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Crystal Clusters

Crystals that have grown together on a matrix (base) are called clusters. Clusters have a lot of different points on them. These points can be very small & uniform, like the Aura Amethyst shown below left, or they can be all different sizes and shapes, pointing in many different directions, like the Aqua Aura shown below right.

A decent sized cluster will fill a room with positive energy and is therefore very useful for clearing negative energies from the home & workplace. They can be used after an argument or heated debate, to clear any negative energy in the room. In the workplace or on a desk, a Citrine cluster works brilliantly as it inspires self confidence, self belief, acceptance and prosperity.

A Smokey Quartz or Blue Kyanite cluster can be used to keep our spirit centred, as they have a certain property that keeps all the energy centres in the body aligned, balanced and in harmony with each other. These are great clusters to place anywhere in the home.

Clear Quartz or Amethyst cluster beds are excellent for cleansing other crystals. Ensure the cluster has been fully charged in sunlight for at least half an hour beforehand. Then place your tumble stones, jewellery or other regularly used crystals on the cluster bed for a few hours and they’ll be full of energy when you next pick them up. This is a great way to charge crystals during the winter months when there may only be one or two days or even hours of decent sunlight in a week.


Amethyst clusters (such as below right) have a tendency to fade over time if left in direct sunlight. It is absolutely fine to pop them in sunshine for half an hour once a week, but please don’t leave them on a windowsill or out in direct sunlight for more than a few hours at a time. I tend to pop mine on the windowsill when doing the housework/polishing and its charged up by the time I go to put it back in its place.

Amethyst clusters are fabulous for soaking up electromagnetic energy, so place them near computers, radios and televisions and cleanse/charge them every few weeks. I wouldn’t recommend an Amethyst cluster in the bedroom unless you are already used to the energy. Given that it absorbs electromagnetic energy like a sponge, that energy can often cause vivid dreams or disturbed sleep.

When we sleep at night, our auric (energy) field relaxes and expands outward. Therefore, clusters are a wonderful crystal to place on our bedside. Our auric field relaxes, expands, soaks up the energy of the cluster and when we wake up in the morning, the auric field pings back in closer to our body, bringing the good energy of the cluster with it.

Make sure the cluster is programmed to work on positive levels that enhance something rather than trying to clear or work on any negative energy. This is because we’d have to cleanse the cluster nearly every day in this instance ~ whereas if it is simply emanating a positive energy all the time, we only have to cleanse/charge it once a week.


If we suffer from allergies, asthma or have a cough/cold or any form of respiratory illness, Apophyllite is THE best crystal cluster to use on our bedside table (white/green Apophyllite cluster shown above left). It is incredibly efficient at easing allergy/respiratory symptoms. Please Click Here if you would like to read my informative blog on Apophyllite.

Clusters make excellent centre pieces for crystal grids and are also brilliant to use when doing one-to-one and group work. Place the cluster between two people or at the centre of a circle of people. Again, I prefer to program a cluster to only work on the positive so will ask Clear Quartz to expand all positive energy in a group ~ and Amethyst to expand all the spiritual/psychic energy of a group.

My favourite clusters to work with are Aura Quartz clusters. Each different type of Aura Quartz does something very different, but what I love about them is they only give out and work on positive energy, so even if am not sure why I am drawn to work with an Aura Quartz, I program it ‘for my highest good’ and then place it either on a side table near where I sit in the living room or my bedside table. Click Here to read my informative blog on all the different Aura Quartzes.

The most important thing to remember with a Cluster is to cleanse it, charge it and program it with positive intent 🙂

2 thoughts on “Crystal Clusters”

  1. Hello I am interested in buying a crystal cluster quite a large one but don’t know how much they are .

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Gina

      I really depends on the type of crystal and size. A small, high quality, super sparkly cluster could cost £40, but you could get a much bigger, lower quality cluster for the same price. I’d be happy to source one for you at a good price. Try Google and see what options there are, get an idea of the cost/size you can afford and then drop me a line. Many thanks and bright blessings, Krissy.

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