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Menopause ~ What They Don’t Tell You

I’ve had a lot of little nudges to write a blog on menopause lately, so am doing so from a place of personal experience. I turn 50 in October and as I’ve learned to master my physical health, that relates to hormones too! Some of the information you may know, but I’ll guarantee there’s quite a bit you won’t.

Gentlemen, this will be really helpful for you to know too as at some point, if you have a mother, sister, friend, wife or partner, you’ll really be able to help & support her during this time in her life. Some of this information actually relates to you too as the physical aspects are relevant for ALL human beings to achieve healthy hormone function, which includes testosterone!

As women living in a patriarchal society, we can see how that has disempowered and affected us for centuries now. In fact, it is sadly still going on today, as has recently been shown in the USA with the huge backward step in disallowing women the CHOICE over their own body.

This is particularly the case with menopause and our hormones. In my experience as a Holistic Energy Practitioner, we need to look at menopause from the aspects of our mind, our emotions, our physical body AND our spiritual/energetic body. If we only choose only one of these paths, we’re likely to suffer through a variety of awful symptoms.

However, working with the three below suggestions practically ensures we can move through what is actually a beautiful time in our lives. Flowing from the phase of Mother to Crone, with ease, with grace, with joy and with very few debilitating symptoms or mood swings (now are you listening gentlemen *grin*)! The three main aspects are:

1. Light
2. Healing Our Lower Chakras
3. Diet

None of the above require hormone replacement or drugs, which is always a winner for me personally!


It is actually the morning sunlight that regulates our hormones. Before 10.30am in the morning, we need to sit in the sunshine (weather permitting) for at least 20 minutes. This is without glasses or contact lenses (if you wear them) and has to be done outside, not from indoors through a window. Even on a cloudy day, the spectrum of light we need from the sun filters through the clouds anyway, so short of it pouring with rain, we need to do this every single day. Face the sun and flick your eyes towards it as often as possible. This may make your eyes water at first, but keep at it and they will slowly adjust over time and stop doing this. This particular light spectrum travels through the ocular nerves in our eyes, into our brain. This light signal instructs our brain to check in with our physical body to activate, balance and regulate our hormones for the day ahead.

We also need to do this in the evening as the sun starts to go down. Again, this particular spectrum of light tells our brain to ease off the hormone regulation of the day and, instead to start producing Melatonin. Most know Melatonin as the hormone for regulating sleep. What most don’t know is that it is also the hormone that triggers the cells in our body to begin healing and regenerating overnight whilst we sleep. Without proper Melatonin production, our cells do not receive this signal.

The one thing that can stop Melatonin in its tracks is blue light. That’s the light that comes from electronic gadgets, mobile phones, televisions and white light bulbs. I wear blue light blocking glasses every evening from around 8.30-9pm in the summer and far earlier than that in the Winter. Generally, we need to wear them for at least two hours before we go to sleep. Otherwise, there is zero Melatonin production and we can struggle hugely with sleep if our physical body isn’t tired enough. More importantly, our cells will not heal or regenerate overnight and our hormones will not regulate, which is essential once we’re peri-menopausal. Imagine how that makes people feel after days, weeks or even months! Removing blue light at night is integral. If you struggle with sleep, also ensure your last meal or stimulating drink is five hours before sleep (water and non sugary/non caffeinated drinks are fine). This ensures there are no digestive hormones or stimulants active our body, so Melatonin can do its job effectively.

If we don’t receive this sunlight in the morning and at night, that alone with deregulate our hormones and can send them all over the place. All animals know this, which is why our pets will hassle to go out in the morning (it’s not just to use the toilet) and again in the evening before sunset ~ because they know. ALL animals know. Despite human beings being the most intelligent of all animals, we have forgotten our primal instincts over time, so do ourselves a great disservice. Unfortunately, none of this is taught in medical school, so the majority of doctors simply aren’t aware of it.


This aspect covers the mental, emotional and spiritual/energetic elements of menopause.

For women, the more trauma we have experienced within our family or relationships during our lifetime, the more likely we are to have energy blocks in the lower half of our body. Any emotion we suppress over the years, on an energetic/cellular level, sits in our lower body from the waist downwards. If you are aware of energy and the chakra centres in our body, from that perspective, this is the root (family/tribal), sacral (sexuality, creativity, intimate relationships) and tantien (personal power) chakras. A very wise woman (have forgotten her name unfortunately) who has worked with menopausal women for decades discovered that the women who suffered from the most symptoms, hot flushes, fibroids, ovarian cysts and mood swings were those who had the most unhealed trauma.

So if you’re in your 30s as I was when learning this, start doing the work NOW! Set the intention that you will move through menopause with ease and grace and do whatever it takes to release any trauma, wounding or healing related to family, relationships and loss of your personal power. I can guarantee that it will make a dramatic difference when you get older. We can start this work any time, even when we’re in menopause, so it’s never too late. Get the light right as mentioned above, do whatever healing work is necessary to heal your mind/emotions and experience how quickly those nasty symptoms start to ease down or disappear all together.


Finally, we have to get our diet right. There are two essential minerals our body needs that it cannot make itself. Iodine and Boron. Those are a given if we want to be healthy. If you’d like the protocol for taking these effectively and safely, please drop me a line as I will happily share it, gratis.

The other essential aspect for stopping menopausal symptoms is moving on to our species specific diet. This may freak people out and trigger many as we have been heavily programmed and influenced by mainstream media and big, corporate food companies that plant based is the healthiest option. The fact that they push it SO hard everywhere we look says it all. When the corporations and media push something hard, it is rarely for the benefit of the people. If you’re in any doubt, have a chat with a historian 😉

I don’t wish to go into this much further as firstly, am not interested in arguing with or triggering people. I fully respect and understand people’s dietary choices and have no desire to change them. I support whatever you feel is right for you, 100%.

In my lifetime, I’ve been vegan, vegetarian and was practically fruitarian at one point. I’m now on our species specific diet as a homo sapien/animal and my body has healed completely with ZERO menopause symptoms. Am not coming from a place of only experiencing one side or one diet and being polarised, am coming from a place of experiencing both sides, having tried multiple different diets over the years for a decent length of time (12 months +) and listening to my body. When we pay attention to our body, it actually tells us exactly what is (or isn’t) right for us. Secondly, I’ve seen people’s websites and You Tube channels taken down for sharing information that is contrary to mainstream and good people being attacked, simply for having a different experience.

However, if you’d like to explore dietary options, of which there are several, am happy to share my experience of the correct diet for our body and hormones, privately, via email or over the phone and at your request. Please feel free to contact me on or use the Contact Form above and I’d be happy to connect with you for a chat (JUST a chat, am no doctor and am not trying to sell anything, although will happily recommend my doctor should you wish).

With regard to crystals as a supportive tool, if you’re a woman who feels more in their feminine, flowing, creative, nurturing energy, reach for Rainbow Moonstone, Pink Kunzite or Pink Tourmaline as these will ease your central nervous system and work on bringing any discordant hormones back into balance. If you feel you’re more in your masculine energy of taking action and doing a lot all of the time, work with Black Moonstone, Lepidolite, Mangano Calcite or a blend of Lepidolite and Pink Tourmaline. For men struggling with Testosterone, use Garnet, Red Jasper, Carnelian or Ruby to activate any sludgy hormones. With regard to mood swings, regardless of your gender, work with Lepidolite for low emotions and Howlite for angry, erupting emotions. Simply use the search engine on the right hand side of the website titled ‘Alphabetical Search of Crystals in Stock’ or drop me a line if you can’t find what you need.

As you can see from the above, there is no need for hormone replacements or drugs. These tend to be highly toxic to our body and particularly to our thyroid, heart, bones, joints and skeletal system over time. Our body cannot and does not work against us ~ it is always working to heal and detox us from toxins. With this in mind, if we have hormonal imbalances, there is a reason for this that will always lead back to the above three issues of light, healing work required or diet. Get those right and you’ll feel far better than taking generic, hormonal replacement pills that seem to solve the problem in the short term, but will have a negative, knock on affect to the rest of your body in the long term.

When we begin to treat our physical body as a homo sapien and the animals that we are, magic starts to happen. Despite human beings having the highest intelligence, it’s amazing how ignorant we are when it comes to remembering we are an animal, just like every other animal on the planet.

With love, Krissy

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