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Easy Guide on How to Use Crystals for Physical Healing

In layman’s terms, crystals vibrate at frequencies that can support us in healing a wide range of physical issues. A well known, documented, scientific fact is that everything vibrates at different frequencies.

So, crystals work on the principle of vibration. If we subject them to heat, light or a higher vibration (such as sound waves), it causes their atoms to move faster and rub together. This in turn creates friction, which creates the vibration. You can feel something similar by rubbing your hands together quickly. That rubbing friction creates a heat or tingle in our hands.

We, as human beings, all have a different base frequency or vibration. This is dependant on our size, height, weight, bone density and more, so each of us is very different. This base frequency is what we resonate at when we are healthy. However, if we fall ill or something isn’t working properly within our body, then the vibration in that area will change. For example, with digestion or muscular issues, our vibration is likely to drop lower. In the case of nervous disorders, anxiety or stress, it is likely to raise higher.

How often have you felt ‘not right’ without having any obvious symptoms of illness yet? We may feel off, lethargic, heavy or erratic and edgy. These can all be symptoms of our vibrations altering somewhere in our system. Many of us will feel this first before any physical symptoms manifest. I would always encourage people to see a doctor and trust that ‘not right’ feeling as it is a huge indicator of changes within our body.

When our vibrations aren’t resonating at their normal, healthy frequency somewhere in our body, crystals can help immensely! They too vibrate at different frequencies and if we can find the right crystal & place it near the area of our body that doesn’t feel right, the blend of the vibration of the crystal and the vibration in our body can level out, bringing things back into balance. Crystals are made from exactly the same chemicals that reside within our own body, which is why their vibrations combine so easily with ours to create therapeutic results.

There are two ways we can source a crystal for physical healing. One is to ask in our mind for ‘a crystal to heal my physical body’. We then peruse the internet or a selection of crystals in person and see which one we are drawn to. I will guarantee that in most cases, when we research that crystal’s properties, it will exactly match what we need. The second option is to do this the other way around….research which crystals are good for which ailments via Google or crystal books and then try to find one that resonates with us.

We will be drawn to crystals either in person or online….am not sure exactly how this works other than labelling it as ‘intuition’, but on some deeper level, we will know when we see something that can help us. It will simply stay in our mind. We may wake up thinking about it, keep seeing things during our day to day lives that remind us of it or even dream about it. If this happens, that is the crystal that can help us most at that time.

If we are handling a crystal in person, it may feel hot or cold, it may pulse or tingle. Those sensations are the result of a the vibrations of the crystal combining with the vibrations of our body ~ we all sense that reaction in different ways. For those who don’t really feel much from crystals, it might just be the shape, texture, sparkle or colour that captures our attention. Some people work on a sensory level, others work on a visual level. Either way, we will be really drawn to or enraptured by a particular crystal.


Once we’ve sourced a crystal that can help us on a physical level, there are numerous ways to use it. Firstly, make sure the crystal has been cleansed and charged. Contrary to some information going around on the internet at the moment, crystals WILL run out of vibration over a period of time, they are not self generating. If you’d like to test this theory, shut some crystals away in a drawer for a few months. When you take them out, it’ll feel like they’ve run out of energy or are dull ~ if a crystal was self generating, it would feel exactly the same as when we put it in there! If you’re not sure how to cleanse and charge a crystal, please Click Here for detailed information.

If you’ve been drawn to a tumblestone & know what it is for, hold the crystal in your hand and in your mind, ask it to work on whatever the particular issue may be. This is commonly known as programming a crystal. Then lay down quietly, place the crystal near or on the affected area and imagine pure, white light or energy flowing from the crystal into your body. The crystal will do it’s work regardless of what we do, but it is nice to set our intention and do a little visualisation work at the same time as it seems to move things along at a faster rate.

If you’re not sure why you’ve been drawn to a crystal, hold it in your hand and ask it to work ‘for my highest good’.  We can also carry a crystal with us, either in a bra or pocket, but it must be close to our body. It will do it’s work whilst we go about our day. We can  wear crystals as jewellery. If we are given a crystal or piece of gemstone jewellery, it is interesting to remember back to the time we received it and look up what it means. I guarantee that in 99% of cases, it will always be exactly what we needed at that time. It doesn’t matter if the crystal is near the exact area of our body where things are out of balance. Our body will absorb the vibrations it needs and direct that energy to the right place.

If we are drawn to a crystal cluster (such as Apophyllite), we can place it on our bedside table. When we sleep, the energetic field around our body (called an aura) relaxes and expands outwards. It will soak up the energy of any crystals that are nearby. When we wake, our auric field pings back close to our body again, bringing the energy of the crystal with it. It might take a bit of experimenting as some crystals can make restful sleep difficult, so if you try this and find you don’t sleep, the bedside table is not the best place to put that particular cluster. Try keeping it close to you when you’re awake, say on a table next to your favourite chair, on a desk at work or next to the sink if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Crystal Therapists such as myself are trained in how to place crystals on particular parts of the body for specific effects. We are taught how to identify where there are vibrational discrepancies in the body and how to use a combination of crystals to try to bring those vibrations back to the client’s healthy, normal state. Most of us are taught to work on a physical level and with the Chakra System. Click Here if you would like to read more about Crystals & The Chakra System.

The below table details the best crystals I have used for various common ailments. I hope having this easy reference guide to hand will provide a ‘first-step’ when looking for a crystal to help with a physical problem. This list simply details the crystals I’ve had the best results with over the past two decades, it is by no means extensive. If you wished to have a small collection of crystals specifically for physical healing however, you can’t go wrong with the below. Most are easily obtainable and affordable.  There are so many options out there and everyone responds in different ways, so always trust your own intuition and that gut feeling and choose what works best for you.

Crystals for Physical Healing

CrystalPhysical Issue
ApophylliteRespiratory system, lungs, asthma, allergies
Black TourmalineLower back, spinal issues
BloodstoneBlood disorders, cramp, muscular issues, menstrual pain
Blue Lace AgateNervous system, brain, epilepsy, throat, eyes, vision
ChrysocollaArthritis, joints, aches, pain, inflammation, swelling, muscular issues, diabetes, pancreas.
CitrineIBS, Crohn's Disease, digestive system, stomach
GarnetBlood disorders, iron deficiency, renal system, circulatory system, cardiovascular system, heart (if pulse is slow or arteries blocked/clogged)
HowliteBones, teeth, vitamin absorption, liver, kidneys, renal system
Lapis LazuliHeadaches, migraines
MalachiteArthritis, joints, aches, pain, inflammation, swelling, muscular issues, diabetes, pancreas, liver, kidneys, renal system
SugiliteBurns, inflammation, headaches, migraines, high blood pressure

I hope you’ve found this blog useful. Have a wonderful day 🙂

With bright blessings

Krissy xxx

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