RARE Ocean Kyanite – Connecting the Elements of Earth, Water & Sky

RARE Ocean Kyanite – Connecting the Elements of Earth, Water & Sky

Ocean Kyanite…..what can I say. It is the rarest Kyanite on our beautiful planet (that is available to the public) and it has the most incredible energy. Worn or used with the Higher Heart chakra, it filled me with absolute connection, confidence and ability. It is my favourite of the Kyanites by far.

Unfortunately, it is one of the most difficult Kyanite’s to source. Ocean Kyanite was discovered and named by Patrick Gundersen in the Hart’s Range, Australia. He goes out to dig for minerals on a regular basis in various locations around Australia and was lucky enough to come across a vibrant teal form of Kyanite. It wasn’t green and it wasn’t blue ~ it was a brilliant teal colour, so he named it Ocean Kyanite as it reminded him of the colour of the Ocean. It is incredibly rare to find pockets of this beautiful mineral and each piece has been lovingly removed from the ground via the old fashioned method of digging and using hands! The pieces are then polished up, cut or faceted and set in the amazing Entia range of jewellery. If you’d like to see the NEW Entia range of Australian jewellery, please Click Here.  Since that original find, there hasn’t been a new deposit of this beautiful mineral discovered until recently in India. Some of these pieces are even more stunning than those first discovered.

Ocean Kyanite brings together the energy of Blue AND Green Kyanite and blends them perfectly, creating something on an energetic level that pierces straight into the Higher Heart chakra. There are many stones that work on our heart or emotions, but to be so specific to the Higher Heart is quite unusual. When I got my tiny pendant, I had to wear it on the longest chain possible to make sure it hung over my Higher Heart. Not very good for trying to show it off to people, but we have to go as guided 😉


Kyanite seems to dispel or simply shift negative energies away. Also called St. Michael’s sword, connecting to Arch Angel Michael.  Blue Kyanite is balancing, calming, soothing and pulls our chakras slowly into alignment.  That alignment is likely to throw up any issues that are causing the imbalance, so Blue Kyanite is a crystal I’d recommend using consciously. Blue Kyanite may bring these issues to the surface, but it also creates a sparkling clarity of mind, backed up by honesty, so we can work through things for our highest good.

Blue Kyanite promotes psychic ability and honest communication on all levels. As said above, Kyanite is only ever positive, so never needs to be cleansed as it retains no negative energy. It does however need to be charged up after use as we will still absorb the energy from it. Like a battery, all crystals need to be recharged every now and again. Blue Kyanite creates a bridge between us and all things spiritual. I wear it a lot at work as it keeps my mind clear & connected, my speech honest & compassionate and my body protected and in perfect alignment. There is a very high vibrational, angelic feel to all Kyanites.

I find Green Kyanite to be a deeply healing crystal, connecting to Nature, the nature elementals and Arch Angel Raphael. Green Kyanite creates a bridge between oneself and the energies of Nature and our Earth. It helps one to feel the ever-moving flow of balance, the life force of the Universe. Green Kyanite connects us to the truth of our heart and allows us to see through any veils of illusion and dishonesty. Its surprising how clever the ego is at getting us to lie to ourselves! A great crystal to use when working with one’s shadow self or ego. It is said to soothe the circulatory system and heart, lowering blood pressure.

I can understand why this ultra rare Kyanite is called Ocean Kyanite. Not only as it has the most beautiful, different colours going through it in streaks and whilst I am reminded of the sky, I can also feel water and earth in the energy of this mineral. It reminds me of being on a tropical beach, where I’m completely connected to all the elements, relaxed and at one with the world.

I have a VERY small amount of this mineral for sale. It is incredibly rare and expensive. On conducting a quick Google search this morning, I can’t find any of the mineral for sale anywhere. Please Click Here if you would like to see the Ocean Kyanite that is for sale.

Photo Credit for main picture: Thank you to Patrick Gundersen

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