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Datolite ~ Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit

Datolite is a Calcium/Boron based mineral that was first discovered in 1806 by Jens Esmark. It’s name is taken from the Greek word ‘to divide’, based on it’s structure. I find this quite amusing as energetically, Datolite is the opposite of ‘divide’ as it brings the energy of our heart and mind into alignment with each other. On a physical level, it’s also about pulling things together within our body. A beautiful example of the difference between logic and energy.

Datolite is not a commonly sourced mineral, with deposits being found mainly in Connecticut & Michigan in the USA, particularly around Lake Superior and also in Norway. It is often found with Zeolites, which are crystals such as Apophyllite and Stilbite. So, we can tell straight away that on an energetic level, this crystal is going to vibrate at quite a high frequency. It will involve Universal or collective healing energy on some level as the Zeolite group do this in a powerful way. Datolite is also pretty cool as it fluoresces blue under UV light.

The presence of Boron, which is an essential mineral 80% of the population lack (and the body cannot make, so our only choice is to supplement ~ feel free to PM me for more info as it isn’t expensive & am happy provide a free protocol), alongside Calcium, tells us that Datolite is fantastic for our bones, joints and skeletal structure. Particularly the rebuilding and strengthening of them.

I have seen several websites say that Datolite is good for blood sugar balance and diabetes, but will say now, that this is hogwash. There isn’t a single chemical within this mineral that supports that theory scientifically/practically, nor energetically. I love working with crystals as to me, they symbolise the coming together of science/logic and spirit/intuition/energy. For me, those two elements work in harmony and when we see information written about crystals, it’s good to keep that in mind when ascertaining whether the information is true or not ~ alongside listening to your own intuition and what resonates for you, of course.

Image Source: Dakota Matrix, thanks so much for this beautiful shot

Datolite stimulates the third eye, crown and etheric chakras so is wonderful for spiritual growth and development. All that activity around our head means it’s also good for the mind. Datolite can bring a clear, clean, crisp, fresh energy to the mind that clears away brain fog and allows us to focus, multi task and solve problems with ease. It also encourages us to think creatively, to brain storm and supports a growth & solutions based mindset.

Although Datolite comes in several colours (white, grey, pink, green, yellow, purple, brown, blue), I prefer to work with the green as this stimulates and opens up our heart centre, soothes our central nervous system and eases down our stress, fears and reactivity to life. There aren’t many crystals that work as effectively on the body, heart, mind and spirit as Datolite does. Usually, crystals predominantly work on one of those areas, sometimes even two. Rarely do they cover all of them equally, which is why I adore this clever little mineral.

The reason I call Datolite a ‘collective healer’ is because it seems to attune itself to the primary themes we are working through collectively in society at any given time. Often, we will collectively be releasing grief, feeling ‘not good enough’, rebelling against restrictions of freedom, being asked to clear specific negative beliefs or emotions etc. Datolite can be invaluable in tuning into that energy within ourselves so we can do our collective part and heal or release it. Can we heal the World on our own? No. Can we take responsibility for ourselves and heal individually, which then adds up collectively with everyone else around the globe doing the same thing? YES YES YES!! We have strength and power individually AND in numbers.

Image Source: Dakota Matrix, thanks so much for this beautiful shot

This means Datolite can be used in SO many ways. If your mind is foggy and you’re struggling to think straight, simply lie down for 20 minutes with a piece placed at the top of your head and ask for mental clarity. If you can have a nap whilst the crystal does it’s work, even better. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and your mind will feel clean and clear.

If you’d like to go really deep in meditation or a healing therapy, hold a piece of Datolite at the crown chakra, place on the third eye or solar plexus ~ whichever feels more comfortable to you. Datolite is very expansive, so I recommend no more than half an hour and to have something nearby to ground yourself afterwards such as Hematite or food or you can get outside and get your feet on the Earth itself. For emotional soothing, place a piece on your heart and ask the Datolite to calm your fears and soothe the central nervous system. If you can journal or talk to someone about what’s been upsetting or destabilising you whilst holding a piece, even better. The Datolite will help to quickly move that emotion through and out of your body so you feel instantly better.

On a physical level, clearing old energy on a cellular level and taking care of our skeletal structure are Datolite’s primary gifts for the body. Our bones represent the structure of the Universe and our bone marrow represents our deepest beliefs about ourselves (Source: Louise L Hay), so it’s important that we take care of them. Simply place a cleansed & charged piece of Datolite next to a glass of water and the energy will enter the water molecules and charge them up with the frequency of the crystal. Alternatively, you could try popping a piece in your pocket or sleeping with a piece on the bedside table or under a pillow. However, if you’re prone to a lot of dreams or journeying during sleep, you may not get a lot of rest with Datolite given it’s ability to expand and connect with our etheric chakras. To support us physically, it’s best to work with Datolite daily and for at least a month to reap the full benefits.

If you’d like any further information or have your own experiences to share around this wonderful mineral, I’d love to hear from you below or via the contact form. Thanks so much for reading.

With bright blessings, Krissy

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2 thoughts on “Datolite ~ Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit”

  1. Camilla Montin Bergenheim

    So not recommended to drink from a glass where the Crystal has been for 20 minutes ?

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Camilla ~ no, it’s not recommended to put the crystal in the water. It can go by the side of the glass as the vibrations will easily pass through into the liquid, but not in the water itself. There are simply too many trace metals and other bits that could be harmful to the body if ingested. However, they’re perfectly safe outside of the body.

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