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New Energy 2014 ~ Its Changing How Crystals & the Chakra System Works!

My last blog explained how the way that energy works and moves through our Universe is changing and why. Please Click Here if you’d like to read it 🙂

Following on from that, more and more of us are going to become aware, as we move more in line with the current speed of expansion, that people we once thought of gurus, peers, leaders or even pioneers in their field….are going to be repeating the same message over and over. They may issue a new book or hold some new workshops, but essentially, the message they are sharing isn’t going to change much. And those old messages, somehow, won’t seem enough. Even those amazing people will get stuck if they don’t speed up and move in line with Universal Expansion. You’ll start looking at people and thinking ‘thats the old way of doing things’. Or you may suddenly feel drawn to people you didn’t resonate with before because they will have tuned into the new energy. This has always been true of how we resonate and draw people to us, but now we’ll be much more aware of it.

A lot of the old ways are going to shift and change and that in itself will unsettle many. For example, we’ve all used the Chakra system for years as a general guide for using crystals and colours. Has anyone noticed lately that there are more and more incidents of things not falling in line with that system? There are always exceptions to the rule, but I am getting a lot more green & blue crystals and colours heading deep into the earth and no where near the heart or throat as expected. Instead of using particular colours for energy work related to specific chakras, am being called to use clear quartz time and time again, with no colour definition or specific purpose other than exactly what I intend it to be. Its a little unsetting when I’ve always used Lapis to clear stagnant mind energy and it now wants to be at people’s feet! Even though I go with the flow, its stopped me mid therapy at times as I’m very aware of a shift having occurred.

If anyone else has felt anything different, particularly energy workers or those working with crystals, please share your insights below. I think sharing is an essential part of our moving forward and discovering how to work with this faster, more expansive energy.

I see it more and more with crystals lately too…..they are no longer doing what the book says….not if it was written in the 80s or even the 90s! The atoms of crystals are being sped up and expanded in the same way we all are… they aren’t always going to do what we expect them to do.


Amethyst is a perfect example, a crystal whose metaphysical properties shifted some time ago.  DO NOT keep Amethyst in your bedroom or use it to ease nightmares or for a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t work that way any more as it absorbs too much electro magnetic energy. When crystal books were written in the 70s and 80s, there wasn’t a lot of electro magnetic energy in the world. Now, with all the satellites, mobile phones, computers, microwaves and electronics…..our planet is saturated with it and Amethyst soaks that energy up like a sponge!  Don’t just believe what I’m saying…..try it for yourself. Pop a piece under your pillow after its been sat near something electronic and see how it affects your sleep. 

Try playing with your own energy system. If you aren’t sleeping well, remove every form of electronic gadget and expansive quartz based crystal out of the bedroom. Feel any difference in the morning? I absolutely adore crystals, but have very few in my bedroom any more and only those that are set in crystal grids with VERY specific intentions. If I sleep with a crystal or have one on the bedside table, it is again, programmed with a very specific intent

One thing that takes up a lot of time is constantly updating my online A-Z of Crystals to keep up with these changes ~ if you discover something yourself, please do let me know.

The best information is that shared by people working with crystals in the here and now….not repeating or blindly believing information that was written 20 or even 10 years ago! Its weird how this expansion/time thing is working, but there is no denying it.

Next blog….manifestation and abundance….and why it may not be working.

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4 thoughts on “New Energy 2014 ~ Its Changing How Crystals & the Chakra System Works!”

  1. Nicola Tonsager

    Absolutely, totally agree. I’ve found, and shared through teaching the crystal course, that it is no longer appropriate to balance chakras with an appropriate colour related crystal because they just don’t do the job any more and that is not what our chakras need. A key thing for me and students I work with is being able to connect with a crystal and find out how it wants to work with you, at THAT moment in time because what the ‘book’ says it is going to do is just not necessarily the case anymore. Really exciting though – in a way, it feels as though the ‘restrictions’ placed around crystals by categorizing their properties has been lifted and they are now free. Nx

    1. Thank you so much for the validation Nicola and YES ~ its fantastic to have folk out there teaching the right things instead of following the same old system. Its so important that we connect to and feel our way with crystals….and trust our intuition. I find it exciting too 🙂

  2. I found during some of last year that the energies of the crystals I was being drawn to were being felt in different areas of my body than those the books stated they were to be used on, including those I bought from you. I had to move my amethyst crystal away from the bed last year too, due to sleep disruption & realised last night that I was going to have to rejig the others that I keep there, as my sleep is being disrupted once again. I tend to wear Lapis a lot, previously for throat chakra clearance… I am now speaking up & out, so wondered why I was still being consistently drawn to it & your article has made me realise it’s due to grounding issues. Oops! Thanks for the heads up…. note to self: tune in more fully when things like that happen!

    1. Fabulous sharing, thanks so much! I think we’re all going to be called to step up, tune in, pay attention and set our intent with confidence and clarity over the coming year xx

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