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6 Sided – Generator or Merlin

A crystal with six reasonably evenly spaced sides and six approximately equal faces that all centre at the tip. The more even and equal the faces are, the more powerful the Generator.

Generators have the ability to store, amplify, transmit/project or generate energy. These crystals are not easy to source either….plenty of the points on a cluster or quartz points might have faces that meet at a point, but whether there are six of them and they are relatively even is the question. Many Generator crystals have been cut by man to have the six even sides (see pic below). To come across a natural generator crystal is a great find!

As their name suggests, Generators generate energy so are good for charging other crystals. You could stand a generator in one place and create a circle of crystals around it that you’d like to charge. If you’re wary of putting some crystals in direct sunlight, such as Amethyst or Fluorite ~ charge up the Generator, program it to cleanse and amplify and then circle it with the stones that require charging. Et voila 😉


The only word of caution about Generator crystals is that they just be programmed with intent. Its no good to buy one and have it sat in a corner. I have various generator crystals set up around my home that are programmed for specific things. For example, in the relationships/friendships corner, there is a rose quartz generator programmed for love. In the wealth area, there is a large Citrine generator programmed to generate abundance and in the health section, a large Honey Calcite generator programmed for clearing and cleansing my digestive system, as that is where I hold stress.

Generator crystals are also excellent as a stand alone centre piece of a grid. Or four generators could be set at the four compass points of a grid (N, E, S, W). Please Click Here to read more about Crystal Grids.

Generators are probably THE best crystal to use during group meditations or healings. Place one at the centre of a circle of people and they will help to amplify and direct group consciousness.

Generators can also be used in sole meditation. Just sit and hold it for awhile, until you feel really connected. Then direct all of your focus and energy at the crystal, with a clear intention. Then ask the crystal to release that energy to the person/place/situation and sit back whilst it does so. You can leave the Generator doing that for several days before it will need to be cleansed, charged and reset. This also makes it an excellent tool for distance healing.

Generators can also be used in crystal healing, when programmed with intent ~ the crystal point can be directed toward an area of blocked energy and will emit energy in regular pulses, dissolving any stagnant or negative energy in that area.

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