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Manganese ~ A Maverick Mineral

Manganese was first discovered in 1774. It is a silvery coloured transition metal that is used in a huge variety of industries as it has many medicinal as well as practical uses. Manganese ores are used in the production of alloys, chlorine, bleach, batteries, fertilisers and much much more. Some of the oldest known cave paintings in Lascaux, France were made with the mineral form of Manganese Dioxide.

What many people don’t realise is that Manganese is a critical component of many of the enzymes and amino acids in our human body. It also plays a vital role in the formation of our bones, our free radical defence and metabolic systems and has anti-oxidant properties. Our body contains about 12mg of Manganese, stored primarily in the bones, but also the renal system and brain. You’re not likely to be able to pick up a handful of soil anywhere in the World and not find traces of Manganese in it.

Working with Manganese directly is a really cost effective way of working with the energy of Sugilite as it is the main component of this rare mineral. Sugilite has become expensive and rare as China has bought up all of the World’s supply given Manganese is an essential component in the production of Morphine and Opiate based painkillers. So, instead of trying to source Sugilite at a ridiculous cost, it is actually easier to source pure Manganese and work with the mineral directly.

Manganese has a really cool, unassuming energy that draws things together and bonds them in positive ways. This makes it a perfect mineral to work with when experiencing difficulties within a family, tribal or team dynamic. It is an energy that encourages us to build bridges ~ whether internally for our inner child/teen and adult or externally, between ourselves and others. It supports us in creating strong bonds and conversely, is also a good energy to use if needing to cut ties in order to move on. Manganese can be programmed to work either way. Use it to draw things closer or to repel and keep them at bay. Very handy for crystal healing grids!

On a mental level, Manganese allows us to connect dots and gather together information so that we can understand the bigger picture behind our experiences in life. It is extremely grounding and protective and carries a ‘freshness’ that permeates the body and calms the central nervous system, alleviating brain fog and facilitating mental clarity. This in turn, allows us to communicate with others in a clear and concise way.

On a spiritual level, Manganese is said to support any form of creation ~ whether we are creating a meal, a picture, a book, a garden, a work of art, a child or a business! Due to the clarity it creates in our neural pathways, we’re able to connect to Source, to Spirit and our Higher Selves in a way that allows us not only to receive guidance or visions, but to implement them. This is extremely important as many of us have fantastic ideas, but aren’t great at carrying them out on a practical level. This mineral is fabulous for facilitating both the connection and corresponding action. It’s a also a wonderful meditation tool given how much inner peace and clarity it can bring.

On a physical level, Manganese is really helpful when detoxing as it supports our body in rounding up and eliminating free radicals ~ it’s likely why, after our bones, we primarily find it in our liver, kidneys and brain ~ as this is where it does the most work to clear our body of harmful substances.

If having difficulty with any of the renal organs such as gallbladder, pancreas, liver or kidneys, carry Manganese in your pocket consistently whilst working to resolve these issues. I would seriously consider a liver & gallbladder cleanse too as this resets our entire system and has hugely beneficial effects. People assume that the liver only becomes sluggish if we drink alcohol, but this isn’t the case. For example, the liver will most definitely be sluggish if your diet is plant based, due to the high Oxalate toxicity in many vegetables. If our physical body gets overloaded with Oxalates, these destroy our gut biome, which then creates huge pressure on the liver to become the primary detox pathway and forces the kidneys to form oxalate based kidney stones. I’ve got a huge amount of personal experience with this, so please feel free to reach out if you’d like to know more.

Some feedback that was received from a dear friend who meditated with Manganese:

“With the Manganese crystal, I felt a bubble of peace from my solar plexus to the area above my head.  I felt my stress dissolve and felt light and more aware of the present moment. I felt it gave me clarity with my perception. I think this crystal would be great for communicating more clearly with someone as you are more in the present moment and with better clarity and feeling more peaceful and loving.”

All in all, Manganese is a lovely, multi-purpose energy to work and am sure they will discover more and more benefits of this unassuming mineral over the coming years.

With Love & Gratitude


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Main Photo Credit: Evgeniy Parilov

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