Crystals & The Elements

Crystals & The Elements

I believe that we study and experience many things, then take what works for us and blend it into our own, personal spiritual belief. What is right for one isn’t necessarily right for another.

Ever since studying paganism and the wiccan faiths many years ago, the magic of the elements has always stayed with me. What I took from those studies was a profound respect for the cycles our planet goes through, our interaction with the Universe as a whole, the creed to ‘harm no one’ and a deep knowing that the elements have a strong affinity with crystals.

To this day, I honour the elements when setting a Crystal Grid and have even been known to walk and cast a circle or two. Not to cast a spell, but to create a space of openness that is protected whilst I work. Having called the elements into those spaces, I know how meaningful and indeed impactful they can be ~ and how much our crystals absorb that wonderful, elemental energy!

There are many different ways of looking at the elements and directions, depending on whether we’re using an Eastern or Western philosophy. Today I’m working with the Western philosophy, although if I were to Feng Shui my home for example, I would work with the Eastern philosophy and add Metal and Wood to the elements being used.

In the West, we generally have five elements for five different directions. North is Earth, East is Air, South is Fire, West is Water and the centre of it all is Spirit.


There are certain crystals that really resonate with the elements & directions, so I thought it might be interesting to detail some of them below and encourage everyone to play with their crystals. Try setting them in certain directional places within the home and see what happens. You’ll be able to feel whether a crystal wants to be left in a certain place or not, so don’t doubt yourself, just go for it 🙂  Or try creating a crystal grid that focuses on just one of the elements (such as Fire and manifestation) and see what happens. If you’re not sure how to set a Crystal Grid, click here for my easy ‘How To’ guide.

A journey with crystals is experiential…..we will all experience them differently, but will never know the depths to which they can touch us if we don’t get them out and PLAY with them 😉


The above is by no means an extensive list, we all work with crystals differently so some may resonate for you more than others or some may connect to different elements in different ways to what I have mentioned above.

My personal elemental crystals are Black Tourmaline & Malachite for the Earth, Lapis Lazuli & Howlite for Air, Natural Citrine & Carnelian for Fire, Aquamarine & Aqua Aura for Water and Apophyllite & Moldavite for Spirit. I’ll tend to wear something very heart connected as a pendant, over the Higher Heart chakra, when working with the elements and have a beautiful Pink Kunzite & Pink Tourmaline pendant that is able to connect to all of the elements and keep my heart chakra clear for channelling the energies up and down. 

I hope the above is insightful. Have a wonderful day 🙂

Much Love, Krissy XXX

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  1. Prochi Sookun says

    Krissy Ty so much def something I want to try

  2. Cherry Blackmore says

    Mine are:

    Earth: Emerald, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian
    Fire: Citrine, Heliodor, Imperial Topaz
    Water: Aquamarine, Indicolite, Paraibe Tourmaline
    Air: Sky-Blue Topaz, Blue Kyanite, Bingham Blue Fluorite
    Spirit (Ether): Clear Quartz, Black Star Diopside, Goshenite

    I don’t cast circles, but I do feel very strongly the elemental connections they have. For example, a year ago, after spending all but the first four years of my life living less than a mile from the ocean, I had to move inland. It was and is Indicolite, with some small help from Aquamarine, which prevented me losing that long-held oceanic connection.

    Love and Light.

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