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Herkimer Diamonds ~ Amazing Spiritual Tool

Herkimer Diamonds have always been an absolute favourite of mine. Their energy is so beautiful.

Herkimer hail from Herkimer, New York, USA. They are approximately five million years old and are double terminated pieces of quartz that have a diamond shape, hence the name Herkimer Diamond. They do not have any of the properties of diamonds however as these wonderful crystals are in a world of their own energetically! Most Herkimers are faceted by nature, having 18 facets on 6 sides and terminated at a point at each end. They were first discovered in the 18th Century by workmen who were cutting into Dolostone bedrock in the Mohawk River valley.

The bedrock in which the crystals are found began forming around a billion years ago in the shallow Cambrian Sea. Sea sediment was slowly compacted under the weight of thousands of other sediments, which formed the bedrock. Whilst the sea was still there, it forced its way through the rock and created little holes in it. It is in these holes that Herkimer Diamonds form.

In some areas of the bedrock, there are much larger holes ~ more like big, dome shaped pockets or mini-caves. Within these pockets, thousands of Herkimers can be found. The largest Herkimers found are approximately 8 X 4 inches and the smallest are called micro crystals, which are found in abundance. These are fantastic and I use them in all of my crystal grid layouts. Herkimer Diamonds are the perfect example that size doesn’t matter with crystals.

Although the original Herkimer Diamonds come from New York, there are others that have been found in Tibet, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The energy of the crystals found in other locations is the same as those found in New York. Herkimers can be crystal clear, cloudy or smoky and many have yellow or red inclusions of iron or black or green inclusions of other minerals.


Herkimer Diamonds are an excellent meditation tool as they expand our energy fields for quite some distance. Quite often, on picking up one small Herkimer (approx 0.5cm), we may not feel much. However, if we use TWO, placing one in the palm of each hand and then close our eyes to connect to them….the effects can be quite astonishing….from feeling slightly light headed or dizzy, to swirls of energy moving through our body or being able to enter a meditative or journeying state quite easily. If we prefer to use only one Herkimer, I’d go for one that is a bit bigger, say an inch or more in size. Sit quietly and hold the Herkimer in your lap, just in front of the solar plexus. Doing this can bring forth information and answers to questions we may have about ourselves.

I use the micro or smaller Herkimer Diamonds in crystal grids as not only do they sparkle and make everything look beautiful ~ their energy is very expansive and generative.  A crystal grid takes on a new energetic level when we add Herkimer Diamonds to it. Please Click Here if you’d like to read my easy ‘how to guide’ for crystal gridding.

Herkimer Diamonds can also be found in jewellery. I would be wary of wearing a ring as the only way they tend to set rings is in a claw clasp…with 18 facets, Herkimer’s may slip out or get damaged as our hands bang against a lot of things. As earrings or a pendant however, the energy is perfect. I wear a pendant quite often, particularly when doing any form of spiritual work or wanting to expand my auric/energy field. 

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