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Prairie Tanzanite ~ Working from a Balanced, Stable Heart & Mind

Hello Lovely 🙂

Welcome to my blog on the newly discovered Prairie Tanzanite, which is absolutely blissful!

Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 near Mount Kilamanjaro in Tanzania. A bush fire raged across the desert for days. The high temperature of the fires turned what looked like dirty grey/brown stones into the most beautiful indigo, blue/purple colour. Tanzanite is naturally trichroic, meaning it displays three different colours in it’s raw form: brown, blue and purple. High heat turns Tanzanite ‘dichroic‘, which removes the brown, resulting in a bright blue/purple colour. Within that main colour, there are often flashes of green, red, pink, purple or blue when passed under light.

Ian McCloud first identified this new form of purple/blue Zoisite, which was originally & scientifically named ‘blue Zoisite’. It was then renamed ‘Tanzanite’ by Tiffany & Co, who wanted to capitalise on the rarity of this new mineral.   In 2002, the American Gem Trade Association officially allocated Tanzanite as a birthstone for December, which was the first change made to the list of birthstones since 1912.

Prairie Tanzanite was recently discovered in the Jade fields of Wyoming, USA, which is how it got it’s name. It is a stunning mineral that grows within the Jade, displaying, muted pinks, creams, whites and purples. It is opaque like Jade and has a similar soft, gentle feel to it. However, do not be fooled! As Zoisite is part of the Epidote group, this makes Prairie Tanzanite a powerful stone to aid our moods & emotional state. It is extremely potent & effective in it’s action, but gentle in it’s energy.

Prairie Tanzanite is said to be good for soothing our nerves, for easing anxiety and for balancing emotions. There are plenty of crystals out there that are fantastic for supporting our emotional well being, but this new discovery takes us much, much deeper than most other ’emotion’ based crystals. I believe our psychology and emotions are becoming more in depth and complicated throughout society, so we are now discovering new minerals that can support this deeper work.

Prairie Tanzanite works on our core emotional issues from a spiritual angle. It allows us to approach our emotional wounds, development and expression from a higher perspective. Instead of becoming overwhelmed or overcome by our feelings, Prairie Tanzanite soothes and settles them enough that we can gather the strength to look honestly and deeply within ourselves.

Why are our emotions difficult to handle? What are our trigger points and how can we recognise them? How can we learn to control our emotions so we can express how we feel without taking it out on others? How do we recognise emotional or mental anxiety and what do we do to alleviate it?

I’ve found this stone really soothes the mind too. When my emotions are heightened and start to overwhelm me, I tend to either lose control of them, get angry, cry or am unable to express how I feel as my mind is racing too fast to process things in a healthy way. The subconscious or inner child takes over and before I know it, I’m exhibiting defensive behaviour or self sabotage in an effort to make people step back in order for me to cope.

Working with Prairie Tanzanite, the mind quietens down. I feel more stable, can think clearer, am more in my adult self, feel safer and am in control. It grounds my mental energy and slows thoughts down, which alleviates feelings of stress, anxiety, panic or overwhelm.

In particular, a huge difference I’ve noted in the past month is I am able to say ‘I am angry’ or ‘I am frustrated’  in a calm way and discuss those feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them. This is a huge development as my deeply wounded inner child jumps to my defence and often uses anger to do so as it pushes people away! We all have our defensive shields, but as adults, we should be in control of when they are used. If they are triggering  automatically, then that wounded, inner child is in control and we cannot achieve anything from a defensive, wounded place. We cannot truly connect to others through a wall. We are unable to perceive things clearly as our system is wired for ‘danger’, our shields are up and we don’t feel safe.

Prairie Tanzanite has gifted me the calm and stability to be able to express difficult emotions in a gentle way. To voice them without throwing them at people. To talk about them calmly and maturely. It brings me back into the wise, adult, knowing place within ~ which is a huge, personal change.

It feels extremely strange to simply say ‘I am angry because……….’ rather than being angry. Working with this new Tanzanite has allowed me to detach a little and watch other people’s reactions. Certain people are still responding as if I am being angry. Not only am I now calm enough to talk about difficult emotions, but am also stable enough to gently show others that I am now behaving in a different way and they should adjust their reaction/response accordingly. It brings us both into a place of calm, of truly listening to and responding to one another from the adult, loving, compassionate side of ourselves without those defensive walls getting in the way.

When experimenting with a new mineral, it’s interesting how it’s attributes make themselves known in a myriad of different ways. For example, I have been working with and carrying a particular piece of Prairie Tanzanite and left it at a friend’s house a few weeks ago. He was going through a really low period in his life, experiencing deep grief and depression having just lost & buried an extremely good friend. He jokingly asked ‘did you lose something here last week’, but I couldn’t think what it was. He then took the Prairie Tanzanite out of his pocket and said ‘I found this on the floor, you must’ve dropped it’.

Not only was I completely unaware that it had gone missing (even though I’d ‘had’ to carry that stone on me for weeks), but when he passed the piece to me, it was extremely hot and tingly. I returned it to him and asked him to keep it as sure enough, his mood had lifted, he was processing the grief much better and emotional stability had returned. He was able to discuss his feelings instead of bottling them up.

I have known this particular friend for a long time now. He is not spiritually minded and we rarely discuss what I do for a living as a lot of people either don’t understand it, aren’t interested in it or just find it weird! I have quite a few friends like this as they are vital to keeping my feet firmly planted in reality and keeping me grounded.  He has often seen me wearing or carrying crystals and has never shown an interest in them.

So, when he then asked what I ‘do’ with my clients and whether I could help him, it was a huge surprise! The crystal must have had a deep impact on him for him to ask if he could discuss spiritual things with me.  I couldn’t have received a better confirmation of the energy of Prairie Tanzanite than it coming from someone, who up to that point, had shown no knowledge or interest in the spiritual side of himself or crystals for that matter!

So I’ve ascertained that Prairie Tanzanite not only soothes the mind, eases our emotions and brings more balance to our entire system ~ but it triggers spiritual exploration and development in the most gentle of ways.

Prairie Tanzanite also gets us out of our head and into our heart. So many of us struggle between following the guidance of our gut intuition and feelings versus the logical advice of the mind. With so much hectic & conflicting energy during 2017 and with so many situations developing worldwide that are causing fear, confusion and disbelief, it is my personal opinion that Prairie Tanzanite has come to the fore now in order to support us. It supports us in making the right decisions moving forward, based on our spiritual growth, healing and development.

When working with Prairie Tanzanite, it is fantastic for decision making. Sit quietly with a piece, relax, ground yourself and then mull any given situation over in your mind. Stay focused on the issue, but keep your thoughts loose so they flow where they may. If they drift off topic, bring them back in focus again. Once you feel calm, grounded and focused, draw energy into your body in whatever way works best for you. Some like to pull it up from the Earth, others imagine it pouring in from above or all around.  Send that energy flowing throughout your body, through the crystal and back into the body again.  Then stop, take a few deep breaths and check in with your physical self ~ how does it feel? Is there tension anywhere? Are there butterflies in your tummy? Is there some tightening in the shoulders or chest? Is there a little bit of fear tension being held somewhere, even though there is excitement at the same time? How and where does your body indicate whether something is good for you or not?

Then, direct the energy to the Solar Plexus ~ swirl it around the solar plexus in a clockwise motion, stimulating that chakra point. What is your gut, intuitive sense about the situation? Can you hear what your inner voice is trying to say or is it being overshadowed by an overactive mind? Then take the energy up to the heart, swirling it in a clockwise direction for a few moments. How does the situation make you feel? What emotions does it elicit? Fear, worry, curiosity, love, happiness, joy, concern, danger, hope, excitement, distaste etc.? Finally, only after checking in with the physical body, your intuitive/spiritual system and your emotional feelings on the matter do you take all of that information to the mind. It enables us to make a final, well thought out decisions based on as much information as possible.

Our systems guide us through life, but its amazing how many of us don’t bother to check in with them and instead, work very much from the head. Checking in and using all of our systems/senses as detailed above will guide us in the right direction. We must learn to use all of our senses and to trust them. They protect us and indicate clearly whether something is right or wrong for us.

Prairie Tanzanite truly supports us in developing a deeper relationship with ourselves, so eventually, we don’t have to sit down and specifically check in with all our systems ~ it happens automatically as we have trained ourselves to work this way. Emotions can be hurt, so many are reluctant to follow their heart, thinking the head is the safer option ~ but it rarely is. The head is very good at making practical, rational decisions ~ but when it comes to our development or moving forward, always trust the body/gut/heart.

I haven’t had time to explore the physical aspects of this new stone very much, but do know it calms the nervous system and eases anxiety as I can literally feel that energy die down and settle the minute I hold a piece of Prairie Tanzanite.  It’s like a deep let go and ‘sigh’ occurs inside and is truly one of the most comforting stones I’ve worked with for a long time. 

Update: Some great feedback I received recently from a lovely customer:

‘So – my beautiful Tanzanite is with me all the time – under my pillow last night, and I had the best night’s sleep for a couple of years!’

So we seem to have a new stone to help restful sleep and ease insomnia, which is fantastic!! 

With love and bright blessings

Krissy XXXX

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4 thoughts on “Prairie Tanzanite ~ Working from a Balanced, Stable Heart & Mind”

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Oh bless you Yolanda, thank you very much. Lots of love and sparkly blessings to you 🙂

  1. Julie Lopez

    Thank you for sharing this. Its helped me understand so much. I will now read more of your work/blogs. Just through your writing I feel good energy/vibes. Xxx

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thanks so much for the lovely message Julie and so glad you’ve gained more awareness & understanding. Have a wonderful day, with bright blessings, Krissy xxx

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