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Crystals and Colour Therapy

It has long been known that wearing different colours or liking a crystal of a particular colour can indicate things about our subconscious. Colour can be used to tone things down, brighten things up, raise our spirits and even make our eyes sore!

The below information on colour is what we’ve learned over the years. It’s a handy indicator of where our sub-conscious is by the colours we reach for/connect with at any particular time. It also indicates how you can use colour to help yourself.

As a general guide, colours are associated with the following:

White & Black Crystals
Red/Orange/Yellow Crystals
Pink Crystals
Green/Blue Crystals
Purple Crystals
Cleansing or grounding
Energising, uplifting, organising
Loving, soothing
Balance, peace, healing, communication
Spirituality, intuition


Red energy brings the physicality of life and how we live to the fore. It is our sense of connection to society and security in life.
Use red in your life when there is:

  • No enthusiasm for life
  • Low energy levels
  • Insecurity, fear or anxiety
  • You need to stir up passion on any level


Orange energy gives us sense of direction and purpose, uplifting our spirit. It encourages to enjoy the experience of life.
Use orange in your life when there is:

  • Boredom or you feel stuck in a rut.
  • Resentment to change
  • Fear of enjoying yourself too much
  • Life is becoming too serious
  • You need to let go of past issues or blockages


Yellow energy provides a brightness and warmth to life and assists with our decision making abilities. It also represents nourishment of the Self.
Use yellow in your life when there is:

  • Nervous tension/anxiety
  • Confusion, indecision, lack of concentration
  • ‘Butterflies in your stomach’ feeling due to fear
  • Digestive disorders


Green energy provides balance, heralding the power of nature, growth and expansion. Green is the colour of relationships because of its growth/expansive nature.
Use green in your life when there is:

  • Restricted or have fear of the unknown
  • A need for balance
  • A need for new ideas or inspiration
  • Problems in relationships


Blue energy brings communication, aiding flow of information and a sense of proportion. It is useful for calming our minds or emotional states when life gets on top of us.
Use blue in your life:

  • To calm yourself down
  • To communicate clearly and honestly
  • Peace and clarity of mind, giving you room to ‘think’ clearly


Purple energy signifies spirituality, the third-eye, a need to turn inward and be honest with ourselves about who we are and what we truly feel.
Use purple in your life when you need to:

  • Focus on personal beliefs and ideas
  • Deepen intuition and instincts
  • Speed up natural healing on any level
  • To provide different perspectives in life


White energy is wholeness and completion – purity, simplicity & peace. Everything is visible, nothing is hidden – eternal potential.
Use white to:

  • Clear your life of clutter
  • Fresh starts or new beginnings
  • Connection to the higher self
  • Be open and receptive to life as a whole


Black energy is that of gestation, preparations and grounding ourselves.
Use black in your life to:

  • Ground yourself and alleviate fear
  • Prepare and make you more aware
  • Calm yourself, aiding focus on internals rather than distracting externals
  • Deflect negative energy and provide protection


Turquoise energy allows expression of our wishes, growth and communication. It supports desire to be unique and free. It is protective for travellers.
Use turquoise in your life when you:

  • Wish to explore information through feelings/emotions
  • Need an energy boost
  • Have lack of courage in social settings, feeling like you don’t fit in
  • Need protection when travelling by whatever method


Pink energy promotes motivation and potential. Brings caring/tenderness to situations and supports the integrity of the individual.
Use pink in your life when:

  • There is emotional anxiety
  • You didn’t receive enough love as a child
  • You have inner child issues
  • Need to accept yourself and know that you are worth it


Brown energy is practical, neutral and non-threatening. Brown offers a state of reality from which to grow, it is an earthy, natural colour.
Use brown in your life when you need:

  • To focus/concentrate on a particular task
  • Attention to detail
  • To become more dependable
  • To blend and be at one with nature
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