Moldavite ~ The Master Transformer

Moldavite ~ The Master Transformer

Moldavite is one of the most interesting substances found on the planet.  Primarily, because it doesn’t come from Earth!  In fact, only 98% of its chemical compound can be identified – the other 2% has endlessly baffled scientists…. all we know, is it ain’t from around here!

Moldavite is a meteor that hit earth approximately 16 million years ago (give or take ;-)) on the border of Czechoslovakia and Germany. Its the only gemstone quality meteorite on Earth as most of them hit the earth and plough into the soil, which gets all mixed up with the hot fireball and turns into a not so pretty black lump (they call these Tektites). Moldavite was a meteor that either exploded mid-air or landed in the Moldova River and then exploded. Either way, its a pure meteorite and see through, like green glass (or some say……a Heineken bottle!). The picture below shows various different sizes and shapes/surfaces of genuine Moldavite. Any of these pieces would be of ample size to work with metaphysically.

The reason I love Moldavite so much is it has the highest vibrational frequency on the planet. If someone is going to physically ‘feel’ a crystal vibrating in their hand, this is the one that usually does it. It can make our hand feel warm, cold, pulse, give a tickling or ‘movement’ sensation and even send those vibrations up through the entire body, often causing the ‘Moldavite Flush’. It often freaks people out, after all, we shouldn’t be able to feel that from a green piece of rock!! However, thats exactly how crystals work – they ALL vibrate. Some crystals can be felt more than others and some of us can feel the vibrations of a crystal in areas of the body other than in our hand. Some people never feel the vibrations – but that doesn’t mean the crystal isn’t vibrating or doing its job ~ its just that each of us is different.

There is an entire book written about Moldavite called the Starborn Stone of Transformation and thats because that is exactly what Moldavite does. Moldavite transforms.


If there is any area in life where you want things to change, but don’t know how…… or you know things have to change, but are too frightened or confused to take the first steps……..if there is anything within you that needs to be healed or revealed in order for your spiritual growth and progress forward, Moldavite does exactly what it says on the tin. It transforms life. A good friend of mine bought a huge lump from me year’s ago and when I saw her recently said ‘remember that huge lump of Moldavite – I never felt it in my hand particularly, but it changed everything in my life’.

So if you’re up for it, want to walk that talk, want your human self with all its fears, worries, need to control, concerns and reluctance to get the heck out of the way so your spirit can evolve and get where it wants to go………use Moldavite.  And use it with caution as and when its needed. If you’ve never worked with it before, I’d recommend using a smaller hand held piece first rather than going for jewellery as jewellery is usually a pendant or earrings and around the head area, that can make some people feel really spacey or weird. Start off carrying a small piece for a short amount of time during the day and see how you feel. If you feel a bit spaced out or shakey, put it down again. Keep picking it up and putting it down over a period of time until you feel comfortable carrying it. I wouldn’t have it near where we sleep or relax as Moldavite can keep working even if its in our auric field, it doesn’t necessarily have to be close to our body.  Use Moldavite wisely – it does alter life, so every now and again you might want to stop using it so there is time and space to absorb any changes and reflect on where you’ve come from. 

There has recently been a flood of synthetic Moldavite to the market. I believe the Chinese have learned how to create this. So be careful when choosing your Moldavite. Buy it from a reputable crystal vendor like myself or someone whom has a good reputation and has obviously worked with it for many years. If you feel the energy in the lower parts of your body only when handling Moldavite or it feels quite ‘heavy’, then it is likely to be synthetic Moldavite and not the real deal. If it seems too ‘green’, waxy or shiny, again, it could be synthetic. Ask lots of questions from the person you are buying the Moldavite from. If they aren’t very knowledgeable about crystals and have simply bought some from a wholesaler without knowing exactly what they’re getting, then I’d consider looking elsewhere. Above all, follow your intuition and gut feeling. Each of us works differently with Moldavite, but your own intuition will always see you right 🙂

Moldavite was the stone that triggered my spiritual gifts when I was 18yrs old. It blew my mind and started me on a path that has seen me grow, evolve, learn, laugh, cry, dance and sit in absolute shock, awe and wonder sometimes. That path is and always will be ongoing – a path of challenge and hard work, but also one of such joy, knowledge, connection, love and wisdom. So whatever planet, solar system or little alien place it came from – THANK YOU. I would never be without Moldavite as it keeps me on the path, even when I really want to get off 😉

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  1. Thank you so much for this article Kristy. I purchased a piece of Moldavite at a Mind, Body Spirit Festival a year ago. I felt it ‘calling me’ (yelling at me) from across the room. It niggled at me until I just had to find it. I didn’t know what it was, bought it anyway and what a spiritual and emotional hurricane of a year it has been since. Reveal, deal and heal and repeat and repeat and repeat.
    It is an amazing and forceful stone and I feel a genuine love and protection for this stone like no other crystal I have had in my possession, which is in itself quite odd. I feel as though I belong to it and it to me.
    I also find that my Moldavite just disappears when I don’t need it or more accurately when I have had enough/too much of it (its addictive), and will turn up somewhere very obvious when I do need it and start to think of it again.
    I am so grateful for finding this stone and I am really looking forward to working with “my Moldie” more intensively….we have so much more work to do.
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Shay,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Ahhhh….yes….the transformational power of Moldavite! It really does bring us round again and again until we realise one day that we’ve finally cleared, healed or changed our perspective so that whatever issue it is no longer bothers us. I totally understand what you mean by love and protection ~ it’s like on some deeper level, we know our soul has been given a gift in working with Moldavite and it’s a soul connection moreso than a human one (if that makes sense?).

      Mine used to disappear, but as I now have a stunning pendant, it goes away in the jewellery box and when I least expect it, find myself reaching for it again. Sometimes it’s to shift something in my own mind, sometimes it’s external, sometimes its a pattern and sometimes I think I just need that connection to the ‘Universe’ and it’s supportive strength and energies. The hardest times are when I feel life is going well, am happy, managing everything and then suddenly, my Moldavite yells and I think ‘Really?? What…. now?? But everything is so nice…..I don’t want to change anything right now…..’ lol

      It is important to take a break every now and again though as we need time to reflect, analyse, absorb and plan things when we’re resting at our base energy ~ if we do that whilst still using Moldavite, it can cause a bit of an emotional crash when we stop using it and come back to our base energy, or we simply burn out. Having experienced that once or twice, I now try to be really present & conscious when working with Moldavite to shift/transform something and can then feel when a little rest is required 🙂

      Have a fantastic day, much love and blessings

  2. Anonymous says

    Awesome article thankyou… Was wondering if you have used any Libyan gold tektite and Tibetan tektite? Curious about them as well.. Pleyagi means go in peace in Cherokee

    • Hi, thanks for the great feedback 🙂 I have used Libyan Gold Tektite and didn’t feel anything from it. It is solidified sand mostly, so doesn’t have a very high vibration to me. However, others have gotten a real buzz from it, so I’d recommend trying a piece out in person first before purchasing. The Tibetan Tektite is a little weirder, it has a really strange energy. I’ve felt a few, but not done any proper work with them. Pleyagi to you too and have a wonderful day 🙂

  3. Shawn Lim says

    Hello there, I have a question that has been bothering me for quite some time. I have a piece of 6 grams moldavite which i carry with me occasionally, the question is will the moldavite energy affect others that are around me or people living with me or is it only me who will feel the energy of change?

  4. Hi, tell me, where do you get the 2% of crystal to be of another origin? I have seen no proof on this with any articles

  5. Shirley says

    How do you cleanse/charge moldavite?

    • Hi Shirley, love that you asked this question as you’ve picked a meteorite, which doesn’t work in the same way other minerals do. This is because it is not 100% made of elements found on Earth. From my own, personal experience, Moldavite likes to be laid on the ground when there are meteor showers. That is the only time I’ve ever noticed it’s vibrations getting faster (by quite a lot!). I’ve never had to cleanse mine and having spoken to many who use this magical meteorite, they haven’t either. It would never harm to pop it in sunlight or moonlight if that felt right to you, it just doesn’t seem to alter the vibration of the Moldavite in a way that can be felt by most and it doesn’t appear to ever absorb any negative energy, so doesn’t need to be cleansed energetically. This particular meteorite is a law unto itself, so go with your gut and you’ll be doing what’s right for you. Hope that helps 🙂

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