Nzuri Moyo ~ A Rare Stone of the Heart

Nzuri Moyo ~ A Rare Stone of the Heart

Nzuri Moyo is an unusual crystal found in Namibia, Africa. Nzuri Moyo is a Swahili name that literally translated, means ‘Good Heart’.

A small deposit was discovered on a recent visit to Namibia. It was named Nzuri Moyo by the supplier who discovered it and had the material tumbled and polished up. They weren’t too sure whether it would tumble up very well at all, but as hints of the most beautiful pink could be seen within the rough, they thought they’d try it and see. The result is a beautiful, unusual stone that is probably some form of Jasper. Am sure there are some rock hound or technical guys out there who could test this for me 😉 What I love about my supplier is he isn’t greedy ~ there isn’t a lot of this stone available, he could charge a fortune, but doesn’t. That says a lot.

This stone REALLY jumped out at me when I first saw it. On holding a piece, it brought such instant soothing to my emotional and nervous system, I feel that this is a stone that has come forth to help us with all the energy that is around lately. This stone has a beautifully earth connected energy, yet without grounding or feeling heavy. It enabled me to feel balanced (which is some feat!! lol)

Nzuri Moyo is said to ease pain, inflammation, swelling and joint problems on a physical level and is said to bolster our immune system. I am assuming this is because what makes a lot of crystals green is some form of copper, which is THE mineral to ease pain and inflammation.

On working with this crystal however, I feel it more on the emotional, mental and spiritual spectrum simultaneously.  It seems to clear the mind, bringing the ability to focus. Particularly if emotions have recently been stimulated or heightened. It soothed my heart, eased the nervous system, cleared my head and I found I was able to work on quite a high level spiritually, just from keeping Nzuri Moyo in my pocket. It is unusual for such an earth connected, heart based stone to open up to such high spiritual energy. This doesn’t feel like a high vibration stone at all, it feels very earthy and supportive, gentle and tactile and a stone I want to fiddle with and hold. How it works on our on our heart/mind then frees us up to work at a higher vibrational spiritual level it seems. Maybe having sticky emotions and stuck mental thoughts slows down our ability to use our intuition and connect to Spirit?

This stone feels joyful, like its opening my heart to the good feelings in the world, allowing me to experience love and the positive in relationships. Its quite a romantic stone, appealing to the gentle, more giggly and girly side of me (yes, we all have that side of ourselves somewhere!!) 😉

I believe this stone will keep us focused on the good, on the love, on the positive ~ and we can all use that every once in awhile.

With much love

Krissy XXX

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