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Crystals and Neuro Diversity/ADHD

This week, I wanted to talk a little about crystals and how they are an excellent tool to support those with Neuro Diversity (ND). In layman’s terms, this is because electrical frequencies run along the neural pathways in our brain and crystals emit frequencies that, in my experience, can alter how our brain waves function.

It’s a hot topic in our family at the moment as several members have recently been diagnosed with ADHD and RSD and our grandson is undergoing tests to ascertain where he is on the spectrum.

I’m neuro typical and lived with undiagnosed ND in my relationship for 12 years. It nearly broke us, so it’s extremely important if you feel someone may not think or behave in ‘typical’ ways in your relationship or family that you consider ND before judging them as a bad or uncaring person. Maybe they just perceive, interpret and interact with the World in different ways that can, at first, seem almost narcissistic or selfish at times. Their behaviour can be interpreted differently once it is understood that someone is Neuro Diverse.

From the website, they describe Neuro Diversity as:

‘A term that refers to the natural differences between people and was coined in the late 1990’s by Australian sociologist Judy Singer. It can be compared to terms such as race, culture, class and gender and is useful to describe people with varying characteristics and behaviours of neurodevelopmental conditions alongside the “neurotypical” majority in a non-prejudiced way. Learning about neurodiversity can help you move the focus from impairments towards everyone’s different abilities. It is thought that up to 20% of the population are thought to be neurodiverse.  The remaining majority are neurotypical.’

However, given the 18 month+ waiting list to even be diagnosed, that percentage is going to sky rocket IMHO. To me, Neuro Diversity is a spectrum of learning and thinking styles that differ from what is considered typical. The neural pathways in the brain have formed differently and it cannot be pinned down to just one thing. For some, it’s genetic, for others, it’s down to environment or upbringing and for others it’s a combination of many different things during childhood that have led to the brain forming different ways of processing the World.

Crystals can help immensely as depending on which one is used, they can a) calm down over stimulated neural pathways b) stimulate sluggish neural pathways, c) soothe the central nervous system, d) dispel brain fog and bring mental clarity and e) support us in reconnecting to our physical body.

Each of the below mentioned crystals supports Neuro Diversity in different ways. For some, they need support with mental clarity, to dispel brain fog and to bring in rational, logical thought. For others, they need emotional support in order to regulate and feel emotionally balanced and stable within themselves. Whilst others may need physical support to soothe the Central Nervous System and Vagus Nerve, to regulate hormones or to remain connected to and/or to get back into their body.

On a spiritual level, many ND people have intuitive or psychic gifts that are amazing ~ as one neural pathway closes down or doesn’t form, another one that may not typically be activated, opens. I find this absolutely fascinating and wonder if we’re currently witnessing the evolution of the human brain and consciousness?

Crystals are such easy, natural tools to use and can work simply and on the core energy, just by popping them into a pocket, bra or pillowcase. Those whom I’ve worked with with ND and crystals often rub the crystal back and forth over their physical head and press them gently against their temples on either side.

Uvarovite: this rarest form of Garnet is the Stone of Release and works with our renal system, heart & circulatory system, gently encouraging the opening and release of fluids. It also supports our body to release allergies, to detox toxins and has an anti inflammatory effect. Uvarovite teaches us how to release poverty consciousness and the emotional programming that makes us feel ‘less than’ or ‘not enough’. It also shows us that life ebbs and flows in cycles, so we learn how to remain neutral and come to understand that the high is needed as much as the low, that the dark is needed as much as the light. A stone of self worth and abundance, Uvarovite promotes prosperity, an abundant mindset AND the ability to take action towards our goals and dreams. This is a fabulous mineral for business owners to keep on their desk or wear during the creation of new projects. It supports those with neuro diversity by balancing thoughts and feelings and supporting those who loop a lot mentally on the same subjects or who struggle to regulate themselves.

Variscite: this unusual mineral is said to support our circulatory system, heart, bones, teeth, nails and the absorption of Vitamin D and other minerals. It’s a crystal that opens up the heart, third eye and crown chakras to facilitate connection to Source and others ~ from the heart and Soul however, rather than from the head. I personally find this mineral calms down, stabilises and anchors both my energy & central nervous system. Variscite is also said to support brain related functions, improving our ability to retain information, build muscle/memory and think in logical, rational ways that are clear and concise. It also calms the brain as it eases stress & anxiety, encouraging us to open our hearts and share/release whatever is troubling us so we can think straight and from a place of love instead of fear.

Sodalite & Sunset Sodalite: Sodalite is said to aid our intuition and I believe it does this by bringing strong, calm, rational energy to our mind, allowing us to become more aware and in control of our mental thought patterns. This brings clarity, which in turn creates the space for us to hear what our intuition is trying to tell us. The Sunset element boosts our solar plexus energy, so we trust and feel more confident about any intuitive information we receive. Sunset Sodalite is also said to be good for panic attacks, the nervous system, the stomach, digestion and digestive disorders such as IBS and Crohns Disease. Stomach issues often ail those with neuro diversity due to the levels of stress and anxiety they can carry.

Blue Lace Agate: The cost of Blue Lace Agate has sky rocketed as the mine in South Africa has flooded with boiling water from the volcanic seam below, so I am delighted to obtain such high quality/energy pieces. Agate is a stone of strength that enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a good stone for both students and artists. Blue Lace Agate soothes, supports and calms nervous or anxious people. It brings confidence to quiet/shy speakers so they have the courage to communicate. It is soothing for hot-tempers, fostering patience & peace. Excellent for therapies that utilise sound and extremely soothing to those who feel physical pain in the head due to their neuro diversity.

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is traditionally excellent for tension headaches, migraine & anxiety caused by an over active mind. It is the best crystal around for issues relating to the mind, especially stress and mental indecision or anguish. It calms mental chatter if you find it hard to quiet the mind and is therefore good for insomnia and sleep disorders. Also excellent for stressed businessmen – men are drawn to this stone just as much, if not more so, than women. It is also really good for healing difficulties between two people in a relationship, bringing empathy and understanding of another person’s experience and point of view. Empathy is something many with ND lack ~ it’s not that they are uncaring, quite the opposite, they often feel on extremely deep levels. They simply struggle to express this in traditional ways.

Amazonite: Amazonite is a calm and soothing stone. It is useful in dispelling negative energies . The energies of Amazonite are the energies of the warrior, but not a warrior that is ready for war ~ more one that quietly sits in the background letting everyone else fight, whilst they intelligently find non aggressive ways of moving and engaging. Amazonite is also good for creativity and helps to ease stress, nervousness and a troubled mind. It raises our energies of love to that of Universal/Divine Love and encourages us to see all points of view from an open heart and non judgemental mind. Good for the throat, metabolism and voice. Also said to be beneficial for heart problems and strengthening the immune system.

Sichuan Quartz: Sichuan Quartz is used to stimulate the healing of disease and may also show the root cause of disease. Modern medicine often treats symptoms, whereas alternative medicine prefers to go to the root cause of an illness, which can often be (but not always) due to some sort of trauma in our past. Some souls also choose to learn lessons via the physical body in this lifetime. Sichuan Quartz can bring clarity, understanding and acceptance if we choose to view any illness from this perspective, including mental health. It is an excellent divination tool when working with the physical body and trying to ascertain the best therapeutic path forward (usually, in my opinion, a combination of conventional and alternative treatment). On a spiritual level, Sichuan Quartz is excellent for protection, for clearing energy fields, for expanding our aura and raising our vibrations. These are wonderful pieces for those with ND who are spiritually minded/open.

Trapiche Amethyst: Trapiche Amethyst is said to support our endocrine & immune systems, including diseases of the Thyroid or Parathyroid that lead to a drop in energy or performance. It brings clarity to the mind, increasing concentration and energising the brain and whole body ~ yet conversely, it is also good for sleep. In my experience, Trapiche Amethyst can go either way, it’s quite an empathic crystal that tunes into what you need most. Amethyst feels very inspirational and joyful. It’s quite a bright, uplifting, cleansing energy and is a great mineral for teens whom struggle with eating disorders or who have control issues.

Pink Kunzite : To this day, alongside Pink Tourmaline & Dioptase, Kunzite is still the most effective heart based crystal I’ve ever worked with. Pink Kunzite helps one to understand and interact better with others, to help heal “broken hearts”, to relieve stress and anger and to bring love, peace and harmony. It is also a stone that is used in metaphysics to removes obstacles. Kunzite strengthens the circulatory system and works to heal lung disorders. It opens us up to self love and divine love – allowing us to slowly let down the emotional walls that have built up due to the actions of others. With regard to those with ND, Kunzite is one of the best minerals to soothe panic attacks, high anxiety, phobias, irrational fears and obsessions or OCD.

Howlite: Howlite is excellent for angry people, those who rage, have tantrums, road rage and general bad temperedness due to unmanaged or unregulated stress levels or emotions! It is full of calcium and therefore great for teeth, bones, calcium absorption, pregnancy and muscular tension. Excellent for insomnia, Howlite promotes good sleep and helps us drop off if we tend to wake in the night. It also releases rage, frustration and resentment, which is often why people can’t sleep ~ as they’re going over and over what was said and end up getting stuck in loops of negative thinking. This is a great crystal to calm uncontrollable anger or erratic mood swings and is excellent for ADHD and hyper activity.

Hemmimorphite: Hemmimorphite is excellent for connecting to Spirit and receiving information from other realms. It is a powerful crystal for opening and clearing higher chakras. Hemmimorphite calms the emotional system, bringing forgiveness, release of resentment or anger and the healing of karmic ties between people. On a physical level, it is excellent for PMS, hormonal related problems and mood swings. An extremely good emotional and heart healer, it opens us up to empathy, compassion and forgiveness.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful and if you have any experience of using crystals with children or adults who are neuro diverse, I’d love for you to share below so we can all learn together.

With Love and Thanks

Krissy xxx

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