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There’s a Fine Line Between Toxic Patriarchy and Toxic Matriarchy

Hello Lovely

Am going to stick my neck out here on a controversial subject. It makes me feel very uncomfortable as I prefer to stay away from the media AND drama. However, something landed so hard this morning and it wouldn’t go away. I literally feel compelled to write!

Most of us are aware that the World is run by a highly toxic, patriarchal system and what that has done to everyday men and women, to our communities, our family dynamics and society over the Centuries. The Age of Aquarius is asking millions of women all over the World to heal the Mother Wound, the Witch Wound, the generational and ancestral wounds, so that the divine feminine can rise and rebalance our World in a better way that serves everyone, not just a select few in ivory towers.

What came through intuitively this morning is how the current system is now doing it’s best to spread their toxicity to the rising matriarchy ~ a passing of the baton so to speak. I can see the tendrils of poisonous energy that are moving through society and it’s not only frightening ~ the woman in me is shouting HELL NO!!!! We need a HEALTHY and well balanced society going forwards. I, for one, have had enough of the conflict, separation, division and toxicity in men OR women that is currently running rampant. It HAS to stop!

So here goes and please hear me out to the end……. as there is a fine line between toxic Patriarchy and toxic Matriarchy!

I have tried very hard to ignore the media coverage in the UK surrounding Russell Brand. However, seeing the number of women that are calling for the blood of a man they do not know and have never met…… based purely on a television program and some ‘news’ articles…… makes me feel ill.

These very same women are outraged by the fact that our female ancestors were hunted down and burned at the stake due to the fear and ignorance of a toxic patriarchy. This created the Witch Wound that still runs through generations today as those witch-hunts murdered 1000s of wives and mothers, permanently destroying families and communities across the UK .

Ohhhhhhhh how easily the ‘witch-hunted’ now become the hunters. What makes the women baying for Russell Brand’s blood any different to those men from centuries ago? They’re basing their opinions on the words of others, are unaware of the law or police procedure and are forming a mob mentality to destroy a man ~ when there isn’t even enough hard evidence to arrest, let alone charge him or the police would already have done so!

In my humble opinion, this is insanity and toxicity that is on a par with what men did to women in the 1600s ~ only this is worse, as it’s the modern day version and hasn’t history taught us anything?

Are women not aware that it’s on us to show the World a different way to be after centuries of toxic, patriarchal greed, control, division and fear? Right now, the media and Channel 4 (who are owned by the patriarchy) are enraging and goading women all over the World to attack, judge and condemn men ~ based only on stories! The patriarchy KNOWS it is losing its grip on society and so now, they’ve set their sights on women and are turning them into the men we’ve spent 100s of years trying to hold to account for endless atrocities against us. If we’re not careful, toxic patriarchy will soon become toxic matriarchy and as women, we become no better than the men we’ve lamented for centuries.

As a sexual & domestic abuse victim (ie. am not a sympathiser of sexual predators or wounded men who don’t take responsibility for themselves) AND ex paralegal ~ I do NOT believe in trial by social media or television. In truth, NONE OF US KNOWS whether this man is guilty or not as we do not know him or the women who are accusing him. Personally, as a Sovereign woman, I prefer NOT to be emotionally manipulated by the patriarchy that owns & controls the media.

What I do know, through experience, is when a case is sensationalised like this, it means there isn’t any hard evidence available ~ despite what the telly says. If there has been a deep investigation going on for three years (according to the Channel 4 program), there should be enough evidence by now. Yet there has been no arrest or charge. This is the UK, not America. The judicial system may be corrupt and sometimes, the police can be incompetent ~ yet they are duty bound to investigate if a crime is reported. Yes, some women are sadly failed by the system and it is notoriously hard to bring a rape allegation to trial ~ however, the fact still remains that people report crimes to the police, not newspapers.

On a practical note, if there were enough evidence, this case would not be plastered all over the media as it would influence potential jurors, making it impossible to gain an impartial judgement. If there were enough evidence, they wouldn’t need to find or wait for any other women to come forward as only one case, that is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, is needed for a conviction.

You’ll never hear about a definitive sexual abuse case until after it has been through court. Everything is kept quiet and protected to ensure the case doesn’t get thrown out on technicalities that come about due to information being leaked.

I’ve seen men who’s families and careers have been destroyed by false allegations and despite my own abuse experienced at the hands of wounded men, would NEVER want to see that happen to anyone. I want the truth and irrefutable evidence that leads to a solid prosecution. If, after three years of ‘investigation’, they don’t have enough evidence to even arrest this man, let alone charge him, what does that say?

If they can provide such evidence, by all means, throw the book at him. If not, they’ve just destroyed a man’s entire life and career for nothing and that is not OK.

Women being emotionally manipulated by the media into becoming the very thing they have fought against for 100s of years is NOT OK! Witch-hunt/man-hunt, there is no difference ~ it’s an ugly, mob mentality bent on destroying people on the hearsay of others. It’s why we have a legal system, as corrupt as it is, as we cannot condemn people to death ~ or in modern culture as we’re more ‘civilised’ now ~ ‘cancel’ them based on stories.

I’ve met women whom have taken payment from the media (one to to the tune of £20k!) to show up in a certain way and tell a highly embellished story. So anyone thinking a woman would never do that, please think again. If it’s a choice between an acting role and big pay-out that feeds the kids and puts a roof over their head or signing on for government handouts, absolutely there are many people out there who would take the money and play the part. As Shakespeare wisely said ‘All the World is a stage and all the men and women merely players’.

There are also women whom have suffered horrific abuse at the hands of men that have been silenced or had to fight tooth and nail to get their time in court. The system is corrupt and broken ~ yet for the moment, it’s all we have and some form of procedure has to be followed or it could be your father, brother, husband, son or male friend who is being accused next. How would you feel if they were destroyed and ‘cancelled’ with no proper judicial procedure? If it were the 1600s, would you feel OK watching them burn at the stake or being drowned?

Am not a fan of Russell Brand or any celebrity. I have no idea if he is innocent or guilty, so am remaining neutral until further evidence comes to light and the proper police and then criminal procedures are carried out.

I am, however, a fan of truth, of justice and of empowering women to become self aware enough NOT to be manipulated by the patriarchal media any more! We need to learn from the past. We MUST DO BETTER than the men who came before us or in my humble opinion, we’re going to end up in a far worse place than we are now.

With Brightest of Blessings


Main Photocredit: Engraving (enhanced with color) depicting a burning at the stake, from an unnamed mid-19th century book. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Mid Blog Photo: Artist Unknown

20 thoughts on “There’s a Fine Line Between Toxic Patriarchy and Toxic Matriarchy”

  1. Cindy Carlton

    Well said, beautifully put.
    Wise words and truly felt.
    My fears exactly.
    Thank you

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I feel they see how “awake” Russell Brand is, he’s speaking so much truth and opening people’s eyes and the big wigs don’t like it. So will use any means necessary to silence him. I truly feel for the man. He’s been so honest and raw about his struggles with addiction, mental health etc. I truly hope this passes for him. Cancel culture IS the modern day witch hunt, it’s so toxic.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      What you say is true Abi. Yet he was also a sex & drug addict 20 years ago and a self confessed narcissist. So he could be the people’s champion with regard to standing up for truth against the Establishment AND also guilty of sexual abuse in the past. None of us really know the truth, so I won’t cast judgement either way without the evidence to do so ~ neutral is a good gear to be in with situations such as this. It’s the witch hunt mentality and manipulation of women’s emotions, so they become toxic themselves and no better than the men who came before them, that winds me up. Many just can’t see they’re being manipulated into becoming the very thing women have fought against for centuries.

  3. Backing you all the way my girl, your words are SO true! Current toxicity can be FELT on a deep level – these low level vibrations have to be neutralised with reasoned thinking, wise words and heart based emotions – only then can we move forward to a civilised society. Thank you for being a voice of common sense – big hugs to you as well!

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Many thanks for the positive feedback and glad you can feel where am coming from x

  4. Totally agree Krissy. I feel a part of the feminist movement has gotten infected by this toxic matriarchy. That’s why I’m totally not a fan of it. Thanks for coming up with this.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thanks so much for commenting ~ I too have been watching part of the feminist movement slowly being taken over by and poisoned by the patriarchy ~ and most can’t even see it. Women now bay for a man’s blood the minute the media (men) tell them to. How sneaky, sad and disempowering is that? That’s why those of us who can see must stand.

  5. Totally disagree. 2 words. Harvey Weinstein. Women had to go to the media to have their voices heard. Once that happened, other voices came forward and the process went into the criminal justice system. What we’re now seeing is another #MeToo moment. It hurts you to see women ‘condemn’ this man? It hurts me to see women disparaging other women for speaking up. He’s a lot of things (many of them unpleasant). The one thing he isn’t is a victim & it’s offensive to bestow that status on him.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thank you for taking the time to comment as it is a shining example of why I wrote this blog. You have read it through a filter of emotional bias as it’s clear you already didn’t like this man and therefore, completely missed the point. That’s OK. The majority of us do this. Am lucky to have been trained in law & taught how to remove emotion and deal only with the facts. Of which there are very few in this case. It’s all he said/she said, which is unfortunate if these women have been harmed as they say they have. A few points to make:

      Women do NOT have to go to the media to be heard. If a crime had been committed, would you go to the media? Of course not. You’d go to the police. This is the UK, not America and the police here are duty bound to investigate every claim ~ and they take claims of rape and sexual assault very seriously. I know this as I have been through the system and also advocated within it being an abuse victim myself.

      Dispatches have been investigating this man for THREE years and during that time, were unable to gather enough evidence to even arrest him, let alone charge him. If they had, this case would be being trialled in court, not plastered all over the media.

      It doesn’t hurt me to see women condemn this man ~ it hurts me to see women blindly & emotionally manipulated into a witch-hunt based on nothing more than stories. Surely you would wait for hard evidence or charges to be pressed before assuming anyone was guilty? What if it were your brother, father, male partner, son or a male friend? Would you feel it was fair to condemn them just because someone said they were guilty? Or would you want that to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt?

      I have not said a single thing about the women in this case or disparaged anyone for speaking up. Have simply shared that I personally know women whom have received payments from the press to lie.

      Also, at no point have I said this man is a victim. You’ve made an assumption and it’s wrong as I’ve very clearly said if he’s guilty, throw the book at him. However, I don’t know if he is guilty and more importantly, neither do you.

      I disagree with the men who lit torches and witch-hunted women in the 1600s and I disagree with the women who are being manipulated into doing exactly the same thing to men today. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for sharing this subject from your heart, I agree 100%. Media is not the judge, let’s not be sheep and think for ourselves. Being neutral, yes no energy either way. xx

  7. I agree completely. My thoughts exactly. Thank you for this much needed post written so clearly Xxx

  8. Rosemary Patten

    I also am not happy with constant barrage of media coverage. I not a fan of Russel Brand either. However It does seem he has already been condemned
    As a victim of sexual and physical abuse from my father. I have a sixth sense to the men I trust. It seems this could do More damage than good for women. 🙏🌹♥️

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Am so sorry to hear you’ve suffered abuse within your family Rosemary. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as it’s not always easy to speak up around such subjects. With Love, Krissy

  9. Well said Kristy.

    My perception is that he is over the target and needed to be silenced; there is a pattern if one chooses to do the research. Bluntly we now have TDS and BDS….

    For me it is for humankind to find a balance of masculine and feminine energy, both within each us and in society. Neither energy is ‘better or worse’, they are just different and with that balance comes mutual respect, peace, harmony, collaboration, co-operation, compassion, community.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Absolutely agree Caroline ~ we need to ascertain what these energies are within ourselves and how to balance them in a healthy way ~ and then share how to do that with others so there’s a ripple effect. Slowly, but surely, we’ll all learn internal respect, peace and balance and become better versions of ourselves. I still firmly believe if millions of us do this work, we can change the World.

  10. Hella Gadellaa

    Thanks Krissy, important to share this kind of information and your open mind and clear feelings.
    We get more and more programmed. We have to stay awake and think honest and clear.

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