Aura Quartz Crystals ~ All Varieties & Highly Vibrational

Aura Quartz Crystals ~ All Varieties & Highly Vibrational

There are so many different types of Aura Quartz crystal and each have their own special way of working.

Aura Quartz is quartz that has been bonded with the microns (or atoms) of precious metals. This process is called vacuum metalising and is actually an industrial process used to bond aluminium to the inside of headlights on vehicles.

The quartz is placed in a vacuum chamber, the air is then removed and microns (tiny particles) of a pure precious metal, or sometimes a mixture of precious metals, is puffed into the vacuum chamber. This settles onto the quartz and a bonding process takes place, permanently bonding the microns to the quartz. This bonding cannot be removed, nor does it peel off (as silver plating might). The only way of removing it would be to smash the top layer off the crystal. Each metal produces a different colour.

Now usually, I don’t particularly like crystals that have been ‘messed with’ by man, but Aura Quartz is special. It brings together the vibration of quartz and metal. Together, they create a vibrational frequency that isn’t available in nature ~ and this frequency is beautiful! Its a high vibration and a stimulating one. Quartz amplifies and expands the energy around it, whilst metals tend to banish or clear any negative energies when they are combined with quartz. I have found negative energies simply dissolve when working with any of the Aura Quartzes ~ they stay focused firmly on the positive 🙂

Each different coloured Aura Quartz has a different purpose. Now there are a LOT of new Aura Quartzes on the market that are really bright, quite gaudy colours. These are inferior Aura Quartzes where the makers have been experimenting with lesser metals or a cheaper mix of metals, using copper or nickel, which produces quite a thin layer of bright, brash, garish colour. I have found the vibration of these newer Aura’s to be quite dull. There is only one quality and reputable creator of Aura Quartz in the world in Washington, USA. India & China are also trying to produce Aura Quartz, given its popularity, but they are using the inferior or cheaper metals and therefore, aren’t creating the best Aura Quartz to work with energetically. They are also treating plain glass and calling it Aura Quartz, so only buy from reputable suppliers. However, if you are drawn to one of the newer, brighter pieces, then by all means follow your own intuition as crystals often choose us, so we should honour that 🙂

The Aura treatment isn’t just limited to Quartz either, there have been pieces of Danburite and Topaz that have received the same vacuum metalising treatment (Mystic Topaz for example is Clear Topaz bonded with Titanium), but it is very rare for Aura crystals to be anything, but Quartz.

We recently found out that the original creator of Aura Quartzes has passed away. Sadly, he took the formula for the rare Auras with him! He only passed the formula on when the Auras went into large production such as Aqua, Angel/Opal, Rainbow and Sunshine Aura. The rarer forms of Aura Quartz such as Apple, Flame, Universal, Transformation and Champagne Aura will no longer be created unless someone else takes up the baton of experimentation. It’s such a shame as he was experimenting with the highest quality, unusual pieces of quartz and trying to achieve a rainbow flash on all of them. The last batch I received from his collections was out of this world. His creativity will be sorely missed.

I list below the premium, original or high end Aura Quartzes that I have worked with personally and know to be absolutely pure and highly vibrational:

Aqua Aura13

Aqua Aura: the most commonly sourced Aura Quartz. Aqua Aura is quartz that has been bonded with 24ct Gold. It shimmers and sparkles in a beautiful Aqua blue colour. Aqua Aura brings connection to our Higher Self. It facilitates honesty, clarity of the mind and the speaking of our truth. It aids communication in a way that is different to most other ‘communication’ crystals in that it promotes positive, empowering communication. We can all communicate, but whether it is in a way other people hear our truth or in a way that is kind, compassionate and positive is a different matter. Aqua Aura can be placed anywhere on the body during a therapy and will bring ideas and information to mind ~ either for the therapist or the client, as to why energy or illness might be located in a specific area. Used in meditation or divination, such as tarot reading, Aqua Aura aids clear mindedness, enabling us to clearly interpret whatever information we need to know in that moment and allows us to communicate it in a positive way. Aqua Aura is good at releasing stress & anxiety and so allowing our mind to be cleared of irrational fears.


Angel Aura: the second most commonly sourced Aura Quartz and sometimes called Opal Aura. Angel Aura is quartz that has been bonded with Silver & Platinum. It shimmers and sparkles all colours of the rainbow as the crystal is moved under light in different directions. Angel Aura has a sweet, high, pure vibration that enables us to connect to other realms and higher energies. It raises our vibrations up when we use it or wear it as jewellery. Angel Aura also brings a calm, quietly confident feeling of inner peace and knowing. It allows our mind to let go during meditation or when undertaking spiritual practices so we can truly connect to the Universe and receive relevant information. I wear a stud earring in Angel Aura constantly as I feel it keeps me calm and connected, even when life gets stressful, I can still connect to my Higher Self and listen to my intuition when wearing this crystal. This crystal is best worn as jewellery on a consistent basis, but the pieces are wonderful to keep on a bedside table or to place on the third eye or above the head if lying down for meditation. Alternatively, if sitting, sit crossed legged, relax and hold the crystal with both hands resting in your lap, at the level of the solar plexus or stomach. Angel Aura is also an excellent centre piece for a crystal grid.

Apple AuraApple Aura is a bright green colour and has been bonded with Nickel. Said to be good for the spleen and immune system. Said to be good for protecting our energy levels and protecting us from energy ‘vampires’. It assists in severing ties from previous relationships. It is said to aid multidimensional and cellular memory healing, and is an efficient receptor for programming and bringing the body into balance.

Moss Aura: What makes Moss Aura Quartz different from Apple Aura Quartz is they use less nickel and add in some Platinum, which takes the colour from a garish, bright green to a shimmery, pale, ethereal, mossy colour. The addition of Platinum shifts the energy from quite a strong, base energy to a lighter, higher place. This Aura Quartz also has a rainbow effect, flashing in pinks, blues, golds and greens as it is moved under light.  Moss Aura Quartz works with the Heart and Higher Heart chakras, allowing us to disconnect and cut ties with those from our past whom we no longer wish to be emotionally connected to. It is an Earth element crystal, emanating an energy that brings us closer to nature and elemental magic/energy. If you want to work from the heart, particularly on a spiritual level, this is an amazing crystal.  On a physical level, Moss Aura Quartz is said to have a detoxing effect, clearing our energy system and loosening any blocks or old connections that may be lingering around. Due to this cleansing action, it is said to support a healthy immune system. Moss Aura Quartz enables us to come from a higher perspective, to view things with a bit of detachment so we can ascertain the best way forward for US and not feel selfish about it. It feels quite magical to work with.


Sunshine Aura: this type of Aura Quartz is a little harder to come by and is sometimes called Tangerine Aura. Sunshine Aura has been bonded with Iron. The pictures above show the perfect example of the original Sunshine/Tangerine Aura Quartz that is Orange and the more modern version which is Canary Yellow. The Canary Yellow has had Platinum added to the mix, which makes it three times the price of the Orange.  Sunshine Aura has a beautiful energy that resonates strongly with our solar plexus. It encourages us to look at how we take responsibility for our own happiness instead of placing it on others. Sunshine Aura promotes self confidence, good self esteem, trust in ourselves and others and is a stone of joy, happiness and love of life. Sunshine Aura is inspiring, connecting us to our power of creativity and encouraging us to bring those ideas out into the open. I can’t help, but smile when working with Sunshine Aura. Pebbles of Sunshine Aura are great to keep on a pocket and take with us on a regular basis. Larger clusters can be used in manifestation grids or crystal body layouts. Place near the solar plexus or sacral chakra.

Sunset Aura: This is one of the newer Aura Quartzes, created by using Titanium & Silicon. Sunset Aura is, quite simply, amazing to work with on every single level. It contains such power, strength and supportive energies that motivate us onward!  It is a sparkly, blended mix of deep yellow/gold/orange/rust/pink and red. When passed under light and moved back and forth, these colours sparkle, blend and intermingle, literally creating the colours of a beautiful sunset.  On a physical level, this crystal is said to aid the stomach, digestion, IBS and disease of the reproductive system. If there is past trauma that affected the Sacral or Solar Plexus chakra, then this is an excellent crystal to work with whilst healing and releasing those issues. Sunset Aura Quartz brings strength to the Sacral & Solar Plexus chakras, raising the energy from those centres up to open the heart & eventually to connect to the crown, bringing a rush of inspiration, creativity, passion and intuitive connection. It is an excellent crystal for building self confidence, self esteem and for manifesting our dreams. Mine is going to sit permanently in the manifestation/abundance area of the house and in any future crystal grids as the energy is knock out 🙂 Sunset Aura Quartz also helps with trust issues, particularly when we’re trying to clear these from our past in order to prevent them from harming our future. It aids our dealing with Self Sabotage and supports us in learning Self Love.


Rainbow Aura: this type of Aura Quartz is slightly harder to source. Rainbow Aura is quartz bonded with Titanium. It shimmers all the different colours of the rainbow all over its surface, without needing to be moved under the light to see the colour change. It reminds me of the colours of oil on water. Rainbow Aura is about getting out there and having fun! It encourages us to lighten up on ourselves, to find more reasons to let our inner child out to play. Life can get be fast, heavy going or just plain chaotic sometimes. Rainbow Aura reminds us that we also need to enjoy life and play, so wants us to be silly and full of laugher. It is also quite a transformational crystal to work with, bringing us from places of darkness into light, from negativity to positivity. Keep a cluster on a bedside table or somewhere near where you will sit/lie and can soak up its energy.


Flame Aura: another rare Aura Quartz. Flame Aura is bonded with Cobalt and although it may look quite similar to the Rainbow Aura above, there is a definite difference in both colour and energy. The blue of Flame Aura is a lot darker and more consistent than that found in Rainbow Aura and Cobalt creates a different energy to Titanium. Flame Aura releases old emotions that are holding us back & energy blocks that may later manifest into physical illness. Flame Aura is an ideal part of a crystal healer’s crystal. It heightens our perceptive skills, allowing us to read other’s clearly and without ego. An excellent tool for readers & spiritual workers. Keep on the table when reading, hold during meditation or place above the head during crystal healing ~ or on the area of energy blockage. Do not place this one by the bedside as it may cause quite vivid dreams or restless sleep.


Celestial Aura: extremely rare form of Aura Quartz, often known as Tanzine or Amethyst Aura. Celestial Aura is quartz bonded with Indium. Celestial Aura Quartz is a crystal of spiritual self discovery. Celestial Aura works on the third eye and helps take us inward, to where we already know the answers to the questions we’re asking. Celestial Aura allows us to hear & listen to our Higher Self with crystal clear clarity. Some of the other Aura Quartzes connect us to the Universe and other realms. Celestial Aura is all about ourselves and listening to our own intuition, with confidence and trust. Use in meditation, have it on the body or close by when doing spiritual work.

Paraiba Aura: extremely rare form of Aura Quartz. Paraiba Aura Quartz is a turquoise colour blue ~ an obvious, different blue to Aqua Aura as there is a hint of green in this beautiful stone. It works primarily on the Higher Heart chakra, but we may feel it in any chakra where we have been unable to give or receive love. For example, if our Solar Plexus chakra has issues, then we may feel uncomfortable receiving compliments about our ‘Self’, so Paraiba Aura will attempt to heighten the vibration in that area of the body, so we can open up and receive more ~ or at least understand why we struggle to do so.

On a physical level, Paraiba Aura Quartz is said to ease nervous system disorders, stress, anxiety and it supports us in achieving or maintaining a healthy immune system. This particular aura has appeared at exactly the right time to support us in opening up our etheric Higher Heart Chakra. It is here that we set our intention to connect to Divine, Universal love, where DNA and cellular change takes place, where our karma is balanced and we let go of fear. It aids us in trusting our own heart and that of the divine and surrendering to the flow of the Universe.

Paraiba Aura is extremely high in vibration, connecting us to the consciousness of Ascended Masters and the wonderful emotions of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and surrender. This beautiful stone aligns our spiritual energy body with our physical energy body, so if we pay close attention to our body, it will confirm what we are receiving intuitively. A fantastic energetic integration tool to ease us into a higher state of being. I find it vibrant and blissful at the same time 😉


Ruby Aura: this is another incredible rare Aura Quartz. Ruby Aura is quartz bonded with Gold & Silver. The premium, high quality Ruby Aura is pictured above on the left hand side and the inferior, quite gaudy colour Ruby Aura is on the right. As Ruby Aura is bonded with a mixture of Gold & Silver, this can make it quite expensive, so I have a feeling the creators are trying to lower their costs and creating a bright red Aura Quartz, but it truly has little or no vibrational similarity to the premium, original Ruby Aura. Ruby Aura supports the endocrine system and is a natural antibiotic for fungal infections. It resonates strongly with the base and sacral chakras, so is useful for strength, vitality and healing past issues of abuse. Ruby Aura is a protective stone, particularly against other people’s anger, aggression or violence. Keep on the body for reasonable periods of time, if possible.

Rose Aura Quartz: this aura is incredibly rare as the main component used to obtain this shimmery, ethereal, pale pink colour is Platinum. On a physical level, Rose Aura Quartz is said to soothe inflammation and burns and bring the whole system back into balance right down to a cellular level. It is a hugely uplifting uplifting crystal, but doesn’t overwhelm. Rose Aura Quartz stimulates the heart & pineal gland, dissolving feelings of self doubt and self criticism. It encourages self love and learning that looking after oneself or putting oneself first on the odd occasion is not an act of selfishness, but a necessity for overall health and balance. Rose Aura Quartz is especially good for women at any time in their lives when hormones may be unbalanced (puberty, pregnancy, menopause etc). A very soothing, beautiful, supportive energy to work with, particularly for women who may have suffered abuse, rejection or trauma in relationships. It helps men in a similar way, keeping them in touch with their emotions and helping them to process them, rather than putting on a ‘tough’ outer appearance and suppressing their feelings.


Transformation Aura: this aura quartz is brand new to the market & does not appear in any of the crystal books yet and doesn’t even have a name, nor will they confirm what metals have been used in the bonding. There is a small amount that has been created, but they won’t be making any more as it is too expensive. After working with this crystal for awhile, I have decided to call it Transformation Aura Quartz. Its the first Aura Quartz I’ve known to stimulate anything below the solar plexus and above into the etheric chakras. I feel a steady stream of energy flow in from above my head, down through the body and into the ground. It feels sparkly, exciting, fun and transformational. I’d use this crystal if I wanted to develop on a personal level and clear my auric field on a spiritual level ~ its almost as if it is preparing us to shift/change/transform something integral.  Sometimes growth can leave us feeling vulnerable or heavy – this Aura Quartz takes all of that away completely so the work feels lighter and more fun. There are two different hues of Transformation Aura. Pink and Purple ~ this was an experimental Aura and we know that the tiniest amount of Indium must have been added to turn the hue purple as it is the only metal that does. This adds the extra energy of introspection, but otherwise, both colours seem to feel and work the same. If anyone else works with it and intuits/feels anything else, please do let me know :-)  This Aura Quartz should be handled and meditated with as often as possible during times of change.


Universal or ‘Pink Paradise’ Aura: like the Transformation Aura above, this is another new Aura Quartz that has until recently, had no name & they won’t confirm what metals have been used. There won’t be any more made as it is too expensive, so at a guess, I’d think Platinum was involved in the mix.  After working with this crystal for awhile, I have decided to call it Universal Aura Quartz. Since writing this blog a few year’s ago, I think they have now given it an official name of ‘Pink Paradise’ Aura, but I named the crystal for it’s energy/ability back then rather than it’s asthetic look. When high quality quartz and materials are used, this particular Aura seems to glow a bright pinky/peach and is simply stunning.   Universal Aura Quartz opened my heart and then immediately connected to my third eye and crown, before I felt tingles shooting up above my head. This was followed by a beautiful feeling of being connected from my heart centre to all that is. I flew across the stars as wave after wave of energy poured through me. Every thought was from love, every piece of information was exactly right. I felt confident, with no self doubt or fear and it also enabled me to channel perfectly! It is a dreamy, delightful, beautiful crystal and it is such a shame that they won’t make any more, but the formula passed on with it’s creator! If you are lucky enough to come across a piece that may be being sold on or come from someone’s private collection, meditate with this crystal held in your hands, laid anywhere on the body, but in particular, lie down and place it directly above the head in the etheric chakras. Also excellent as the centre of a crystal grid.

Please drop me a line if there are any Aura Quartzes you’d like to see listed here. The above is the list of most of the commonly known Aura Quartz, but it is by no means exhaustive. The companies that create Aura Quartz play with different mixes of metals all the time, so there may be a new batch of colours hit the market for a short period. If you’re drawn to one of these, snatch it up quick as these newer Auras usually have Platinum involved, which makes them hugely expensive so only small batches are made.

Please Click Here to see what Aura Quartz is in stock ~ this list is updated as often as possible. Aura Quartz sells sooooo quickly ~ my supplier always calls me when a new batch arrives so I can get in there first and select the best pieces 🙂

Much love

Krissy, XXX


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi, I’m new to your sight and looking forward to checking everything out. Thanks.

  2. I love this article, thanks! Do you have any information on transformative & universal yet? Please let me know! They seem soooo amazing! I believe that aura crystals are the crystals of the future, and they hold so many new vibrations, that people on earth weren’t ready for yet before, and they are incredibly powerful! I’m so drawn to them! It’s amazing what you wrote about aqua aura (the only one I’ve worked closely with so far) because I feel exactly the same about it! I didn’t know much about it but I called it my “truth” crystal 🙂 It always made me see and hear the truth when holding it.

  3. Woolf says

    Hi Kirsty
    My stunning aura crystals safely arrived & are just breath taking, especially the sunshine aura Quartz. So would love more of the precious gems, when pennies allow. Thank u for my special gift, received to with your love.
    Going to start working with them after allowing them to rest & recharge from their journey.
    Many blessings to you
    Frances xxx

  4. Can you tell me the name of the place in Washinton youre talking about? I live in USA.

    • Apologies, but I’ve been asked not to give out the company’s name. They are a large industrial firm that only deal in bulk orders (ie $50,000 and upward), do not sell to the general public and do not advertise this service as they work on an industrial level and vacuum metalise batches of quartz as a side line when there is time…..hence a very long waiting list and high costs. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, bright blessings, Krissy

  5. “Microns” are not particles of any sort. Micron is a measurement in the metric system. A micron is one millionth of a meter. Atoms are particles. They can be coated on things like crystals. A one micron coating of atoms would be about 10,000 atoms thick.

    • You are absolutely scientifically correct. However, as I write my blogs for the general public to be able to understand, am not exact in scientific terminology as feel here are other sites out there that cover that area. Am more interested in making information easy to understand for a layman or for people to visualise. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment however, I’ll leave it up here so that others can benefit from the knowledge too 🙂

  6. Erika says

    I LOVE THIS! Thanks I was looking for descriptions of the metals used to coat aura crystals, so I can inform customers. Not into metaphysical stuff, but supper appreciate the scientific info!!!

  7. Transformation Aura Quartz is as you say. It does channel energy and is lifting some of the heaviness from all of the healing work I’ve been doing. I can feel it pushing out all the unnecessary from my field and giving me strength.

    • PTSDSquirrel says

      How were you able to gain this mineral? I want to figure it out, as I had a dream in which entites of the same colour as well as being crystalline. This could mean something. And I want to find out why.

    • Hi Ev, you’re so lucky to have a piece! It’s a beautiful energy and so glad you’re resonating with it. With bright blessings, Krissy 🙂

  8. Helen says

    Hi Kristy, I wonder if you could clarify something for me please? I am looking for cranberry aura quartz but I have seen it referred to as red aura, rose aura, raspberry aura and ruby aura. I am a little confused as I was under the impression that rose and ruby auras were different crystals with different properties. Many thanks and Blessed Be

  9. Laila says

    Hi there! This is such an incredibly informative article! Thank you. What do you know about “black knight spirit quartz” or “black aura quartz.” I completely agree about junk manufactures messing with lower level metals, but Ingit a beautiful specimen from a highly reputable metaphysical store I’ve gone to for nearly a decade. Can’t really find anything on it, so I’m curious. Even if I can’t use it in Spirit/healing connection, It’s quite amazing to look at. Ha!
    Oh, also called: “black cactus quartz” 🙄

    • Hi Laila ~ thanks for the positive feedback on the article, much appreciated 🙂 My feels on Black Knight Spirit Quartz are:

      This is a new form of Aura Quartz where they use Titanium, but bond it to the crystal in a different way. This creates a gorgeous, shimmering black with occasional streaks of vibrant colour. The energy of these crystals is highly unusual ~ because Spirit Quartz as a crystal is a very high, sparkly, spiritual crystal to work with and bonding it with Titanium in this way takes us right down into our roots and chakras deep within the Earth ~ as above, so below and within. Spirit Quartz on it’s own without the treatment is an excellent all round healing crystal that is said to ease pain. A crystal of alignment and harmony, Spirit Quartz assists us in integrating all the different energies of the self on all levels. It helps those who are shy in social situations to feel more confident and able to communicate their authentic self. Spirit Quartz has a magical, elemental feel to it ~ it makes me want to be outside in the garden on a warm summer’s evening, watching butterflies and faeries playing in the light of the sun’s rays.

      Black Knight Spirit Quartz affects every chakra, bringing the energy of grounding, clearing, cleansing and motivation. It is said to raise self esteem, impart strength, wisdom, fun, playfulness. It encourages us to ease up on ourselves, to take a break from all the buzy-ness to let our hair down & do something frivolous, fun, silly and energy boosting! Black Knight Spirit Quartz transforms negative energy to positive, easing fear. Fantastic for any form of spiritual work as it grounds deep within the Earth at the same time our vibrations rise, so we feel anchored, confident and secure, but open to whatever we need to receive. It’s quite a potent little crystal, so I’d take my time with it as it really wants to take me ‘off’ somewhere, meaning it would be good for dream work, shamanic work, journeying and meditation or spiritual practices.

      Hope that helps, much love, Krissy

  10. So I am so excited. I am not a crystal person but months ago one spoke to me not outloud, but I KNEW i needed it. Turns out it is a transformation aura quartz. I didn’t know what it was until today. I tucked it in between the girls and went off to google it. I ran across this page, praise Source and low an behold, your instructions are to keep it close to your heart and that it is great for times of change. I got this months ago and now we are all going through probably the biggest change any of us have ever known w/ COVID I KNOW that this crystal made its way to me for such a time as this and thank you for confirming it. I will be spending lots of time with it now. It was originally sitting on my alter in front of the picture of my grandmother. I will let you know what I experience. Question it is wrapped in copper, does that effect its potency or is it ok to have it wrapped I was going to wear it as a pendant, but i feel like it may not like being confined by the copper. That sounds weird I am aware, but I feel like that may be true.

    • Love how you followed your intuition Pamela and have the perfect crystal companion for the current challenges we’re all facing. Copper is a highly conductive, so it will slightly amplify the energy of the crystal rather than mute it. I’d leave some of the crystal free to come into contact with your skin if you can, so copper wire is perfect. Just be aware if you get hot, the copper might turn your skin green LOL Many thanks and bright blessings to you, Krissy

  11. Anonymous says

    i wish i could trust the information in this article, but the separation of “men” and “women” in energy work makes it apparent that not everything here is well researched or true. thank you anyway.

    • Hi, I understand your confusion. When I am talking about a specific gender tapping into or working with energy, it’s important to understand a fundamental rule about energy work. We ALL contain both masculine & feminine energies within us. Sometimes, a crystal’s frequency will work better with the feminine energy that is present in all of us, such as emotions/intuition/empathy/nurturing/compassion and sometimes it works better with the masculine energies within us such as structure, the ability to take action, control, protection etc. Please don’t bring gender confusion into energy work as it has zero place there. It’s OK for a crystal to work with a particular energy such as emotional, mental, spiritual or physical and it is also OK for us to label those energies masculine or feminine as it helps our logical understanding. There is a marked difference and after working with these energies within myself and within others for over 30 years now, am absolutely certain of that. The whole point is to balance those two energies within us, regardless of gender, so that women don’t get stuck in their masculine energy and men don’t get stuck in their feminine or vice versa. We all need a healthy balance within us of BOTH energies to get the most out of life. There should be no division or separation as you have interpreted it. Hope that explains things a little better. Many thanks and have a wonderful day, with love, Krissy


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