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Larvikite ~ A Stone of Transformation

This year has been really challenging, with a lot of grief. So, for the first time in my life, I took three weeks off on my own and went to stay in a friend’s holiday bungalow on the Southeast coast. It’s on a quiet nature reserve and extremely isolated with no wi-fi, and that solitariness, I’ve realised, is a huge gift and an absolute necessity for me going forwards.

Being born a psychic empath (for astrologers, my Moon and Asc are in Pisces House 12) who is able to feel other’s energy/feelings makes me highly sensitive and no matter how much I protect my system, it still soaks up a lot of emotion from others, the collective energies am always working with and even the dog! I just needed to be alone, with no other energies around me, to come home to myself and ascertain exactly what my core self/base is these days. The need for rest & recovery was also paramount.

My Little Altar to the Goddess Freya

So, the only thing I committed to was a sadhana, which is a daily ritual or practice. Sadhanas are held or set by various different practitioners all over the World and a new exercise was sent each morning for 21 days. I chose to connect with the Goddess Freya for the focus of this practice as I’d lost touch with the Goddess within. Freya is Goddess of the North, of Mother Earth, of nature, animals, love, intimacy, sex, the Vikings and is huge in Norse mythology. She is also a Goddess of Joy and as that is the feeling I intend to embody in 2024, learning more about her and connecting with her energies felt perfect.

On arriving at the bungalow, I began the sadhana and built an altar to Freya (see pic above). This ended up being a collection of things off the beach/from nature that organically gathered as either darkness or light or carried the energy of both in balance. I walked the beach daily, scanning the sands for anything that might feel right for the altar.

On day five, there was a two hour practice working with the energies of Freya. We’d been told that everything that happened during the time of the sadhana would link to the energy of the Goddess. So imagine my surprise when walking on the beach the following day……. near the shoreline, my foot kicked something and looking down, there was a big, black rock in the water that was flashing different colours. On digging it out of the sand, I realised it was a mineral of some kind and vaguely identified it as Larvikite. This was a lesser known mineral I’d worked with decades ago and hadn’t really noticed much since (except to sell some here or there). The link to the video of finding my piece is HERE.

It felt like an incredible gift from Mother Earth and Freya and took me deep into the powerful, feminine energy within. I was over the moon as we really can’t make these things up! On looking up the meaning of Larvikite, my jaw hit the floor. Not only was the ID correct, all of the information about it’s energy resonated on a cellular level. As the hair rose along my arms whist reading, it was the technical information that was mind blowing ~ as Larvikite is the national stone of Norway. The home of the Goddess Freya!!! How on earth did this big lump of rock end up at my feet on the shores of England?

If you’ve ever felt wonder and awe on connecting with the bigger, unseen energies in the Universe and knowing, without a doubt, that something bigger than yourself is at play, you’ll know how I felt. It was simply incredible! I did some further research and it turns out that there had been a huge shelf of Larvikite that had fallen into the sea in Norway through glacial movement many years ago. Over time, the direction of the sea currents had dragged the Larvikite across the waters and deposited it on the coast of the UK.

On waking the next day and doing morning practice, intuition said to take my rucksack and walk the beach again. I’d walked this beach for days, collecting all sorts of bits and pieces and not seen one piece of Larvikite. However, I held my piece in my right hand and said ‘OK Freya, I’m now a dowsing rod….. show me if there’s any more’.

Sure enough, I started walking and when focused with intent, my hand would tingle and piece after piece started to appear. If I just looked across the sands, there was nothing, but when connecting inside and looking again, I would ‘feel’ my way towards the piece and my senses knew where it was long before my eyes as it was often a case of digging it out of the sand. WHAT A GIFT! Also, what a motivation as it got me down on the beach, walking for hours, lost in my own little World, just communing with nature, the Goddess, the birds, the ever-changing weather and light and the sound of the sea. Truly a balm to mind, body & soul. I was absolutely guided by a higher power as my partner, Lee, came down for a few days towards the end of the stay and was only able to find 4-5 pieces in total.

It was a gift that brought lots of lovely, sea sanded, pieces of Larvikite. What is really cool is the rocks have been washed across so much sand, they’re like sea glass, so sort’ve ‘frosted’. When dry, they look like a grey rock that shimmers a little, but there’s no visible iridescence. Their beauty or ‘light’ is hidden. However, once wet, they turn jet black and simply explode into blues, greens and silvers and the mineral comes visually alive. It’s SO tactile too. A rock that you can sit and just hold or stroke and immediately feel better. Click HERE to watch a video of the difference between the wet and dry pieces.

We don’t know when Larvikite was first discovered. However, it’s first mention was in a book  called ‘The Eruptive Rocks of Oslo’, by Waldemar Cristofer Brogger in 1894. It is a form of Monzonite that is dated at approximately 300 million years old. However, many of the rock formations around where Larvikite is found date back to 1.1 billion years, so the actual formation of Larvikite will be between 1.1 billion and 300 million years old. Either way, it’s been around for awhile and feels like an ‘old soul’ mineral. Larvikite was named after the Norwegian town of Larvik, where it is predominantly found and is known in the building trade as Blue Pearl Granite (which is confusing, as it’s nothing like granite!). There was also a small find near Thunder Bay in Canada and these are the only known locations Worldwide. Larvikite has been designated a Global Heritage Stone.

On an energetic level, Larvikite is a very grounding and protective stone that works best during times of transformation or change. It acts a bit like a shield, so we are aware of negative energies or people, yet not affected by them. I’ve certainly felt calmer and less anxious since working with it, so can confirm that it eases negative thought patterns, feelings of grief or depression, anxiety and stress. I don’t feel like it grounds me at the feet, but through the central nervous system and Vagus nerve on an internal level. It just calms my whole system down and allows it to rest and reset. A stone of strength and personal power, Larvikite has a ‘mature’ energy to it, which keeps us in our adult selves and far more able to work with our inner child or inner teen ~ particularly when they get triggered and kick off!

Also considered a visionary stone and one that enhances our spiritual development and growth, Larvikite is brilliant to use during any healing or spiritual modality. So far, I’ve used it with breathwork, morning practices and meditation and have felt very safe, supported and able to surrender fully, without any fear. They say that Larvikite supports inner exploration, generational healing, working with our ancestors, uncovering hidden gifts, talents or information and gaining insight and wisdom into anything from our past ~ whether that is on a soul or human level. I also believe this magical mineral stimulates creativity as I’ve not stopped writing in one way or another and have been able to make this creative pursuit one of daily practice, quite organically and easily.

If you’d like to own a really special piece of Larvikite that has made it’s way all the way from Norway to be lovingly collected by myself on the shores of the UK ~ am selling these pieces at cost/wholesale price. So you won’t find this mineral, in this form, at this price, anywhere else in the World. You could buy Larvikite at the same price from a wholesale supplier, but it won’t have been transported from Norway by Mother Earth and it won’t have the cool dual aspect of looking and feeling like two completely different stones between wet and dry (that’s still blowing my mind!). It’s flipping lovely to work with and I sleep with mine a lot as it’s like a big, comfy, system soothing blanket!

You could also comb the beaches of Essex for some if you live close by, although I do feel there was more on the nature reserve due to the lack of people in general and it being deserted in November.

With Love and Bright Blessings


Main Photo Credit: Mythology Art


2 thoughts on “Larvikite ~ A Stone of Transformation”

  1. Krissy, thanks for sharing this very personal story about Goddess Freya and the gift of Larvikite she gave to you. It gives me goosebumps in the best kind of way. xx

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thanks so much Toni, LOVE it when I get the goosies as they’re called in our house 😉

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