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Epidote ~ The Most Powerful Manifestation Tool in the Mineral Kingdom

Epidote is a stunning mineral that was first discovered in the early 1800s in both Greenland and Salzburg, Austria. The first discoveries in the UK were made in Wales in the early 1900s and can still be found in Marloes Bay, Pembrokeshire and widespread throughout Gwynedd today. Epidote is a mineral in it’s own right, but is also the name of a group that contains 30 other minerals, such as Zoisite, Allanite & Tanzanite. This blog refers to the pure, mineral Epidote rather than the group.

Epidote forms in deep green rods and clusters, often growing in or amongst other minerals, particularly Quartz. Polished Epidote often looks like it has black streaks through it, but these are simply shards of pure, crystalline Epidote that when polished, become such a dark green, they can look black. Lower grade Epidote polishes up as a lighter green, often mixed with white, which is usually Quartz or the base rock it formed from. They call this grade Snowflake Epidote to distinguish it from pure, crystalline Epidote.

It’s name comes from the Greek word epidosis, meaning ‘increase’ and is called Pistache in some European countries given it’s colour is similar to that of a Pistachio nut. Epidote certainly is a very specific/particular hue of green. Epidote in Quartz is often called ‘Dream Quartz’ or ‘Chiron Stone’ as it is said to manifest our dreams and desires or facilitate deep, emotional healing.

Epidote is not a fluffy crystal to work with. It is one that demands we dive deep into ourselves~ to discover the cause of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual blocks and to clear them ~ permanently. This makes it very useful for healing therapies as Epidote sends a blast of energy throughout our physical and energetic bodies, highlighting where there are blocks and clearing them if possible.

If those blocks have been in our system for many years, it’s impossible for any crystal to clear them for us. We have to do the work and facilitate our own healing, gaining awareness around why we’re struggling or experiencing something so we can then do something about it. Many of us have issues, but have no idea why or where they may have come from. If we really want to do that deeper work, Epidote is an amazing metaphysical tool that will support us in doing so.

Epidote with Quartz. Photo Credit ~ Fossilera Minerals

On a physical level, because of it’s ability to clear energy within the body, Epidote is a great mineral to work with if we’re trying to detox our physical body. It works directly on the adrenal system, which releases hormones responsible for our metabolism, immune system and regulating blood pressure. It also supports our lymphatic system, which is a vital part of our immune system. I have a piece by the side of my bed so it can support and boost those systems whilst sleeping.

Be sure to program it to do this however, as Epidote can also work on our spiritual energy system and our dream state, facilitating lucid dreaming and the ability to astral travel. It raises our energy through clearing out anything stagnant, which allows our vibrations to rise and this is why many state that Epidote allows them to connect with guides and other spiritual entities. I haven’t experienced that personally myself, but have heard this feedback from so many, I don’t doubt that it’s true.

On a mental level, Epidote will point us towards the mental thought patterns that do not serve us. We all have these thought patterns, usually learned in childhood, but often as adults too. We may have a certain belief or perception of a situation, the World or another person that blocks us from experiencing the best energy possible.

In layman’s terms, our brain is like a computer and our childhood lays down our base programming. This programming will run forever ~ unless we change it and upgrade that program to something that embodies our authentic, adult selves. In these instances, I would advise meditating with Epidote and having a notebook & pen beside you when doing so. Ask to be shown what thought patterns are hindering you and where the root of those patterns comes from. This exercise can connect us to our inner child, so don’t hold back if you have things to write down that don’t make any sense at the time as it may be a much younger version of your psychology that is trying to connect with the adult part of you.

On an emotional level, Epidote really goes to town on our heart. So many of us have barriers when it comes to REALLY letting others in. Epidote will help you work through the layers to discover why your heart is closed and draw in energy from the Universe to guide you towards clearing them. Epidote works fast, so program it to work slowly if you prefer to take baby steps or use Epidote in Quartz as it’s gentler. As a society, we desperately need our heart chakras open in order to fully effect change within ourselves & collectively, the World. Never doubt how much your own, individual work contributes to a healthier collective energy.

This is where Epidote comes into it’s own. I’ve never used anything more powerful for manifestation. It’s freakishly fast! I tested it when I first starting working with Epidote over a decade ago. I had recently read ‘The Secret’, so knew for manifestation to be successful, I had to visualise, feel and completely believe that what I was asking for was possible. So I asked for £75 before the end of the day. Within ten minutes, a lady I had never heard of contacted me asking for five pieces of a specific mineral that sold for £15 per piece. This was an incredibly rare mineral that very few people ever asked for and certainly not five pieces at once. I sat there completely stunned, then felt ridiculously giddy as I realised my own power of manifestation ~ and that of the crystal supporting me! I now rarely need the Epidote for manifestation, but will still reach for it sometimes if I’m blocked as it’s the quickest way for me to ascertain where I’m going wrong.

Epidote Locality: Bellecombe, Châtillon, Aosta Valley, Italy FOV:3.85 mm © Chinellato Matteo

I’ve since used Epidote to manifest many things in life. The key to working with Epidote for manifestation is to already have a little bit of what you are asking for. Sounds crazy, I know, but that is how it works. So if you want people to respect you, you must respect yourself and behave in a respectful way. If you want to manifest money, you have to feel rich within yourself and not hoard or worry about every penny. If you want to manifest love, you have to love yourself and behave in loving ways to others. If you want to manifest love and healing in the World, you have to feel love and compassion towards the planet and it’s people. Otherwise, Epidote will bring forth the reason WHY we aren’t able to manifest what we desire ~ and this can be really challenging if we’re not aware that is going to happen.

I tried it myself many years ago when trying to manifest a partner/love ~ in quick succession, one thing after another popped up in my life to show just how little love I had for myself. I was in a small, but very intimate/close group at the time and as that energy rose within myself and I shared what I was experiencing, it zoomed around the group, triggering everyone on their own issues around self love. So it’s a powerful mineral to use for group work too ~ once you have learned how to work with it’s energy on a personal level.

I truly believe that Epidote can support us in manifesting the future we want to see in the World. Sit with it in your lap and visualise how you want the World to be. If you want to see a kinder, more compassionate, more factual, open, free or less divisory society, ensure that you behave in those ways yourself as much as you can and then visualise them manifesting in the World as a whole. If what you see in the World makes you feel fear or closes your heart, again, sit with Epidote and ask it how you can gently open your heart, so you are moving from a place of divine love rather than fear or anger.

You can also focus Epidote on specific parts of the body to work on clearing physical issues. For example, I recently had kidney stones, so immediately looked at how I could clear them holistically. This involved working on a 3D physical level, a 4D emotional level and a 5D energetic level. Working with Epidote helps us to understand the underlying reasons for the stones forming and brings those reasons straight to the fore. For me personally, it involved releasing a lot of fear from the kidneys and conversely anger from the liver, as the kidneys and liver are closely linked. It is predominantly fear or injustice that triggers our anger.

Passing a kidney stone is one of the most painful things a human can experience. That pain took me into all of my fear and rage as memory after memory came up out of the blue and it seemed to go on forever. I paced, cried, sobbed, begged, and had to express every memory that came up related to fear ~ and for me, that was a lot! After eight hours, I was completely exhausted and a younger part of me came out and started to rage as I simply couldn’t ease the pain, no matter what I did. I literally reverted to a child and raged, screamed and hit things before finally collapsing and literally sobbing for an hour as wave after wave of old emotion came pouring out. The experience took me to the point of complete break down & surrender ~ and ultimately, after 13 hours straight, release/healing. My consultant was astonished that I had cleared 12-13 stones from the left kidney and 7-8 from the right within eight months. What was really sad is he didn’t even ask how I’d done it, just said it was marvellous and signed me out of clinic. I don’t offer information unless asked, so that man missed a trick!

Epidote is a powerful mineral, but not one to be afraid of. It’s easier to work with it in Quartz as this lightens the intensity and doesn’t take us so deep, so quickly. Quartz points containing Epidote are fantastic for crystal grids involving manifestation or healing, whether for people, for a situation or for Mother Earth. Make sure to point them inwards, so they draw the highest energy of the Universe into the grid.

With love and bright blessings





Main Photo Credit: Crystal Classics UK


2 thoughts on “Epidote ~ The Most Powerful Manifestation Tool in the Mineral Kingdom”

  1. Darling Krissy, I am horrified you went through the torture of kidney stones and want to say it’s not fair… but what do I know? I do know about Berberis 30 a homeopathic remedy that works on preventing and letting go of kidney stones and you should get some from Helios or Ainsworth (or me! of course) and take it prophyllactically (can’t spell on computer) once a month. Teresa 07805238914

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Bless you Teresa and thank you so much. I’ve worked hard on myself energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically, so have managed to clear them for now. However, I am really interested in prevention as my body is still swimming in Calcium due to a whappy parathyroid. So I am really interested in anything that can prevent more from forming or, even worse, the calcium laying in my arteries, so will email you separately. Really appreciate your message, thank you and lots of love x

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