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Believing and Knowing ~ There’s a Difference

This blog has been prompted by a lovely client today. She led me to explore how to stay clear of conflict, fear or drama in a society that is currently hell bent on creating it through divide & conquer tactics. It all starts with beliefs and there is a BIG difference between believing and knowing.

Throughout 2024, what we believe and what we know are going to be tested and that’s GOOD.  It’s how we handle any scrutiny/challenges to our beliefs that will make ALL the difference to our ability to stay out of fear or conflict and to reside in peace.

BELIEF is a mental concept that lives ONLY in the mind. We are taught and pick up all sorts of beliefs from those around us from a very young age. We also make decisions as children that form beliefs of our own. Not all of them make sense ~ anyone ever get told when pulling a face that if the wind blows, you’ll be stuck like that? However, these beliefs form part of our mental wiring or programming any way, regardless of whether they make sense. It’s why you’ll see/hear so much around ‘limiting beliefs’ as these are the ones that do not serve us as adults.

These childhood beliefs can influence us for the rest of our lives. Some examples might be:

  • I’m not good enough
  • Rich people are bad people
  • No one is there for me
  • I’m bad, dirty, ugly or unloveable
  • No one outside the family is safe
  • I’m stupid
  • Thunder is just God flushing his toilet (I believed that one for years, thanks Nan)

Beliefs are just a way for our mind to compartmentalise and understand the World around us. They’re logical and structural, masculine energy. Beliefs can change at any given moment, once we receive new information. We really shouldn’t waste time trying to convince others to believe the same things we do. How can they if they haven’t lived the same experience?

By all means, share a belief. The key to doing so peacefully is accepting that others might hold an opposing belief and being OK with that. If you’re not OK with being challenged, don’t enter the debate. Merely stay in your peace bubble and observe from distance. It’s that simple. No conflict = no drama! Personally, I enjoy my beliefs being challenged as it aids mental flexibility and a growth mindset.

KNOWING is different to believing. Knowing doesn’t just live in our mind, it lives in our body and carries a ‘feeling’ that a belief does not. When we ‘know’ something, this comes from our feminine energy. That can either be from an intuitive awareness we’ll feel in our gut or body on a physical level ~ for some that can be tingles, warmth, cold or a tickly feeling. For me, all the hair on my body goes up and there’s an invisible weight/feeling in my heart, gut or sacral. OR knowing comes from having personal experience. We’re not just thinking it, we’re actually DOING it. Even then, personal experience gives us a knowing for OURSELVES ~ this does NOT mean our knowing is true for everyone and that has been a massive lesson for me.

2024 is going to be a year that tests both what we believe and what we know, particularly given it’s an election year in the US and possibly UK. The media will be doing their utmost to divide and conquer, with the slant to push society towards the outcome the fat cats want. Whether left wing or right wing, it’s the same bird!  Once I realised both sides of any government are owned or controlled by extremely rich men, politics ceased to mean anything. It’s all just pantomime and when we look at the state of the World, it’s been a pretty poor performance IMHO.

We’re going to need to learn how to come back to centre, to our heart, to our inner peace, to our knowing and our breath over the coming years. We’re going to need to learn how to let go and surrender. We’re going to need to learn how to step out of fear and choose collaboration over conflict. We’re going to need each other and to be mindful of the web of energy we are ALL connected to ~ and what we wish to see manifest in the World. Energy flows where our focus goes ~ so this year, more than any other before it, please be mindful of which energy you’re feeding into and keep coming back to your big, bright, beautiful heart.

With Love

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      Most welcome Anu, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, it’s much appreciated xxx

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