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From Masculine to Feminine ~ Taking off the Armour

The latest division between men and women is the ‘Bear Story’ that has gone viral this week ~ where a woman is asked whether she’d rather meet a Bear in the wild or an unfamiliar man. Many women replied ‘the Bear’ and, of course, this has triggered many men into absolute horror, anger or sadness

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Golden Star Mica ~ Personal Power

Golden Star Mica is a mineral I’ve worked with on and off for many years and NOW is truly it’s time to SHINE ~ it shimmers, sparkles or glows when the sun strikes it and is an incredible manifestation of the energy of the ‘Golden Ray’. The energy of the Golden Ray, in my experience,

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Crystals and Neuro Diversity/ADHD

This week, I wanted to talk a little about crystals and how they are an excellent tool to support those with Neuro Diversity (ND). In layman’s terms, this is because electrical frequencies run along the neural pathways in our brain and crystals emit frequencies that, in my experience, can alter how our brain waves function.

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Believing and Knowing ~ There’s a Difference

This blog has been prompted by a lovely client today. She led me to explore how to stay clear of conflict, fear or drama in a society that is currently hell bent on creating it through divide & conquer tactics. It all starts with beliefs and there is a BIG difference between believing and knowing.

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Larvikite ~ A Stone of Transformation

This year has been really challenging, with a lot of grief. So, for the first time in my life, I took three weeks off on my own and went to stay in a friend’s holiday bungalow on the Southeast coast. It’s on a quiet nature reserve and extremely isolated with no wi-fi, and that solitariness,

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Grounding and Protection

Ensuring we are grounded and have asked for protection is a vital element of walking a spiritual path.

We have to be grounded in order to know where our base is and where we are coming from. If we do not ground ourselves, eventually we’ll go ‘high’ on spiritual energy and the only way down is with a bump.

Energy can move in strange and mysterious ways so it is also essential to protect ourselves. We are not protecting ourselves from attack on any level.

Crystals and Colour Therapy

It has long been known that wearing different colours or liking a crystal of a particular colour can indicate things about our subconcious. Colour can be used to tone things down, brighten things up, raise our spirits and even make our eyes sore!

The below information on colour is what we’ve learned over the years. It’s a handy indicator of where our sub-conscious is by the colours we reach for/connect with at any particular time. It also indicates how you can use colour to help yourself.

Crystals and the Chakra System

As a very general rule, we can look at a crystal, examine its colour and attribute it to one of the Chakras. However, the energy of the world we live in is changing….therefore, what crystals do is changing and the books that are being released now aren’t keeping up fast enough.

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