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Crystal Grids ~ A Simple ‘How To’ Guide

Crystal Grids are the perfect tool to manifest the things we want in life.

‘Ask and Ye Shall Receive’ is a great base from which to work, but we need to not only ask for what we want, visualise having it in our life and put some emotional energy behind it……we need to take some form of action. The Universe then receives ‘active’ energy that it can clearly respond to. The wheels are then put in motion to bring us what we need.

We are all different and there are various different methods of setting up a grid that might work for some, but not for others. As a generalisation, the method below is simple and should work for the majority.

A Crystal Grid should always have a central crystal that is important to us. There should be some emotional attachment to that crystal and preferably, we should have worked with it and know the central crystal quite well. It is the main representation of what we are manifesting. As a general example:

For Confidence ~ Tiger’s Eye or Citrine

For Mental Clarity ~ Lapis Lazuli, Blue Kyanite or Blue Obsidian

For Healing ~ Malachite or Apophyllite

For Relationships ~ Rose Quartz or Rhodocrosite

For Financial Prosperity/Abundance ~ Citrine or Jade

For Spiritual Development ~ Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Danburite

For Transformation ~ Moldavite or Labradorite

A Clear Quartz Cluster is also a perfect centre piece for a grid.

After choosing our central piece, the next layer of crystals in the grid should be those that amplify OR draw energy in to or out of the centre, such as Herkimer Diamonds, any type of Crystal Points, Clear Quartz or higher energy crystals. See a few pictures below of various different gridding combinations ~ there really is no limit to how a grid can be built. When searching through Google Images, there are tons of wonderfully creative ways of doing it. To start with however, I would advise keeping things very simple.


If using a crystal point, some people like to have the point facing inward so it is drawing energy from the Universe into the grid. Others like to have it pointing outward, to connect the intent of the central stone to Universal energy. I have created grids both ways and would recommend trying different combinations and different ways until your grid feels right for you. There is no right or wrong ~ whatever works for you is spot on!

Personally, I like to place this next layer of crystals in a North/South/East/West placement to honour the elements and directional energies. I then build the grid out from there. Usually, I will place a third layer of crystals around the edge of a grid to further represent what is being manifested, or sometimes, to provide a circle of protection.

The most important thing about a grid is the intent used when setting it up. Hold each individual crystal in your hand and concentrate on what you want it to do. Keep it simple by using specific focus words such as ‘amplify’, ‘abundance’ or ‘love’. We can also hold the crystals and visualise what we are trying to manifest in our lives. If its the perfect relationship, imagine being in it and feel the joy associated with that whilst holding the crystals.

Once you have your grid set up and are happy with it, it then needs to be activated. To do this, I simply pass my hand over the grid in a circular motion starting from the top of the grid and moving clockwise. I imagine the energy pinging and connecting from one crystal to the next whilst I instruct the grid to ‘Activate’.  I end up with my hand over the central piece and give thanks to the Universe for delivering what I desire.

If you know how to do reiki, you can activate the grid using reiki energy. If you’re not sure how to do this, simply visualise the energy or you can call on your guides, angels, the God/Goddess or Spirit to lend a helping hand, whatever works for you. The grid will activate perfectly with our intent regardless of what method is used.

If you want to try something a bit more advanced, sit and meditate with your grid and draw up energy from the Earth below you and energy down from the Stars until it meets at the solar plexus. Then direct this energy into the grid either via reiki ~ or imagine a big ball of that luscious combined energy sitting at your solar plexus. Keeping your eyes closed, take that ball of energy into your hands and roll it around a little before placing it into the centre of the grid. Again, use the word ‘Activate’ when doing so. This often takes the energy of the grid to a whole new level. It takes a bit of practice to do this and some people are more Earth connected than Stars and vice versa. Its quite OK to draw in energy from anywhere if it feels right and appropriate for the grid. I regularly have Spirit in some form step forward and add something to my work, which is such an honour.

I then place the grid in an appropriate area of the house where it isn’t likely to get knocked around or disturbed (in my case…by children or pets!). I tend to use the Feng Shui directions to place grids around the home (where I’m able…if there is a corner or area where it isn’t possible to set a grid, I’ll hang a crystal there instead).

I’ve posted a link below to an easy website to find out your best personal directions. Many people think there is a set corner in the home for Wealth or Love, but its worth double checking that, because just as with Western astrology, we are all very different. For example, not every person born under the star sign Leo is the same, nor is every West direction the best for manifesting wealth ~ it all depends on the individual:

Find Your Personal Direction

For example, I was born in 1972 so the best direction for me for Money & Career is the Southwest ~ for Marriage & Family Harmony, its the West.

If you want your grid to stay up for more than a few weeks, I recommend Blue Kyanite or Natural Citrine as they help to keep the energy positive and stable. Please be aware that ALL crystals need to be cleansed and charged in order to work at their optimum level. Even though Kyanite, Selenite & Citrine are highly positive, they will all get dusty, dirty and run out of energy eventually. There are no ‘self charging’ crystals ~ if there were such a mineral, the energy companies would have yanked it out of the ground decades ago.

The more focus, energy and intent you send toward your grid on a daily basis, the longer it will stay active. I’d recommend taking a grid down every two weeks to recharge it and reset it. I often find when doing this, crystals get moved around, more get added or some get taken away. Its a good thing as the energies around us are ever changing, so our intuition will tune in to that and the grid will evolve as is necessary to stay aligned with our intent. Just go with the flow and have some fun 🙂

If you resonate with the Moon and lunar energy, always set a grid up at the New Moon ~ it can be left for a whole lunar cycle, or be dismantled just after the Full Moon, or even dismantled and reset during the Full Moon to give your grid an extra boost, just make sure you keep the same intent clear in your mind. If following a lunar cycle however, I tend to leave mine for the whole month, just taking it outside to recharge in sunlight at the time of the Full Moon.

This is the simplest and easiest method to use when first setting up a crystal grid. There are many different types of crystal grids available ranging from low prices up to extremely high energy/specific development grids. All are of the highest quality crystals with very zingy energy and each grid comes with a photo and full instructions.

There are also sets of crystals available to use in grids, such as chunky, vibrant pieces of Rose Quartz for love or relationships, Shungite for cleansing & protection, Clear Quartz Points for amplification, Citrine for abundance and much more.  Please check out the Crystal Grids section in the online shop by Clicking Here.

Am also happy to create a custom made grid for you & don’t charge anything to do so, please just drop me a line.

I hope you have found this blog useful and happy gridding 🙂

With much love

Krissy XXX

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The grid in the main pic was gifted to me by Cosmic Heart, a community on Facebook. It sits atop a Beech Wood Yantra crafted by Esther Jones of Moonkestrel’s Nest, also on Facebook.

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  5. Michele Pierson

    My you confirm that the ending of a spiral is also the direction you would point North/East ect?

    1. Kristy Hodges

      It’s the start of the spiral that’s important Michele ~ so always start in the East. Where it ends isn’t important unless you’re trying to clear energy, in which case end it in the North (to send the cleared energy back to Mother Earth) after ensuring it has made a full circle around all of the directional points.

  6. Lee Efthyvoulou

    Love you site and information. Been into crystals for years, but have never made a grid and I think I need to make one now. Thank you for the information.

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