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New Energy 2014 – How Do We Work & Manifest With It?

How do we work with this new, expansive, speedy energy?

You’ll probably be falling into one of two groups……you’ll either be dealing with one issue after another in quick succession whilst juggling all the other responsibilities in your life….or the energy will have simply wiped you out and you’ll be suffering from ill health and feel very tired. There are always the exceptions to the rule, but for spiritually aware folk….we’ll mostly be falling into one group or the other and each has its own pros, cons and lessons. Neither group is positive or negative…..we all have our different perspectives. For one person, being ill and laid up in bed would be a relief and they’ll be really happy about it, for another, that would be the height of frustration and make them miserable.

Personally, I’m juggling many things and moving fast….but am happy with that as I’ve learned to step out of the speedy energy, create a ‘peace bubble’ and disconnect from everything. Whether that be focusing on the kids, watching rubbish TV, getting lost in a book, meditating, getting out in nature with the dog….whatever it takes to slow down at some point during each day and take a breath/break. I believe its imperative in our learning to move at this faster, more expansive rate. 

To work with this new energy however, regardless of whatever situation we are in……… we start by setting realistic goals. The point is to work with and move with the flow of Universal Energy ~ WOW is the teaching us self awareness in ways we’ve never had to learn before.

I’m no different than you…..we’re all in the same boat.  So I’ll be very clear and public that my goal is to have a healthy body by the end of the year. Not that I’ll be a model size 6 as that goal is unrealistic (and would look very odd on me!). Just that I will lose a few stone and be much more active. I know that to do this, I have to put some energy out into the Universe that says ‘I have a healthy body and I love it’….not easy after a lifetime of extreme body consciousness.

One of my methods is to use sticky post-it notes…… On those sticky notes will be written positive affirmations and reminders that I love my body, am treating it with respect and believe that I am healthy. Those notes will be stuck  all over the house so I see them often and repeat to myself ‘I love my body, its beautiful’. I’ll also get out and exercise more, put less non-nutritious food in my mouth and start to take small, tiny steps toward being healthier. Nothing drastic. Just an extra 10 minutes on the dog walk each day and one less biscuit here and there. Diets to me aren’t realistic….changes need to be for life, not just until we reach a goal and then let it all go again. 

I can absolutely, 100% guarantee once I’m doing that, then the Universe will start to help. I don’t have the time to go to the gym, but would love someone local to work out with or some where close by to exercise. I’d like a dog walking buddy or person I can run outside in nature with. I have no idea how to go about finding those people, but know one I’ve sent a little bit of energy out into the Universe of what my goal is……it will ping back and provide what I need to get there.  All it takes is creating a small, active space of DOING…….THEN we can ask for the support we need AND expect it as it is in line with our current energies. Eh voila….we’ll get what we need.

Abstract earth hoovering over an open hand with sky background

The world is in our hands! WE CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING….if we just get off our behinds and move a little. Just a little……… 😉

My last few blogs have challenged some famous principles such as 2012 and the new Mayan Calendar, the Ascension Process, Ask & It is Given etc. Its time we stopped being molly coddled, spoon fed and fluffed! Am tired of the commercialism surrounding spiritual growth ~ and the lack of grounded reality. Our lives are real. Our bills, kids, routines, homes, families and responsibilities are real!

We’re not going to rise up and ascend to some enlightened state, nor flip over to a massive collective consciousness, nor can we just sit there and ask for whatever we want and its handed to us on a platter. Show me anyone that has ‘ascended’ or has everything they’ve asked for and I’ll write an apology.

As much as I love those who channel….and occasionally do it myself….. whether its an angel, someone in Spirit or some form of cosmic consciousness talking ~ please speak in plain English, in simple terms and in ways I can effectively use in my life and with my family in order that we may grow. I’ve had enough of the sugar coated rubbish….or the flip side of that which are over complicated, overly long messages from the dead or enlightened beings funnelled through ego. It doesn’t help us in the slightest! Lets keep it real.

If you want something, sure, ask for it, visualise it, feel it….but then get up off your bum and do something about getting it.  This scares a lot of people and I get asked time and time again…..‘what if I make the wrong decision?’.

If you don’t know what direction to go in…take a step forward on a path, any path, it doesn’t matter if its the wrong one. We’ll know fairly quickly if its the  wrong choice as there will be no support and no synchronistic coincidences as we move…we”ll hit wall after wall and be blocked. Can’t get any clearer than that! Its also often the case that we learn just as easily through our mistakes as we do our triumphs. So be prepared for both….celebrate triumphs, learn from the mistakes (don’t beat yourself up….move on)….its ALL good!

Work on clearing your human stuff, childhood stuff, relationship stuff…ANY stuff that is holding you back or keeping you less than you can be and do it fast. This new energy is expansive, its fast and its shouting COME ON….KEEP UP!!!!

weiging you down

My friend Carole posted the above on FB yesterday and I love it…so pinched it to include in this blog as it fits perfectly 🙂

We all deserve to be happy, to accept who we are and where we are in life. The new energy that we’re all working with now…..its about taking responsibility for our own selves and our own happiness. We are being asked to be VERY clear on our intent. To imagine it, feel it and then move toward it in our life without anyone holding our hand. Scary?????… can be. Effective? Very much so.  You’ll see. My healthy body is manifesting as we speak 😉

Have a fab week, much love, Krissy XXX

5 thoughts on “New Energy 2014 – How Do We Work & Manifest With It?”

  1. Goooooo girl love the picture that’s how I feel at the moment a bit tied down but I am willing to change that WooooooHooooooo here I come. Good luck with your goals which you have set yourself keep positive and keep going. Have you considered making some crystal waters to help you along your way and on your jug of filtered water stick on all the words you want to work with like love health etc then they infuse into the water you drink. Love and light.

  2. Krissy….wit wit wooooo woooo. fab blog….down to earth, straight talking….you could almost be a true Yorkshire girl!!!!! 🙂 thank you and I will keep visiting your blogs for an insight and different view….Jules HA xx

    1. Thank you hunny 🙂 My other half says I’ll be converted to full Yorkshire sooner or later (but I’ll never call a bread roll a bread cake…ppffft!!!) LOL 🙂 Much love to you Jules XXXX

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