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Grounding and Protection


Ensuring we are grounded and have asked for protection is a vital element of walking a spiritual path.

We have to be grounded in order to know where our base is and where we are coming from. If we do not ground ourselves, eventually we’ll go ‘high’ on spiritual energy and the only way down is with a bump.

Energy can move in strange and mysterious ways so it is also essential to protect ourselves. We are not protecting ourselves from attack on any level.

Protection relates to the aura. When emotional or physical blocks are released/cleared/cleansed, any negative energy needs to be released outward, not absorbed inward. As our awareness levels rise, so does our vibrational frequency. Others are drawn to these lovely vibrations and can feed off our high, positive energy.

They and you may not even be aware it is happening, but how many times have you felt great, spent 10 minutes with one person and feel like you’ve been through the wringer? Protecting ourselves means we not only repel negativity, but prevent others from draining us. Its all about keeping ourselves as solid and sure as possible.

A dear friend passed on this exercise some time ago and it has been a blessing. After several requests, I have decided to put it on the website and hope it is of help.

This exercise cleanses & aligns the chakras, grounds us into the earth and then surrounds us in protection for the day. Once mastered, it can be done in seconds. First, we have to ground ourselves:

  • Start by placing your feet slightly apart, making sure your knees are not locked, tip the pelvis slightly forward to pull the spine straight and ensure you are perfectly upright, but relaxed.
  • Slowly relax your body and imagine the crown chakra, just above the top of your head, opening up to allow bright, cleansing, white light to pour down through your body. Do this slowly the first few times – you’ll be able to do it very quickly with practice.
  • Direct this light down through the centre of your body. If you know about chakras, spin each one in a clockwise direction with the light as you go past it. If this is too difficult, directing the light straight down the middle of your body is fine.
  • As the light flows past the base chakra (bottom of spine), send it on down each leg and through your feet into the earth. Hold it there for a moment and feel your feet connect to the earth. Then take the light, like roots, down deeper into the earth, until you feel completely anchored.


Once grounded, select which colour light you would like to surround yourself with – I’ve found the following useful:

  • White – Total and utter protection – a strong, white, bright shell around you.
  • Pink – A fuzzy pink shell that allows you to empathically feel people, but not take on their emotions. It is a good colour in a situation where you wish to give and receive freely, but still have an element of protection.
  • Blue – An electric blue shell is powerful protection, but also ensures that you communicate and speak your own truth. Do not use blue, then be dishonest – otherwise you’ll be bashing away at your own throat chakra!
  • Rainbow – Do the exercise with each chakra colour in turn, surrounding yourself in seven bubbles of light. This is a fantastic cleansing, balancing and energising exercise. Using rainbow light is a good exercise once a week if you are very spiritually active or once a month.

Once you have chosen your colour (and it can be ANY colour, whatever resonates with you at the time is perfect), begin to pull that colour up from deep in the earth. This is an imaginary, visualisation exercise, so what form this colour takes and how you imagine it is uniquely personal to you and will be absolutely right.

Bring your colour back up the roots you’ve just used to ground yourself, into the earth chakra beneath your feet. Connect with the colour and what it represents, then bring it back up through the centre of your body, spinning the chakras again (which direction is your choice, there is no right/wrong) until it comes out of the top of the crown, spilling over to surround your body in a bubble of coloured light.


Give thanks and know you have just cleansed, grounded and protected yourself. Do this exercise each morning to empower and protect yourself. Once you can do this exercise quickly, you can use it instantly any time you feel nervous, have low energy or feel the need for a top-up on whatever level!

If you have trouble visualising, a helpful tip is to do this exercise in the shower. The water then becomes the light and you can feel it pouring over and down your body, connecting with the earth at your feet. Sometimes the morning shower is the only place many parents get privacy and peace in a day 😉

On a subconscious level, this exercise puts you in touch with who you are and provides the control to govern how your day works. It should be a fun, energising, empowering exercise. Don’t worry if you’re not doing things exactly as directed. The very act of trying something tells the Universe what you are hoping to achieve. In return, the Universe will assist and help you find the most appropriate methods for your own personal development.

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