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Apophyllite ~ Master Reiki Crystal

Apophyllite is THE crystal for reiki practitioners, healers and therapists. The vibration it emanates is absolutely beautiful and it is a conduit for pure, Universal healing energy.

Apophyllite was named after the Greek word apophylliso, meaning ‘to flake off’ as it tends to break apart when subjected to intense heat. There is a debate as to whether Apophyllite is officially part of the Zeolite group of crystals (Stibnite, Heulandite, Natrolite). Zeolite crystals are prized as being the best physical healing crystals in the world due to their ability to detox, cleanse and amplify energy, so I would therefore class Apophyllite as part of this group holistically, even if its not in the exact same silicate class.

Apophyllite is not actually a mineral, but is the general term used for three different minerals that are similar in their chemistry & physical properties. Hydroxyapophyllite, Fluroapophyllite and Natroapophyllite.

The most commonly known Apophyllite is crystal clear, occasionally white and forms in clustered pyramid shapes. The double terminated Apophyllite pictured above (Photo Credit: John Betts) is incredibly rare. I have collected both clusters and single pyramids, like that pictured below, for years.

apophyllite pyramid 008(sm)-700x700 Pyramid card-1Cluster

Clear Apophyllite has the most amazing energy. I have never met a healer, holistic therapist or reiki practitioner yet who isn’t drawn to it. It expands our auric field and opens us up completely, allowing us to become a conduit for Universal energy, which easily pours through our system and out of our hands when working with clients. It is very high vibrational energy, so can take a little while to get used to.

We should all be focusing when undertaking healing work, but often a session can last for 45 minutes, so our mind will drift to what we might need to pick up from the store later or any number of issues we need to think about. Apophyllite removes the need for us to be 100% there all of the time. Pieces can be placed directly on to a client when working on them (pyramids are best for this) or clusters can be placed under the bed, between the healer’s feet, under a chair or next to a client. I often ask them to sit in a chair and hold a piece if their energy is quite tight, nervous or closed down.

Apophyllite is also one of THE best crystals to use for allergies or respiratory disorders. A friend of mine had a teenage daughter with asthma. They visited one day and the young girl began to react to our cat, which started her eyes running and chest wheezing and there was a little bit of panic as no one had an inhalor handy. I ran into the bedroom and grabbed a large Apophyllite cluster that had been made into a necklace and popped it round the girl’s neck. After five minutes, she was stunned and her mum even more so… they had never experienced anything that had eased an asthma attack outside of conventional medicine. The mum immediately asked me for a piece and wired her daughter her own Apophyllite pendant.

It also made me laugh one day when visiting another friend who suffers from allergies and asthma. I mentioned Apophyllite and they said they’d never been drawn to it, which I thought was odd as most people with asthma most certainly are drawn to Apophyllite & my friend worked on the Mind, Body and Spirit circuit, so would have come across many crystal stands. There was a large, beautiful fountain in the living room and I could see little pieces of quartz glistening in the water. I asked what they were and was told my friend had been collecting the ‘quartz’ for years, just couldn’t stop being drawn to pieces and subsequently left them scattered all over the fountain and around the living room. Upon further inspection, the ‘quartz’ was actually small pieces of Apophyllite! The water fountain was also in the middle of the living room where the large Inglenook fireplace would be lit during winter ~ so there was a water fountain cleansing the central ‘breathing’ apparatus and chimney in the house absolutely FULL of Apophyllite. Symbolic much? 😉

Fluorapophyllite ~ which most of us call Green Apophyllite, is green in colour due to extra Fluorine.

greenapoph Photo Credit: Rob Lavinsky

Whereas clear Apophyllite opens us up as a conduit for Universal energy, Green Apophyllite opens us up as a conduit for Earth energy. It strongly connects us to Nature and the heart of all matters. It clears the heart area of past emotional negativity and makes us feel whole again. Meditating under a tree or in the garden, sending roots deep down into the Earth whilst holding a piece of Green Apophyllite is a most blissful, connecting, earthy experience. I would say clear Apophyllite works best to heal others, whilst Green Apophyllite works best to heal ourselves. If you have any inclination toward healing the self or others, then this is an essential crystal to have as part of your tool kit.

With much love

Krissy XXX

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4 thoughts on “Apophyllite ~ Master Reiki Crystal”

  1. I have a couple of Apophyllite clusters and a little pyramid piece. Really lovely. I haven’t specifically used it for helping asthma, since I’ve had them, but I have had success with Reiki really helping with asthma in a friend.

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