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Abundance ~ Why Aren’t I Getting It?

Hello There 🙂

I’ve noticed a change in my life lately….. a shift in the flow of abundance.

We all go through different cycles in our lives, but I know this isn’t one of those cycles. This shift is one I have created through a simple change in attitude and perspective. And I could kick myself… I did this year’s ago and it worked….so why did I stop? In all honesty, it was because things started to get really good. That scared me and I halted the flow.

Many of us resonate with the principal that what we give out comes back to us ~ or that like attracts like and we draw to us externally what we feel internally. How many of us actually FEEL abundant though?

If we feel lack, if we feel  worried that we can’t pay the bills, if we scrimp and constantly think ‘I can’t afford that’ ~ then we are not resonating at a level that draws abundance into our lives.

We are all human however ~ of course we’re going to have those worries and fears, its perfectly natural in a society that is being financially squeezed from all angles for every penny it can get.

So I use a three prong approach and have to say, it is working really well 🙂

Firstly:  REWIRE THE BRAIN. We can’t stop our human side from being human, from having worry and fear. What we can do is lesson those fears. We do this by feeling them, acknowledging them and then releasing them. Over and over and over again. Doing this rewires our brain (literally) so that at first, this exercise is quite an effort. Its hard to catch our thoughts if we’re not used to doing so. We might have been worrying for a good half an hour, or on and off all day before realising what we’re doing. Worry creates stress & puts our body on red alert, stimulating our nervous system, which causes our energy to bleed away.

The minute we catch our mind worrying however, we must STOP! Fear is just an emotion. It only exists in our head! Acknowledge the fear by saying out loud (if you can) ‘I am worried about……’. Sit with those thoughts & feelings for a few moments, consciously looking at the issue. Then say ‘I release this worry/fear to the Universe’ and deliberately distract your mind in some way. Turn on the television, pick up a book, phone someone for a chat, go on the internet, get out in nature….do whatever it takes to get the mind focused on something else. Something productive, creative or fun…anything except that worry.

We always have a choice. Choose to let go of fear and worry. Keep on doing it over and over again and it will become a habit. Fears will pop into your head and you will have trained your brain to literally say ‘hello fear, I see you, now off you pop’. It will become an automatic response. This takes time, it won’t happen overnight, but if you decide you want to tackle the issue of abundance, give yourself three months. Three months of working as hard as you can to rewire the brain. It will change your life. FACT!


Secondly: USE AFFIRMATIONS. Am sure you’ve heard it before and may have even used affirmations, so it might seem like ‘old hat’, but seriously….THEY WORK! It is a beautiful way of by-passing the desire for financial abundance. It isn’t possible to genuinely feel financially abundant if we’re worried over money or cash flow problems. What we CAN do however, is feel good in other areas of our lives. This puts us in a state of feeling genuinely abundant and whaddaya know……abundance starts to be attracted into our lives.

No one said we have to feel financially abundant to draw money to us. We just have to feel abundant, grateful and rich in what we already have. The Universe feels ‘abundance’ from us as a form of energy and responds in kind. It doesn’t pick and choose what area that abundance flows in to.

The best affirmation I have found for by passing finances is:


Whether I think of the lovely sunshine I’m sitting in, my dog being daft as a brush and making me laugh out loud, the kids doing something great, my partner cooking dinner for us all so I can have a break, someone in the family doing something lovely & supportive……… There are so many things I can feel genuinely grateful for every single day. When I feel that little spark and smile in my heart, when I feel one iota of happiness….. I repeat the above affirmation three times over ~ WITH FEELING!!  I’ll do a little happy dance, grin like an idiot and ensure that the feeling in my heart and belly explodes out into the Universe ~ that I send out some form of emotion and energy into the world…… and then I grin again as I know what am doing absolutely works. Its no good doing it just to gain. The feeling and effort associated with affirmations has to be real, it has to be genuine and we have to mean it.

Thirdly: FEEL DESERVING. Ugh! This is a hard one for me. I don’t even really know why, but there is some inner fear or subconscious thing that gets scared when I start to get too successful….. good days at work or great month of internet sales make me feel so humbled, so grateful and often tearful/emotional. Why me? Its only a little voice in the back of my head, but it seems to have so much power. My conscious side KNOWS I deserve this…I work really hard to educate, share with and inspire & guide others, find the best crystals, find cost-effective options, write blogs and balance my home and work life in a healthy way. Hard work deserves reward, its a simple case of what am giving out is resonating with people & coming back. Then the little voice starts to whisper…..


It doesn’t matter how much money comes into our lives, unless we are comfortable with becoming wealthy and have cleared ourselves of any deserving issues….it will simply flow straight back out again. People win the lottery and are penniless the following year. They might as well walk around with a ‘I do not deserve’ sign above their heads.

Its not just money either….how often do we reject things that come in to our lives? ‘Oh that dress is lovely’….. ‘what, this old thing?’ or ‘You did an amazing job’…….. ‘really, I thought I did this wrong and that wrong and that was awful’. Many of us do it. Quite simply, stop rejecting and start giving thanks. Feel grateful. Accept it. Say THANK YOU.


  1. Retrain the mind ~ acknowledge the negative, release it, then focus on something else, anything positive, anything distracting
  2. Find a positive affirmation that works for you ~ use it every day, as many times a day as you can for at least a month
  3. Say thank you for EVERYTHING that comes IN to your life ~ whether its a compliment, a tiny win on a scratch card, a hug, a nice gesture. Feel grateful for every single thing.

Much love

Krissy XXX

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