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Zincite ~ Forged in Fire

Zincite is an incredibly rare mineral form of Zinc Oxide that was first discovered in 1810 by a man named Archibald Bruce. It was then renamed as the Zincite we know now in 1845.

Zincite can be found growing in nature in only one location in the World, New Jersey, USA.  Most of the Zincite on the market today is obtained from the industrial sized chimney stacks at the Zinc smelting plants in Poland. Some call this synthetic Zincite, but it is not. This is real Zincite that forms inside the chimney stacks in the same way it would in nature. It takes an inordinate amount of high heat and gas to form Zincite naturally. There are synthetic versions out there that have been grown in laboratories, mainly from China, but any reputable seller will only use deposits found in New Jersey or Poland. Any other form is synthetic.

The giant, Polish chimney stacks are only brought down every decade or so, which is why Zincite is so rare, highly desired by collectors and expensive. The stacks are cracked open and the insides are coated with layers of encrusted Zincite crystals in various sizes, colours and shapes. There will be a one-off supply released to the market, then we don’t see anything new again for another decade. Polish authorities recently ordered that all chimneys be cleaned out and the entire smelting process improved, so we’re unsure when or if any more natural Zincite will be released.

Zincite is a semi conductor, meaning it can both conduct or insulate electrical energy. This probably explains why it can feel so strong/potent when first held as it interacts with our own electrical energy instantly. Some people don’t physically feel the vibration of Zincite and that’s OK. It simply means their own base energy is likely to be at a frequency that is lower and therefore more insulating, so they can’t physically ‘feel’ the energy as their own body insulates or dampens down the electrical conductivity. However, that energy will still be flowing throughout the body and energy system.

Zincite is said to work on our DNA and at a cellular level to release toxins, ease the symptoms of menopause and heal the endocrine system. It is also said to increase our sexual drive and potency as well as our energy levels in general, giving them a much needed boost if we’ve been feeling listless or directionless.

To work with it on a physical level, it’s fun & effective to do so through a guided meditation where the Zincite is placed on the sacral, solar plexus or throat. I’ve found guided meditations really helpful, where we connect to Mother Earth or Father Sky/God and visualise or flush those energies throughout our system, making a connection with every cell in our body. Zincite carries power, so be warned if experimenting with the solar plexus as a lot of us have given away or suppressed our power over the years. Zincite brings up the reasons why we may have done this. It doesn’t solve the issue for us ~ it brings the truth to the surface so we can take action on making the changes necessary to call back our power.

Zincite stimulates and enhances creativity quite significantly. Again, try meditating with it in the palm of your hand or just close your eyes and connect to it’s energies. Then take your awareness down to your heart, then the solar plexus & finally the sacral chakra and see if any inspiration comes when you turn your thoughts towards creation.

Zincite is excellent for times of transformation and is one of my go-to stones for moving from a place I don’t want to be and towards something much brighter. It is an excellent manifestation tool, second only to Epidote.

Zincite is such a power/fire based stone, I’d recommend working with it slowly, in short bursts, if you’re not used to working with crystals. Particularly where manifestation is concerned as Zincite enhances our visualisation abilities and raises our emotional energy. This means we need to be very careful what we wish for and very present when working with this magical mineral. It’s not one to wander round the house daydreaming with as lord knows what it will try and manifest in our lives under those conditions!

Zincite is, however, wonderful at clearing out old energy, bringing us awareness around any blocks or stagnation (physical, spiritual, mental or emotional) and will do it’s absolute best to kick us up the bum and get us moving again. I absolutely love this mineral as every single piece is different ~ and sparkly ~ and usually a fabulous colour or shape.

Zincite is also excellent to use as the centre piece for a Crystal Grid. If there is a situation or person that needs a boost, create a grid for them and program the grid with the intention of transmuting any energies that no longer serve. I keep a notebook handy when doing this as often, when I’m focusing on, working with or energising the grid, intuitive information will come through that can help the person/situation/building/place the grid is intended for.

As always, please feel free to share any personal experiences you’ve had with Zincite in the comments below as it’s so helpful to others.

With love and bright blessings

Krissy xxx


Please note that in the interest of fairness to all, only two pieces of Zincite can be sold per customer. Thank you.


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