused with the intent of our energy and add an extra bit of ‘oomph’ to it. Now, more than ever, the Universe is working as a mirror. It reflects back to us exactly what we put out.

If we sit and say ‘I don’t know what’s right, please give me answers’ ~ the Universe only hears ‘don’t know’ and sends that energy pinging back….so we draw MORE reason to doubt into our life.

If we sit and say ‘I’m scared, what should I do?’ ~ the Universe only hears ‘fear’ and sends that energy pinging back……so we draw MORE reasons to fear into our life.

If we sit and pray and say ‘I wish I could have……’ ~ the Universe hears ‘wishing’ and sends that energy pinging back….so we draw MORE reasons to wish into our life.

For example, if we’re wishing for a lovely relationship, then more reasons are sent to give us what we want ~ to be in a state of ‘wishing’……….we’ll feel more lonely, see more couples walking happily together and feel left out, get turned down for dates etc. etc. Not quite what we were imagining when we sent out a prayer to be answered huh?

Many people ask…and then visualise and then feel what they want to the best of their ability and STILL things aren’t manifesting….Why??????

Because we HAVE TO TAKE ACTION now. Its that simple. Just one, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny step will do it!


I’ve been slowly manifesting my ideal life over the years and those of you whom know me personally can see that progression. Sometimes, things have manifested so quickly its been a complete shock. However, its because its not been working lately that I’ve been experimenting. Am aware something has shifted energetically and I am aware this new, faster energy is doing strange things with time and crystals….. but its only now falling in to place through receiving what I DON’T want exactly what those changes are. This awareness has come a little too late………..

Have you seen the size of my bum recently??  I don’t like my body very much and have been accidentally putting that out into the Universe, which has created MORE reasons not to like my body….arrgghhh! I was asking for a healthy body, feeling it, imaging having it and feeling much more energetic and fit……but I kept gaining weight. Why? Because my core belief is I don’t like my body and I wasn’t really taking any action to show otherwise. And the Universe knows (*sulk*!) 😉 All it heard was ‘my body is horrible’ and so reflected that straight back….providing more reasons to find it horrible…here, gain another pound!!  Again….arrggghhh! And in those immortalised words of Homer J Simpson….DOH!!!

We can sit and be shiny, positive, pure and overflowing with abundance in a wonderful, blissful state of meditation till the end of our days…but if we’re not taking action and working toward our goals in a simple, clear way the Universe can reflect back…..we are not going to manifest our desires. 

So we need to stop asking, stop wanting, stop hoping, stop wishing, stop beating ourselves up…..and start DOING.

The last blog in this series of blogs on the New Energy in 2014 will be out in a few days. I will list clear, simple, easy steps to enable you to manifest in your life now. Effectively and with POWER!

Much love,

Krissy XXX

4 thoughts on “New Energy 2014 ~ Its Changing How We Manifest”

  1. Thank you! What you have written has helped me realize what I need to do. *Blessings!*

  2. Thank you Kristy for your personal insights. I have learned so much from you, and continue each blog post, twitter and fb messages. I thank the Universe for bringing us together, and I know one day, our paths shall cross in person. I look forward to it. Blessings, xo

    1. Oh bless you Toni, its so lovely to have your support. And we WILL meet one day. I’ll probably jump around being incredibly giddy and then cry….lol… Keep shining, you’re awesome xxxxxx

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