Prices & Types of Readings




I would be delighted to read for you over Zoom or in person at my home in Sheffield. Readings last for approximately an hour and you will receive both the audio and video recording afterwards, via email, if conducted on Zoom. I’m not a clock watcher, so readings finish organically at the time they are supposed to and there is no extra charge if we go over the hour. You can simply relax and enjoy the empowering time we have together. Hard copy write ups and full, written interpretations are also available, full details are below.

Tarot Reading ~ Key of Life Reading

This is a fantastic 8 card reading that looks at every aspect of your life. It usually reveals cycles or patterns ~ those within your family that have been passed down through generations, patterns of behaviour in relationships or within yourself and even past lives. The reading may also explore your childhood and is a very in depth, deep reading that will shift you out of any procrastination, fear, negative patterns or stagnation that may be holding you back. It is an incredibly supportive reading that moves you in a positive direction, leaving you feeling supported and confident about the future.

This reading is designed to go deep into your soul and day to day life from all angles, so you can gain crystal clear clarity and start making any changes needed for your life to shift into a more positive place. It’s the only tarot reading I now conduct as it covers so much. You are welcome to ask questions related to health, your home, work, relationships, personal development or anything else afterwards if you wish.

Key of Life Reading £65 

Tarot Reading ~ Hard Copy/Write Up

For an additional £20, I am happy to provide a document containing full colour copies of the cards in the Tarot reading and the extensive meanings that are provided in the Osho Zen Tarot book. Also included is an in depth interpretation/report written personally by myself. This contains everything we discuss during the reading alongside lots of options on actions you can take to move forward. The hard copy is designed to make you think and to spark things within you separate from what we may have discussed in the reading. This ensures your reading becomes an ongoing tool you can utilise for 3-6 months afterwards.

Full Colour Write Up £20 



Astrology readings require your date, place and time of birth. Your birth place is the city or town you were born in and country. If you don’t have your time of birth, please see ‘Pinpointing Birth Time’ below.

I am an intuitive astrologer, so study all of the technical information in your chart first. This information is individual & personal to you as no one else on the planet was born at the exact minute in the exact same place as you. This makes your chart unique. This initial chart study takes approximately half a day. I put it all down for a few days & then come back to place your chart in front of me and write up your astrology reading from a place of intuition. Nothing is computer generated. I was guided to learn and work in this way and it allows me to create highly accurate, deeply personal and supportive readings.

You will receive a very in depth report (usually 7-10 pages depending on what comes through) via email within two weeks of your booking. Your report will include your natal chart. This chart shows you exactly where the planets were in the sky when you were born and I provide a simple table detailing which planet is where, so you can Google further information if you wish. You are then able to print everything out and have the chart next to the information in the reading, making it much easier to understand and follow. My reports are written in plain English, without astrological jargon, so you can clearly and easily understand the information. Many people are concerned that they won’t be able to understand an astrology report. Mine are written in a way to make the information simple to absorb. One of my gifts is being able to convert highly complicated information, visions, downloads or symbology into a simple format that anyone can understand.

I am on hand to support you afterwards if you struggle with anything at all. If you have lots of questions, Zoom calls are available where we can go over your report and I will also bring up your chart up on the screen where I can show you directly what things mean and how they link together. I’ll also intuitively dive into your chart on the call to answer any further questions you may have ~ whether you’d like to look back at something that happened in your past or whether you’d like to focus on what’s coming up in the future. We can also look at exact dates. Follow up Zoom sessions are recorded and give you as much awareness & support for the coming year as possible, so you can refer back to them whenever you wish. Details of all the different readings and follow up calls is below.

Astrology Reading ~ The Year Ahead

My Astrology Readings look at the here and now. Most astrologers will look at the Natal (birth) Chart and tell you lots about your personality as a child. However, I have learned that whilst this is very interesting information, it isn’t the most helpful. What IS really helpful is knowing what lessons, patterns or cycles we are currently moving through in our lives or why we might be experiencing certain challenges or breakthroughs. In astrology, these cycles are called Transits. For example, if you’re in a two year cycle/transit of learning, that may not be the best time to try to start up a new business. If you’re moving through a Venus cycle/transit that will impact your relationships, so they should be made a priority. There are cycles that cover our big, human life lessons or soul lessons and others that are only for a short period of time. If aware we’re of what these cycles are and what they are trying to do for us, we can capitalise on or manage them quite effectively. Astrology provides a very clear understanding of why we are experiencing life as we are at any given moment.

This reading will look at whatever cycles you are coming out of, are currently in or will be moving into. I will look at the year ahead and how you can best manage these energies in your life, getting the most out of each year. Astrology is a hugely useful tool to help us navigate our lives and I make these readings as in depth as possible, alongside answering any specific queries or questions you might have about your chart or what is currently happening in your life (please just let me know when booking). If you would like to see an example of one of my Year Ahead Astrology Readings, please drop me a line via the contact form and I’ll pop one over on email. You can then let me know if you’d like me to simplify things even further or whether you’re happy with a report as it is.

Year Ahead Reading £111 

Astrology Reading ~ Soul Purpose/Past Life Karma

This reading doesn’t look at your personality or the transits/cycles you may be experiencing. It is a much deeper, Soul based reading that looks at any past life karma you have brought with you into this lifetime. We experience our karmic energy strongly until age 28-30, so we are very familiar with it. Sometimes we don’t bring a lot of karma with us, so it is cleared before age 28. However, that is quite rare. Most of us will continue to clear karmic energy throughout our lives. When we are in our karmic energy, we are out of alignment with our Soul Purpose. Our karma tells us what we don’t want in our lives and how we can clear or transform those negative energies.

From age 28-30 onwards, we start to move into alignment with our Soul Purpose. I dive deep into your unique Soul Purpose in this lifetime, providing practical ways that you can bring that energy into your life. Our Soul Purpose is what our Soul is here to experience, it isn’t necessarily what we do for a living. Some Souls wish to experience a successful career, others want to parent, to build strong support networks, to live a life of adventure, to master their physical health, to become a leader ~ and the luckiest ones are here to play & have fun! If we are in alignment with our Soul Purpose, everything in our life flows in an easier, more positive, enjoyable way. Knowing our Karma ensures we know what energy we don’t want to be in. Knowing our Purpose ensures we know what energy our Soul wants to be in. This is a tremendously helpful guide to keep us on track throughout our entire lives. I have had so many people that have found this particular reading life changing and completely resonate with that as it was life changing when I discovered my own karma/purpose.

Soul Purpose/Karma Reading £111 

Astrology Reading ~ Core Wound/Shadow/Saboteur

Like the Soul Purpose reading above, this reading is very Soul/spiritual based on one level, but nails our everyday, human traits too. We are all born with a core wound in this lifetime. This wound is something our Soul chooses to experience, so although we bring it with us, there are usually events during our childhood that drive our Core Wound even deeper into our system. It is something that troubles us all of our lives if we don’t become aware of it and work on healing it. Healing our core wound is tantamount to receiving a life upgrade and there are certain ages in life where we receive huge boosts of energy and opportunity to heal this wound permanently. Our Core Wound always impacts our Soul Purpose too and can often drag us back into karmic energies, so it’s really important that we heal it if we want to step fully into our Power and Purpose.

Our Shadow, despite it’s name, is nothing to fear. Think of it as a box in which we throw everything that doesn’t serve us as a child. If being gentle didn’t serve you (as it didn’t me), that goes into the box. If you weren’t allowed to show anger, that goes into the box. If the part of you that was spiritual or creative wasn’t accepted by your parents, that goes into the box. If dancing around with high energy and joy didn’t please your parents, that goes into the box. If you weren’t allow to speak your truth or express yourself verbally, that goes into the box. That box lives in our subconscious mind and unfortunately, when we aren’t paying attention, that is the part of our mind that takes control. Getting to know our Shadow selves is an integral part of walking a spiritual path ~ once we’re aware, we can then control any parts of ourselves that can cause us to behave in ways that don’t serve us. There are also many, hidden, beautiful gifts & parts of ourselves in that Shadow Box, so it’s well worth diving into as the rewards are absolutely worth it.

We also have a part of our psychology called the Saboteur. This is the part of ourselves that stops us from moving forwards by throwing a spanner in the works and it forms during childhood. Our Saboteur desperately tries to keep us ‘safe’, but this is based on a child’s perception of safety, not an adults. All of us have this psychological archetype, which also forms as part of our subconscious. If we’re not aware of it, it can cause havoc. This manifests as us pushing people away, of closing ourselves down, of speaking in ways that upset others, of wrecking our relationships etc. Knowing the parts of ourselves that are wounded or that cause us upset as adults is hugely helpful as we can gain awareness, gain healthy control and not keep repeating the same patterns or mistakes.

Core Wound/Saboteur/Shadow Reading £111

SPECIAL OFFER: Soul Purpose/Karma & Core Wound/Shadow/Saboteur Readings together for only £200, saving £22

Astrology Reading ~ In Depth Combination

This reading combines both the Year Ahead and the Soul Purpose/Karma readings together. It contains the full cycles/transits reading for the year ahead alongside in depth information on your Soul Purpose and Karma. These readings run over 10 pages long and are packed with highly in depth, personal information that you will need some time to sit down and absorb. My readings aren’t filled with pretty pictures other than your astrology chart, so contain a LOT of information.

SPECIAL OFFER £200 ~ saving £22

Astrology Reading ~ Love & Relationships

Astrology can tell us how we love, how we best relate to another & the sort of partner we’d bond deeply or feel most comfortable with. It will also highlight any cycles, patterns or lessons we are here to learn in our relationships, empowering us to release, acknowledge or work with these energies to find true love in our lives.

Love & Relationships £111

Astrology Reading ~ Children Age 0-12

This reading is specifically for babies or young children. I study their chart in depth to see what the child’s main personality characteristics are, where they will need grounding, support or balance as they grow up, how emotional or academically minded they are or whether they would prefer art or creative subjects etc. I also look at how they relate to others, how they’ll make friends, how they feel happiest expressing themselves, what’s important to them, what they value the most etc. I also detail what each parent means to the child and what their role is in guiding that beautiful little Soul. For example, some children are very independent, for others it is very important that they have a good connection with one or both parents for them to feel stable and secure as a child. It’s really helpful to know as a parent how you can naturally support your child and what they will rely on you for for healthy development. This reading can be adapted based on the parent’s personality ~ some are practical & don’t have a clue about spiritual things, in which case, I’d keep the reading very simple and practical. Others may be very spiritual, so would like to know some of the deeper, Soul related aspects of their child. Am happy to adapt each reading based on what would suit the reader best.

In essence, this reading is an astrological perspective for parents on how they can be the best possible parent to their child and also, what they can expect from their child. An example reading can be emailed to you if you would like to see an example of a Child Astrology Reading. It is a joy to conduct these readings and they make fantastic gifts that are unique, personal and very different. I’ve done many of these readings as a present for new parents as it’s absolutely fascinating to learn so much information about our child at such a young age.

Children 0-12 Reading £111

Astrology Reading ~ Teenagers

This reading is specifically for teenagers. It can be written just for the parent to read or for both the parent and teen to read together. Please indicate which when booking. Teenage years can be very confusing and turbulent for both parents & teens alike! This reading focuses on the period of time between childhood and adulthood, when a teen is starting to explore the World and discover who they are within it. I look at any cycles or patterns that are strong during this time, their education, their capacity to work and what would best suit them and any issues, problems or positive events that may impact their life. I also look at emotional, physical, spiritual and mental cycles or patterns in particular as these play a huge role in a teen’s development. This reading offers a lot of support & clarity to the teen themselves, helping them to understand what’s going on inside their own mind and in their life. They’ll learn what are the most important things to focus on, what to let go of and how to empower themselves to feel more confident and comfortable during these difficult year’s of growth.

Teenager Reading £111

Astrology Reading ~ Pinpointing Birth Time 

If you don’t know your time of birth, this is usually recorded on your mother’s maternity records, which can be obtained from the hospital you were born in or the County Records Bureau if within the UK. You could also ask anyone amongst family or friends who may have been present or aware of when you were born. They can often remember little details such as the milkman delivering milk, it being time for a meal, whether it was morning, afternoon or evening etc. All information is helpful when trying to ascertain a birth time. If you are still unable to do so, I offer a ‘Pinpointing Birth Time’ service, details of which are found via the link below.

Pinpointing Birth Time £30

Astrology Reading ~ Follow Up Zoom Call

Zoom calls are available where we can go over your report and I will also bring up your chart on the screen where I can show you directly what things mean and how they link together. I’ll also intuitively dive into your chart on the call to answer any further questions you may have ~ whether you’d like to look back at something that happened in your past or whether you’d like to focus on what’s coming up in the next six months. Follow up Zoom sessions are recorded and give you as much awareness & support for the coming year as possible, so you can refer back to them whenever you wish.

These calls must be booked within 12 months of receiving your reading. They’re great if you would like any further astrological support as to why certain things may be happening in your life, to gain awareness around specific events such as the Eclipses, Solstice or special days you may have or may want to plan etc. People tend to jump on these calls when they need clarity and focus going forwards.

Zoom Call £35 (approximately 30-45 minutes) 

Mentoring Sessions

These are Zoom sessions that you can book to chat to me about anything and everything ~ whether human (3D) or soul (5D) related. They’re useful if you’re struggling and need some guidance and support. I’ll sometimes look at your astrology chart or flip a few tarot cards if necessary and really work through things with you to a place where you feel much better and can take whatever action feels best to you from that place. Sometimes, we just need a kind ear to listen, to receive some nurturing and to know we’re not walking our path alone. I’ve studied counselling, relationships, parenting, countless healing modalities and a huge amount of spiritual modalities over the years. I’ve also gained a lot of personal experience in these areas, so am happy to support you with any issues or problems that may be showing up in your life.

These sessions can also be booked to talk about crystals and focus purely on that subject, if you’d like to learn more, but don’t have the time to attend a course or if you have specific questions or things you’d like to experiment with. I make these sessions fun & experiential, so you get to learn through experience, whilst we’re on the call.

These sessions can also cover anything relating to our spiritual, mental, emotional or physical systems. I am a holistic practitioner, so tend to work with all four systems simultaneously, which creates huge, positive transformation in our lives, our overall health and our happiness. I also support older teens and young people in their early 20s, helping them to navigate things they may not want to share with their parents or friends. However, these sessions are confidential, so I would not be able to discuss anything with the parent or it would destroy the safe space I am holding for that young person.

Mentoring Sessions £65 


Payment & Booking

Please drop me a line via the contact form or via email to [email protected] to book a Reading, Zoom Call or Mentoring Session.

Payment can be made via PayPal, BACS or Card. Please indicate which method suits you best when getting in touch. I will invoice or provide payment details once we’ve confirmed your booking. I don’t work in the evenings as that’s when my energy is at it’s lowest, so I wouldn’t do you justice. However, I do work some weekends each month to cover those who are on traditional, weekly, 9-5 schedules, so please let me know what times and days suit you best.

I am also happy to split payments should this help your cash flow. Please just let me know when getting in touch.


Just to let you know life is going really well – finally feeling like I’m self sufficient, with a beautiful partner whom I’m living with. Your guidance helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life. Like an angel reaching out and just helping me to understand everything will be ok. Thank you Krissy – much love, Olivia, 2022


I had requested the ‘In-Depth Intuitive Astrology Reading’ and oh my I was in for a ride! A very pleasant yet emotional ride in reading this report. I originally came looking for crystals. I felt deeply understood for the first time in a very long time. In fact, I felt Krissy understood me on a Soul Level. How many people around us can do that! I loved reading every part of my astrology reading. It was captivating and emotional. Her intuitive guidance within the report left me feeling deeply compassionate towards all that I had been through. I consider reading my Intuitive Astrology Report as very Soul-Healing; something I feel my Soul couldn’t wait for me to go through. It was interesting to read the things I had experienced as a child and how they can serve me now. I am starting to see myself more as a creator rather than a victim. I am more open to my future. The report has helped me manage my emotions to experience challenges as opportunities, I believe I am embodying this statement more each day, The Reading has helped me engage in intuitive communication with my Higher Self and how to ride the waves of certain experiences that I would’ve once deemed unpleasant. I am grateful that I have the chance to understand my Life’s Journey, my Soul’s Path. I now feel I am on a life path less judgemental, more understanding and compassionate towards myself and others. Krissy’s nature in understanding the human condition enables her to translate her wisdom and knowledge unto others with a high level of emotional intelligence. I am so thankful and grateful for her. Much Love, Priti, 2021


I had a Key of life reading in February 2021 via Skype. I was going through a very traumatic experience in my life at the time and I believe that Krissy’s reading set me on a healing journey that was absolutely necessary in order for me to move forward in my life. Krissy is so warm and friendly but also very honest with the insights that she receives, which was what I needed. I have had readings from other people in my past but never had one that was so accurate. The key of life reading has given me a clear path forward and I have been able to heal so much in the past six months. Krissy provides information on all the cards that are used and an in-depth write up of the reading which has been really useful to look back on. Thank you so much Krissy, I really was guided to have a reading from you at a crucial time in my life and am so grateful. Jayne, 2021


I’ve been buying crystals from Krissy for the past six years and have never been disappointed, they are amazing quality and fairly priced. So when at the beginning of this year I decided (for the first time ever), that I wanted an astrological forcast, after looking around, Krissy felt like the right person to go to. I had the ‘Year Ahead Forecast’ and without knowing any information about me at all, the reading was/has turned out to be incredibly accurate. I refer back to this constantly as there is a lot of solid advice that Krissy has written. I read parts to a friend who questioned whether I had given any information about myself as it is such an accurate picture of my life at the moment, but no I hadn’t given any information, just date, time and place of birth. Then in June I decided to have a ‘Key of Life’ reading with Krissy (again this was my first tarot reading). This was via Skype. Krissy is lovely and direct, she’s a very strong, sincere person. Again I’m constantly referring to this as she’s given me extremely sound advice. It really does dig very deeply but at the same time simplifies everything, plus again she gave sound advice on how to move forwards. Her advice has been a blessing and has become essential for me in the last months. I’m at a stage in life where things aren’t particularly easy and Krissy’s help and advice has been central and indispensable to me. I would absolutely recommend her. Eleanor, 2021


Astrology has been such a useful tool for self-understanding in my life and readings I have had done have resonated for many years. It has been some years since I had a reading and having one from Krissy at the beginning of this year made me think I really need them every year! It was so helpful to see where the energies are in my chart and to see areas that I need to work on – and those where I need to let go. Krissy is highly intuitive and spot on in her insights. She writes with great warmth, compassion and humour – just like having an angel look into your life and make suggestions for the way ahead. I highly recommend ‘Year Ahead’ reading! Rosemary, 2021


Conscious and Awakened souls need a bit of nudge every once in a while if their ego starts to take over the show. An early miscarriage last year left me dejected , listless and slipping into believing that my body isn’t capable of carrying a child anymore.  I blamed my body for not supporting my dreams and desires. Ushered by my Higher Self , I reached out to Kristy for a Soul and Karma reading. I’ve had the honour to meet this beautiful divine soul  Kristy, three years ago.  Her pristine energy is unmissable.  Imagine what you can make of your life if you were armed with the gift of knowledge of why you chose to be here, what are your core wounds that you maybe carrying from your previous lives and what does your soul want to experience in this lifetime. Wow Right? I was mind blown with the findings and the guidance offered by Kristy. What I loved the most about it was that it empowers you to understand your reason for existence and live more consciously and purposefully. Since then I have manifested a healthy and a fit body, 13 kgs lighter and fitter. As a family we manifested our new dream home too. I can’t thank Kristy enough for this valuable gift of wisdom. Deeply grateful for your patience , knowledge and support. Best investment ever! It’s transformational. Much love, Sanchali, 2021


I found Kristy’s website by chance, not really looking for a reading.  I felt attracted to it and decided to arrange an 8 card, Key of Life reading. This was done via Skype and it felt like there was no distance. Kristy was lovely, open and honest, with no judgements and full of insight. The reading was all about hints that will help me grow and develop. I found it incredibly useful, a helpful tool for self discovery and personal growth.

I then arranged an Astrology Reading as a tool to commence the new year. The reading has given me reassurance about my plans, confidence about my challenges and encouragement to push through adversity. I highly recommend Kristy’s work and feel blessed to have met her and have her wisdom to help me on my path. Olaia, 2018


I would absolutely recommend having a Key of Life reading with Krissy! Everything was explained well, made relevant to me and I had things to take away too – such as changes to make and things to research. Krissy is very personable and warm.  I really felt comfortable opening up about certain areas as I wanted to get the most out of the session. 1 week on and I have already made some positive changes. Thank you Krissy!! x  Louise, Kent, 2015


I had a Key of Life Reading with Krissy and what an experience. It was more than I hoped for and brought to light so many inner feelings I hadn’t even thought were there. If you want to really get to the deep rooted blocks or challenges that are stopping you moving forward this is the reading for you.  Two weeks later and I’m still processing the shifts I had through Krissy’s reading and the blocks I had which were all in my mind are slowly dissolving 🙂

Thanks Krissy for sharing your amazing talents and helping people find their way back on the true path of the Soul xxx   Jules, April, 2015


I went to Krissy for a reading in January 2014. This was a time of change and development for me and I was looking for guidance and support in moving forward. The reading took place at Krissy’s home. The surroundings were calm and peaceful. Lovely energy supported not only by Krissy, but the beautiful loving energy of her 5 month old puppy.

Throughout the reading I felt nurtured and supported. There was no pressure on time. Krissy’s reading was amazingly accurate in reflecting aspects of my life and personality. Her interpretation of the messages was channelled and highly intuitive. She gave a balanced view pointing out my strengths and opportunities open to me. Equally she was at home being straight forward and challenged me in a firm but loving way. I never felt judged by Krissy. She really listened to me and I felt validated and respected for who I am.

The next day Krissy sent notes and colour copies of the cards (the cards are truly beautiful). These have been really helpful as I have continued to work with the messages. Thank you Krissy for your wisdom, openness, honesty, clarity of thought and your intuitive and healing skills – in short for being you. Words are insufficient to explain the transformation and healing process.  Suffice it to say I have moved closer to knowing who I am and understanding my souls journey. C Russell, Sheffield ~ Jan 2014


I was first drawn to Kristy from her website and the insights she shared on her blog. I then had a “Key of Life” reading with her. The insights I received have allowed me to let go of the past, embrace the future and live in the present. I am sincerely grateful for the universe bringing us together. For she is truly a gifted soul, connect with her, I promise your life will be better for it. With love and much gratitude  Toni Lock, Utah, USA ~ Nov 2013


I had a reading with Kristy as I needed guidance on why I was struggling to move forward with my life and the emotions I was having. I believe the angels brought me to her. When I first met Kristy, I purchased a beautiful painting, the energy has brought me so much healing that I was then further drawn to having a reading after seeing the word ‘Serendipity’ everywhere.

It was a truly joyous experience. Kristy went out of her way to help me and I am grateful to her for this. In the reading, Kristy used her cards that flowed and told a story of my personality, recent events and future outcomes. Kristy answered all my questions and put me completely at ease. The relief I had in knowing why things have happened the way they did and what I need to do to get the future I want is not something I can put into words. However, all my friends have noticed a massive difference in me spiritually and physically. I look clearer, free and happy and my aura is shiny again. I have now been able to get myself back to having purpose and direction in my life again. I would recommend Kristy to anyone. It was such a positive experience and I am so happy I made the decision to book in and have a reading xxx      Amy, Horwich, Sept 2013 


After a relationship break up which left me feeling so devastated, hurt and angry, I was in a very lonely place. I was continually thinking about the negative events that had happened and could not find a way out of the thoughts of “why does this keep happening to me”, “what is wrong with me”  and “I’ve ended up with nothing from this, but pain”. So I decided to have a Key of Life reading with Krissy.

The key of life reading explained exactly where I was and why. The cards showed my feelings and Krissy gave me positive steps to take in the right direction to turn myself around and think differently. I was able to accept that I was where I was supposed to be. The cards also gave me so much hope for my future happiness. It was all there in front of me like a miracle……… like somehow all I was feeling had been extracted and laid out on a table for me to see more clearly. I came to understand why these things had happened and how I was going to deal with it, learn, grow and become whole again. The reading helped me realise the break up happened for the right reasons even though it didn’t feel like that at the time. This stopped the negative thoughts of “why me” it made me think “I’m glad I’m in this place now because only amazing things will come from it”

Krissy gets it. She understands people, gave me solid advice and recommended reading material that has improved my ability to self help and understand myself and the mistakes I had been making. Krissy is understanding and compassionate and I can’t thank her enough for her support and help in turning such negative feelings into positive ones for my future. I would recommend Krissy whole heartedly to anyone, my sparkle is definitely coming back! Thank you Krissy xx    Rachel, Sept 2013



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