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Manganese ~ A Maverick Mineral

Manganese was first discovered in 1774. It is a silvery coloured transition metal that is used in a huge variety of industries as it has many medicinal as well as practical uses. Manganese ores are used in the production of alloys, chlorine, bleach, batteries, fertilisers and much much more. Some of the oldest known cave

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Lizardite ~ Kundalini & Soul Connection

Lizardite is a really cool and unusual energy to work with. Also known as Orthoantigotite (Ortho-anti-go-tite), it’s a rare form of Serpentine that was first discovered in 1955 on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, UK. The Lizardite I sell is sourced ethically, by hand, from Cornwall and Scotland as the energy is really rich, yet

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Eclipse Season ~ October 2023

This month is full of powerful energies that are asking us to dig deep and transform on fundamental levels. It’s no longer enough to manage the symptoms ~ we need to dive down, identify the root cause of our issues and clear/heal/release them permanently. Whilst this process may feel uncomfortable, as let’s face it, there

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Kundalini Quartz ~ Activating the Higher Chakras

I am SO excited to be able to blog about Kundalini Quartz ~ we’ve just had the second find in my lifetime in 2022 and very little is known about this quartz. It has a small mention in the Crystal Bible 2. Kundalini Quartz is similar to candle quartz, but has two very distinctive features……firstly, it only

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Menopause ~ What They Don’t Tell You

I’ve had a lot of little nudges to write a blog on menopause lately, so am doing so from a place of personal experience. I turn 50 in October and as I’ve learned to master my physical health, that relates to hormones too! Some of the information you may know, but I’ll guarantee there’s quite

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The Inner Teen ~ Our Route to Happiness

Many people have heard of the ‘inner child’ or ‘inner child therapy’. Our Inner Child is the part of our psychology that forms between the ages of 3 and 7/8. Think of the brain like a computer. Mental thought patterns or ‘base programs’  are created in our brain neurology by our family dynamics and belief

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Why Use a Crystal or Any Energy Tool for that Matter?

Hello and welcome to my latest blog. I’ve been asked recently about vibration and how that works with crystals or any form of energetic tool (wands, pendulums, lazer points, shamanic drums, feathers or rattles etc.). Many of us have been taught that a high vibration is good and a low vibration is bad. I feel

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