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The Inner Teen ~ Our Route to Happiness

Many people have heard of the ‘inner child’ or ‘inner child therapy’. Our Inner Child is the part of our psychology that forms between the ages of 3 and 7/8. Think of the brain like a computer. Mental thought patterns or ‘base programs’  are created in our brain neurology by our family dynamics and belief

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Emotions ~ Crystals and Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is something the majority of us have struggled with at some point in our lives.  Being confident gives us the ability to have a realistic view of ourselves and others. We know & can admit our limitations and yet still stand up for what we believe in. Having an accurate sense of self-confidence prevents us from being reckless and

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Children & Crystals

Children are amazing when it comes to working with crystals. They don’t have any of our adult pre conceived ideas, perceptions, superstitions, fears or doubts ~ children simply reach out and can feel the energy held in a crystal. I’ve seen it happen time and time again at my stand…..not only can kids feel crystal

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