Types/Prices of In Depth Readings

Relationship Reading


This is a 4-6 card reading that looks at what each person is bringing to a relationship and what they are creating together. It highlights any issues or problems and provides simple ways to improve the relationship. This reading also explores ideas that might help those in the relationship to connect, grow, shift, heal or learn in whatever is necessary in order to create a more positive relationship.

This reading covers all types of relationship – parent/child, partners, friend/friend, boss/worker etc.

£40 (Approx 1 hour)

General Overview of Your Life

This is a 4-6 card reading that looks at the important, general areas of your life – we’ll look at how your mind is working, how strong your spiritual connection is and where your inner/higher self is trying to take you. We’ll also explore your emotional state.

This reading is for anyone that is feeling unsettled, unsure of which direction to go in, is aware they’re having problems, but not necessarily why. It pinpoints issues and offers practical, simple solutions to help you work things out.

£40 (Approx 1 hour)

Key of Life Reading

This is fantastic 8-10 card reading that looks at every aspect of your life. It usually dips into patterns ~ those within your family that have been passed down through generations, patterns of behaviour in relationships and even past lives. It may explore your childhood and is a very in depth, deep reading that has the ability to literally change your life. I am not being arrogant by saying I can change your life, only that this particular reading can if that is what you’re aiming for. It will shake you out’ve any ruts or fear that is holding you back and move you in a positive, empowering direction.

I intuitively know what you’ve brought with you in this lifetime, whats been given to or placed upon you and how to work with those issues. This reading is designed to go deep into your soul and life from all angles until you know exactly where you’ve come from, where you want to go and how to start getting there. Its my favourite reading and I intuit a lot, so be prepared to clear approximately 1-2 hours of time in person or an 1-1.5 hours over Skype. This reading isn’t for the feint hearted ~ its deep and extremely intimate/personal, but ultimately ~ its hugely revealing & rewarding!

If you would like a hard copy & write up of the reading emailed to you afterwards, the cost is £10.  Please let me know PRIOR to the reading so I don’t forget to take notes. If you decide by the end of the reading you don’t want the write up, it’s no problem at all, the fee will be immediately refunded. However, I have to say most people go the other way. They wish they did have a write up as we cover so much!  The write up includes a colour copy of the cards, the words from the book that accompany the cards and a comprehensive write up of everything we discuss, written by me. The document is usually 6 pages long. I have been told time and again that I charge too little, but if you don’t think you’ve got your money’s worth, please do let me know. What is of utmost importance to me is that you receive all the information you were looking for, feel empowered, feel good about yourself and ready to move forwards. The hard copy is a great reference to keep you on track and can be referred to time and again.

£50 (Approx 1.5 HOURS)

Astrology Reading

My astrology readings look at the here and now. Most astrologers will look at the Natal (birth) Chart and tell you lots about your personality and a little bit about what is going on now. However, I have learned that whilst this is very interesting information, it isn’t the most helpful. What IS really helpful is knowing what patterns or cycles we are currently moving through in our lives. In astrology, these are called Transits. If you’re in a two year cycle of learning for example, that may not be the best time to try to start up a new business. If you’re moving through a Venus cycle perhaps, it will have a big impact on your relationships. There are cycles that cover our big, life lessons and other’s that are only for a short period of time, but if we’re aware of them, then we can capitalise on or manage them quite effectively.

I remove all of the astro jargon from the reading. You will receive a 2-3 page document, written in plain English that is easy to understand and digest. The reading will look at whatever cycles you are coming out of, are currently in or will be moving in to. These cycles can cover a span of anything up to 21 years, although the main focus will be on the year ahead and how you can best manage these Transits in your life. People have often said they feel like they keep making the same mistakes again and again….often it can just be a cycle that has come around again and nothing we are actually doing ourselves! Astrology is a hugely useful tool to help us navigate our lives. I conduct a reading for myself every year without fail ~ its good to know what’s coming and to be prepared 🙂

£50 (3+ hours preparation time as each individual’s chart is very different and takes a lot of measuring & studying. This reading is posted or emailed. We can also discuss anything related to the reading over email, via phone or Skype afterwards). 

Crystal Healing Therapy

I conduct Crystal Healing Therapies at my home. They involve deep relaxation, removal of negative energy or old, outworn energy patterns in our system and an upgrade to feeling cleaner, brighter, more focused and motivated. If there are any old ties to be cut between you and another, I also do this (if required) and provide advice on how to ensure it is a clean, healthy, positive break. This deep sort of energy work can leave clients a little shaky the day afterwards or a bit tearful as the old makes way for the new and our system adjusts. Others bounce off the healing bed and feel absolutely amazing. We’re all different, but this therapy does have quite a profound effect. All 12 chakras are balanced, aligned and invigorated as part of the therapy and I receive a great deal of intuitive feedback during the session, which is discussed with each client after the therapy is complete. I really take care of my clients, ensuring they are warm, comfortable, safe, protected and grounded both before and after the therapy. If there is anything that comes up that you require clarity or some more support on, we can also work with crystals or pull a few cards to ensure you gain everything you need from the session. There is never any rush to leave, you’re welcome to relax, chat and have a warm drink or some water afterwards and to take whatever time is needed.

£50 (the therapy itself is approximately 40 minutes, but 1.5 hours is required in total to include form filling prior and relaxation/grounding after the treatment). 

Travel Costs

If you’d like to visit my home, I welcome you with a multitude of refreshments and Nana’s biscuit barrel, which has been in our family for decades. In keeping with tradition, it is stocked full of yummy naughtiness. I live on the edge of the Peak District on the outskirts of Sheffield and have a lovely, warm, welcoming home. I also have two rescue dogs that are kept out of the way as they’re a little nervous around strangers. They do have to come down and be let out into the garden during Personal Development days, but it will be at a time that is appropriate for us to take a break and you won’t have to have any contact with them at all if you prefer. They will simply bark a little when you first arrive.

If you’d like me to travel to you, am happy to do so within a reasonable distance and ask that you kindly cover the travel costs. I only charge exact petrol costs for mileage at the lower rate set by HMRC of 25p per mile. The time it takes me to travel is included free of charge.

I’ve often had folk gather 2-3 or more people in one place to have a reading so the travel costs are split between you. This also makes for a really fun gathering and interesting day for all. I can’t do more than 3-4 Key of Life readings in one day as they require a lot of energy. I am able to provide 5-6 smaller readings in one day.

I am also able to conduct readings over Skype if you live too far away or are overseas or via email if you’d prefer not to chat face to face and just need some clarity & guidance.


Arrangement for payment of a Reading is made after the booking is confirmed between us. Please use the contact form and let me know what days/times/dates suit you best and we can take it from there.

A small deposit of £30 is requested upon confirmation of a Personal Development day with the remainder due on the day.  The deposit covers the astrology reading as they take 3+ hours to conduct prior to our meeting. If you cancelled the day, you would still receive the astrology reading via email. The deposit covers my time and ensures you get something in return. The deposit is non-refundable if I have already conducted the Astrology Reading.

I am fairly flexible with payments and payment methods and happy to take part or split payments if it helps your cash flow. All I ask is that all funds are received prior to the Reading or on the day for Personal Development. Bookings are currently being taken 2 weeks in advance, but please do drop me a line if it’s urgent as I aim to be as flexible as possible.

Drop me a line via this contact form to book a reading.


I found Kristy’s website by chance, not really looking for a reading.  I felt attracted to it and decided to arrange an 8 card, Key of Life reading. This was done via Skype and it felt like there was no distance. Kristy was lovely, open and honest, with no judgements and full of insight. The reading was all about hints that will help me grow and develop. I found it incredibly useful, a helpful tool for self discovery and personal growth.

I then arranged an Astrology Reading as a tool to commence the new year. The reading has given me reassurance about my plans, confidence about my challenges and encouragement to push through adversity. I highly recommend Kristy’s work and feel blessed to have met her and have her wisdom to help me on my path.” Olaia, 2017


I would absolutely recommend having a Key of Life reading with Krissy! Everything was explained well, made relevant to me and I had things to take away too – such as changes to make and things to research. Krissy is very personable and warm.  I really felt comfortable opening up about certain areas as I wanted to get the most out of the session. 1 week on and I have already made some positive changes. Thank you Krissy!! x  Louise, Kent, 2015


I had a Key of Life Reading with Krissy and what an experience. It was more than I hoped for and brought to light so many inner feelings I hadn’t even thought were there. If you want to really get to the deep rooted blocks or challenges that are stopping you moving forward this is the reading for you.  Two weeks later and I’m still processing the shifts I had through Krissy’s reading and the blocks I had which were all in my mind are slowly dissolving 🙂

Thanks Krissy for sharing your amazing talents and helping people find their way back on the true path of the Soul xxx   Jules, April, 2015


I went to Krissy for a reading in January 2014. This was a time of change and development for me and I was looking for guidance and support in moving forward. The reading took place at Krissy’s home. The surroundings were calm and peaceful. Lovely energy supported not only by Krissy, but the beautiful loving energy of her 5 month old puppy.

Throughout the reading I felt nurtured and supported. There was no pressure on time. Krissy’s reading was amazingly accurate in reflecting aspects of my life and personality. Her interpretation of the messages was channelled and highly intuitive. She gave a balanced view pointing out my strengths and opportunities open to me. Equally she was at home being straight forward and challenged me in a firm but loving way. I never felt judged by Krissy. She really listened to me and I felt validated and respected for who I am.

The next day Krissy sent notes and colour copies of the cards (the cards are truly beautiful). These have been really helpful as I have continued to work with the messages. Thank you Krissy for your wisdom, openness, honesty, clarity of thought and your intuitive and healing skills – in short for being you. Words are insufficient to explain the transformation and healing process.  Suffice it to say I have moved closer to knowing who I am and understanding my souls journey. C Russell, Sheffield ~ Jan 2014


I was first drawn to Kristy from her website and the insights she shared on her blog. I then had a “Key of Life” reading with her. The insights I received have allowed me to let go of the past, embrace the future and live in the present. I am sincerely grateful for the universe bringing us together. For she is truly a gifted soul, connect with her, I promise your life will be better for it. With love and much gratitude  Toni Lock, Utah, USA ~ Nov 2013


I had a reading with Kristy as I needed guidance on why I was struggling to move forward with my life and the emotions I was having. I believe the angels brought me to her. When I first met Kristy, I purchased a beautiful painting, the energy has brought me so much healing that I was then further drawn to having a reading after seeing the word ‘Serendipity’ everywhere.

It was a truly joyous experience. Kristy went out of her way to help me and I am grateful to her for this. In the reading, Kristy used her cards that flowed and told a story of my personality, recent events and future outcomes. Kristy answered all my questions and put me completely at ease. The relief I had in knowing why things have happened the way they did and what I need to do to get the future I want is not something I can put into words. However, all my friends have noticed a massive difference in me spiritually and physically. I look clearer, free and happy and my aura is shiny again. I have now been able to get myself back to having purpose and direction in my life again. I would recommend Kristy to anyone. It was such a positive experience and I am so happy I made the decision to book in and have a reading xxx      Amy, Horwich, Sept 2013 


After a relationship break up which left me feeling so devastated, hurt and angry, I was in a very lonely place. I was continually thinking about the negative events that had happened and could not find a way out of the thoughts of “why does this keep happening to me”, “what is wrong with me”  and “I’ve ended up with nothing from this, but pain”. So I decided to have a Key of Life reading with Krissy.

The key of life reading explained exactly where I was and why. The cards showed my feelings and Krissy gave me positive steps to take in the right direction to turn myself around and think differently. I was able to accept that I was where I was supposed to be. The cards also gave me so much hope for my future happiness. It was all there in front of me like a miracle……… like somehow all I was feeling had been extracted and laid out on a table for me to see more clearly. I came to understand why these things had happened and how I was going to deal with it, learn, grow and become whole again. The reading helped me realise the break up happened for the right reasons even though it didn’t feel like that at the time. This stopped the negative thoughts of “why me” it made me think “I’m glad I’m in this place now because only amazing things will come from it”

Krissy gets it. She understands people, gave me solid advice and recommended reading material that has improved my ability to self help and understand myself and the mistakes I had been making. Krissy is understanding and compassionate and I can’t thank her enough for her support and help in turning such negative feelings into positive ones for my future. I would recommend Krissy whole heartedly to anyone, my sparkle is definitely coming back! Thank you Krissy xx    Rachel, Sept 2013



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