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Golden Star Mica ~ Personal Power

Golden Star Mica is a mineral I’ve worked with on and off for many years and NOW is truly it’s time to SHINE ~ it shimmers, sparkles or glows when the sun strikes it and is an incredible manifestation of the energy of the ‘Golden Ray’.

The energy of the Golden Ray, in my experience, has both an older, ancestral based interpretation and one that is more modern. When we look at the older perception, the Golden Ray is seen as the light of creation, of God, that emanates from the Central Sun (Source). It speaks to the alchemy of our 5th Dimensional Soul with our 3rd Dimensional Human self and the understanding that we are all one, that we are not separated nor divided.

A more modern interpretation is that the Golden Ray brings an energy that reminds us that we are ALL born wealthy ~ that wealth is a state of consciousness that has nothing to do with doing or earning. It’s an energy that makes us magnetic, so we have very little need to chase and certainly no need to work all hours and drive ourselves into the ground. Either way, it is agreed by all, both young and old, that the Golden Ray is an extremely soulful, powerful, energetic vibration that is part of humanity’s Ascension journey. There is a reason our Sun is currently at solar maximum and bathing the Earth in wave after wave of solar energy during this time 😉

Golden Star Mica (GSM) is a member of the Muscovite family, although it is not actually Muscovite itself. GSM contains Iron whilst Muscovite contains Potassium and Aluminium. These different blends of minerals denote a very different colour and vibration. Mica is a common mineral that is found all over the World. However, it’s quite rare in the high quality, Golden Star formation.

I love this mineral for the current times we’re all living through as it’s all about tapping into the energy of our own personal power ~ something so many of us give away without even realising it! An example of this is that I used to be a people pleaser and would give up my personal wants, needs or desires, in order to make other people happy. This is how I kept myself safe as a child and it was a pattern that carried on into adulthood.

However, the more of our own power we give up, the more it impacts the physical body ~ imagine having a hole in the petrol/gas tank of your car…. you’d keep putting in fuel, but the car never goes as far as it should before it needs more fuel. Having seen 1000s of clients over the last two decades, it’s my belief that a loss of personal power and low self-worth is what leads to many physical diseases, particularly auto immune (always open to chatting to people about this from a holistic perspective).

However, back to the gorgeous Golden Star Mica ~ am loving this energy as it raises the vibration of Self-Worth and Self-Confidence, drawing strength from within that we didn’t necessarily know we had, as this beautiful mineral connects us directly to Source.

If you’d like to experiment with this, try lying down and relaxing with a piece of GSM placed just underneath your belly button on the Tantien Chakra (the seat of our personal power). You could also sit up straight with it held lightly in your lap, just underneath the naval. Then imagine a long umbilical cord or stream of Golden energy moving out from your belly button and directly down into the Earth or up into the Sky via the crystal. Each of us is different, so some people also imagine moving inwards into their own body, from the naval. Whatever way you comfortably connect to Source is perfect.

Breathe deep belly breaths into your body and on the exhale, imagine there’s a stream of Golden energy, coming from the crystal into the body/Tantien Chakra and also from the crystal externally or internally, connecting you to Source. Imagine the crystal as a bridge and on the in breath, pull energy into your body along that connection/bridge and on the out breath, send the energy back along that same connection again. This literally creates an inward/outward motion of flowing energy from yourself to Source and back again and you can visualise this as a direct energetic stream or even do circular breathing and create a circle that flows round and round, rather than a stream back and forth. Again, whatever feels most comfortable or natural for you is right. Many people only take from Source, which is fine, but it’s always a two-way exchange of energy that works best for me. See how you feel afterwards and feel free to comment below as I love to know how people get on with the deeper work with crystals. Those experiences, when shared, are so helpful to others.

GSM also supports us in releasing the emotions that prevent us from knowing our true power, such as shame, fear or guilt. As these emotions are released, we are able to tune into our power centre on a much deeper level, connecting to our Soul & Higher Self so we can hear its guidance easily and clearly.

If you need to make decisions about your life or come up against challenges that feel very deep or life changing, this is the mineral to use to keep you focused and decisive, without feeling tons of worry or fear, particularly around whether the decision you’re making is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. GSM will support you in going with your gut intuition and that never leads us down a wrong path. Only the mind can do that.

Golden Star Mica is also an excellent crystal for students or those learning new skills as the boost in personal power also boosts our mind’s ability to retain and repeat information (there is a direct link between our gut and brain on a physical level and the same is the case energetically). I can guarantee that anyone suffering from ‘brain fog’ likely has an unbalanced gut biome too 😉

On a physical level, this sparkly mineral supports our renal and digestive systems, alongside the pancreas and gallbladder as all of these organs work symbiotically with each other. GSM is also quite grounding and strengthening, given the Iron content. This makes it a fabulous mineral to use when clearing ancestral, generational or cellular patterns within the body. It seems to ease the integration period that comes after doing this kind of deep work.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful on your journey with crystals.

With Brightest of Blessings and Gratitude


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4 thoughts on “Golden Star Mica ~ Personal Power”

  1. Monica Kiss

    Dear Krissy, my Golden Star Mica arrived yesterday – thank you! It truly is a beautiful crystal. I must also say thank you for the way it was packaged, obviously with great respect and care 😍

    1. Kristy Hodges

      You’re most welcome Monica ~ enjoy your new sparkly and thanks so much for taking the time to reach out, it’s truly appreciated. With love, Krissy

  2. Received my Golden Star Mica today. It looks gorgeous and though fragile, quite a powerhouse. I need its energy at this time in my life. Thank you for this beautiful crystal <3

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Most welcome Minoo, it’s a gorgeous energy to work with. Brightest of Blessings, Krissy

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