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Crystal Grids ~ How To Grid A Room or Building

Following on from the highly popular blog Crystal Grids ~ A Simple ‘How To’ Guide, I have been asked to write a further blog detailing how to grid an individual room and different types of buildings. The following information is my own personal experience over the past 25+ years. Other people may have other methods and if that works for them or for you, fantastic. There is no right/wrong way, only your way and I would avoid anyone who insists that their method is the only method.

Reading the ‘How To’ guide first, will explain the basics of Grid Building and directional energy & provides a link to finding your own, personal energy directions, negating the need to repeat information in this blog. So please read the ‘Simple Guide’ first, then follow on with this blog 🙂

I tend to come at larger structures and areas of land from a slightly different perspective to setting up a small, personal Crystal Grid. To grid an entire building or piece of land, we need to use bigger crystals as we’re covering a large area. My personal experience has been that ‘calling in’ support from the Universe/Spirit or whatever works for you really boosts the energy of a grid.

I learned this method whilst studying and exploring indigenous cultures such as Celtic, Far Eastern, Aboriginal, Native American and witchy methods of casting circles and directing energy. We have used energy gridding for centuries, aligning pyramids, churches and buildings to the stars or the Earth’s Ley Lines. You only have to follow the Saint Micheal Ley Line from Land’s End to Hopton in the UK and see the amount of churches, stone circles, Henges and Abbeys that have been built along it, to realise that someone must have felt the energy of the Ley Line at some point in the past in order to designate it a place of ‘power’ on which to build. Below pic of the Earth’s Ley Lines courtesy of Forever Conscious, shared with gratitude.

The following method is one that works for me. I’ll start with the basics, then detail how to call in Universal/Spirit energy in the second section. We are all different, so please call on whatever energy works best for you! I have cast circles and created grids calling in/honouring directional energy and have done so without. I urge you to have some fun and experiment as the difference in energy is remarkable! Even if you feel like a loonie, give it a try (and don’t freak out!) 😉



The method to create a crystal grid in a room or building is very similar. The crystals used need to be larger than that used for small, personal grids. I recommend a hand held sized chunk, point or piece of crystal for a room and the same size or larger for a building. For a small room, large tumblestones or smaller chunks would suffice. Use your intuition and choose what feels right to you.

For a single room, the main five directions of Centre, East, South, West and North are enough to create a grid as the energy can become overwhelming otherwise. Keep it simple. The more crystals you add or mix together, the more energy you’re asking to work together to a confined space ~ and that’s not always a good thing. You’ll know if you’ve overdone it as it simply won’t feel ‘right’ or you’ll get a headache. Using two different crystals in a grid (same for four main directions and a different one for the centre) works well. Start off small and add more after you’ve created a few different grids and experimented with the energy/effects of them.

To grid a building, I would add more crystals around the external layers of the grid to cover the larger area.  So instead of just setting a crystal at the main directional points, we add additional crystals at the midway points of NE, SE, NW and SW. So for a room you’ll need a minimum of 5 crystals and for an entire building, a minimum of 9.

Within a room, the main directions are fine. If the room is big, you can try adding more crystals if it feels right to do so. However, I’ve found a Room Crystal Grid works better with bigger pieces of fewer crystals ~ so we’re ramping up the energy and strength of vibration without causing too much confusion. If you can’t place a crystal exactly on the directional point due to the shape of or furniture in the room, please don’t worry. Just place it as close as you can (windowsill, floor, hanging, on a shelf, under a sofa etc) and ensure you put as much intention as possible into the direction it represents. For a building, you can place crystals within the structure or you can bury them outside in the Earth. I personally bury mine outside as it ensures the energy of the Crystal Grid stretches beyond the building and encapsulates it…….. particularly if you wish to set a grid for protection or to balance out geopathic stress.

Crystals emanate a globe of energy around them, so will extend above and below as well as outwards in all directions. It’s a good idea to visualise them as globes of energy stretching out as far as you think is reasonable. For a large tumblestone, imagine a tennis ball sized globe. For a hand held sized chunk of Rose Quartz, imagine a beach ball sized globe.

  • The first and most integral part of setting a large Crystal Grid is finding the centre of it. Using a compass, ascertain the central point of the room or building. Then, using a compass again, work out the directional points from the central point in the room/building (North, South, East and West for a room, add in the extra midway directions as mentioned above for a building). If you’re not sure how to use a compass, please Click Here.  Once you know exactly where the centre and main directional points are and you have your 5 or 9 crystals ready, proceed to ground and centre yourself in the middle of the room/building. Ensure you are calm, clear minded and have a very clear intention of what you wish to achieve.

  • Always start in the Centre and walk to the East first. When setting a grid, you will literally create a line of energy as you walk from point to point. I imagine a grid like a molecule ~ the crystals are the globes and they are connected by lines between each point/globe. Place the first crystal in the East and work clockwise from there. Program the crystal by holding it in your hand and thinking very clearly in your mind ‘you are programmed to protect and deflect negative energy in the East’ (if setting a grid for protection for example), then place it down. The more you can visualise and put feeling behind the programming, the better it will work. There is no limit to visualisation and imagination when setting a grid!

  • Walk from the East to the South. As you do so, imagine a wall of energy going up behind you, around an inch thick. As reiki energy would be channelled through your body if you were healing, it’s the same principle as being an energetic conduit for a grid. My walls are sparkly gold and royal blue (they can be whatever colour you choose). I walk a sparkly line in front of me and imagine a huge, shimmering wall of energy going up behind me with each step. As each crystal is buried (if gridding outside a building) or placed in position (inside the building), imagine that wall of energy reaching up into the sky and deep down into the earth at that point. Then, in your mind, pull that wall of energy behind you to the next point. You will have connected one point to another, energized it and programmed it. You can use your hands to guide the energy or imagine energy flowing from your hands, feet or whole body if you wish ~ whatever works for you!

  • Move on from point to point, walking from North back to East. You don’t have to do anything in the East this time, simply imagine the wall connecting from North to East. Then move from the East, back into the Centre of the grid. By the time the whole grid is walked, I usually imagine in my mind a column of pure golden, super sparkly light reaching up into the heavens and deep down into the Earth as far as the eye can see at each directional point. There are walls of blue and golden shimmering energy as the connecting grid walls. Everything connects into the centre – multidimensional and multi directional.

  • Often in a building, it isn’t possible to bury anything in the centre. Therefore, do something symbolic as you walk from East back to the Centre point of the building/room.  You can put a crystal, plant or picture in the area, draw a tiny symbol on the floor ~ the actual item doesn’t matter, as long it is something that has meaning to you and the grid you are creating. The centre and directions don’t have to be exact as many buildings don’t make that possible (the centre of my old flat in Norwich was the boiler so I taped things to it!), just be as accurate as you can with whatever will fit in the area. Your intention will take care of the rest.

  • Finally, on reaching the Centre, I place the central crystal in place and ask the Universe to imbue the grid with energy and to ignite the grid. At this point, everything morphs into a gold & royal blue, shimmering globe that encapsulates the entire room or building. The grid is now set.

  • To cover an entire building, set the main directional points first. Then, instead of walking from East back to Centre, walk the grid again, this time stopping at the midway directional points So walk E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, N and NE before returning to the Eastern point and then walking back to the Centre again. You can use slightly smaller crystals for the midway points than you have in the main directional points if you wish to save on cost. When adding midway directional points to a grid, we’ve already created the initial wall of energy the first walk round ~ so what I do at each of the midway points is firstly, imagine another golden column of light going up/down at that point and I then thicken the energy of the wall to three or four inches.



Starting in the East and setting the directions of a grid follows the same processes as many of the ancient cultures, whether North American, Maori, Inuit, Mayan, Aboriginal, Celtic, Pagan etc. – most start in the East when casting a circle or magical space. Know that you have the power within to create this grid, to set intention and to change the complete energy of the area, no matter how big it may seem.

You can do this as alone or with the help of others, but it is the crystals being buried into the earth or placed in position and the intention of the grid that are most important. Every time you wish to strengthen the grid, you can do so remotely. Simply think of your intention and imagine energy flowing into the grid as you would imagine energy flowing across the world for distant healing (visualise that energy flowing in whatever way works for you ~ either from above or below depending on whether you are Earth or Star orientated ~ or both!).

To move a crystal at any point would disrupt the energy of the grid, so it would need to be set again from scratch. You may want to change the grid as it has completed its work or you may wish to tweak it if something has changed. Or in my case, you may just have a loonie pet who decides to pick up said crystal and disappear it somewhere or you may have kids that could knock crystals out of position when playing etc. Either way, once the grid has been disrupted, it must be started again from scratch. I am not sure why this is the case, it’s just something I’ve noticed over the years. I’ve tried to just put a crystal back where it should be, but it doesn’t work.

To grid a piece of land, simply work out the centre point and follow exactly the same procedure as you would to grid a building. You could grid your garden for example to promote Earth Healing or grid an area to grow vegetables so that the soil is abundant & rich in minerals and healthy.

Depending on your preference, the following is quite a magical way to set a grid as it calls in some powerful Elemental and directional energies. This extra addition of energy to a grid will appeal to some, but not others. Please take what works for you and leave the rest 🙂




Ensure you are calm, centred and free from distractions. You can play music if you wish as it adds another element of sound vibration to the grid. Lovely if you wish to set a large grid around your home for ‘peace’ for example 🙂

I personally choose to honour the directions as our ancient indigenous cultures have always done, but you can change the wording as you see fit to respect your own philosophy.

Start in the East. Stand in the Eastern point, dig a small hole for the crystal to be buried in or focus on the point you’ll place the crystal inside the house and say:

In the East, the element of Air; communication, reason and memory, our first breath and our last, you are honored.  Energetic beings of the East, be present and bring to this grid your gifts of clarity, teaching, learning and understanding.’ Imagine the energies flowing in to the Eastern area, feel it move through your body. Set your intention for the grid by holding the crystal and telling it what the grid is going to be for and what job you want it to do (programming). Then bury/place the crystal in the East and thank any energetic beings that have assisted you.

Then walk to the next directional point, imagining energy flowing up behind you as you walk, creating a wall from one point to the next exactly as described above.

Repeat the process for each direction.

In the South, the element of Fire; inspiration, passion and courage, the spark that ignited our existence, you are honoured.  Energetic beings of the South, be present and bring to this grid your gifts of willpower, daring and creativity. Program and then bury/place a crystal in the South.

In the West, the element of water, intuition, dreams and emotions, seas, rain, rivers and the primordial waters of birth, you are honoured.  Be present and bring to this grid your gifts of love, balance and healing. Program and then bury/place a crystal in the West.

In the North, the element of Earth; fertility, stability and practicality, rock, crystal, soil, bones and body, you are honoured.  Energetic beings of the North, be present and bring to this grid your gifts of sheltered protection and manifestation. Program and then bury/place a crystal in the North.

If you’re including the midway directional points in the building/large room as well as the main directions, walk in a clockwise direction again placing crystals in each midway point as mentioned previously. I don’t call in any further elements for the midway points, simply because the aim of adding them is to strengthen and thicken the walls of the existing grid. If elemental energy were added to these points, it would overwhelm the grid and probably make it quite uncomfortable to be in the room/building.

Then walk to the Central point of the grid. This is where all of the energy is brought together and anchored with a symbol, crystal, picture etc. Say:

‘In the centre, the element of Spirit, connection and magic, weaver and web, you are.  Energetic beings of Light, be present and bring to this grid your gifts of transformation. Program and then bury/place a crystal or other symbolic item in the centre.

See the grid being ignited and energized, feel the intention and energy flow from all directions, above, below and within.  Know that your grid has been set and thank those that have assisted:

‘Energetic Beings, Ancestors & Spirit, we thank you for your presence, for your energetic support, for love and light, for night and change.  We ask for your blessing as you depart.’

Throughout this process, you may feel fluxes of energy. Try not to freak out 😉  Some points won’t have much, others may blow you away. Sometimes you can feel the grid being ignited and its amazing. At other times, barely a whisper of energy flows, but as the days pass and more energy and intent is sent to the grid, you may feel it grow or even feel the ‘walls’ of energy as you pass through them.  Trust your intuition, listen to your higher self and go with the flow.

I have created grids and cast circles outside, where the wind has blown through the trees (very obviously) when calling in energy for the East, the Earth has warmed in the North or a beam of sunlight has broken through cloud when calling in energies for the South. I’ve often heard music or whispers or felt something brush against or swirl around me when calling in energy. Believe it or not, I’ve got a healthy sceptical streak ~ so those experiences both scared me a little and blew me away at the same time!


Q. How small can a grid be?

A.  A grid can be as small or large as you like. However, to create a grid, at least 5 stones are required. One in the centre and one at each directional point, although the centre point of a small grid could also be something like a photograph to represent a person you wish to send healing to. The size of the crystals does not matter, it is your intention when setting the grid that is important. Herkimer Diamonds can be tiny for example, but I have often set four on the directions with a photo in the middle to amplify the intent for distance healing for example.

Q. Can I make a crystal grid in my car for safety?

A. Unfortunately not. A car’s direction would change constantly and because it is so mobile, the energy of a grid simply wouldn’t hold within something that moves that much. Instead I recommend keeping a piece of Turquoise ~ The Traveller’s stone in the car for protection. Please click the link if you’d like to read my informative blog on Turquoise.

Q. How long does a grid’s power last?

A. At most, I’d say a month. My personal grids are small and mobile (placed on a wooden yantra or strong A4 hardback book), so I pick those up and pop them in sunlight for half an hour, every few weeks, to ensure the crystals are cleansed and charged. I’ll then reaffirm the intention of the grid as I place it back in position. If you work with the grid on a daily basis by sending out your intention again, running your hand over it using reiki, practising visualisation or meditating/sleeping near the grid, it will last a month, which is great for those who like to follow the lunar calendar. Energy can shift/change so quickly however, it’s best to reset a grid every four weeks. For a room/building, a grid will also last a month. I’ll dismantle mine, pop them in the grass in the garden on a sunny day whilst I clean through the room, then reset the grid again. The only grid that does not need to be reset are those for buildings where the crystals are buried in the ground. They will constantly be charged by the Earth. I would still send regular thoughts, energy and intention to an outdoor grid however and would walk the lines of it it occasionally to sense the energy and reaffirm it’s intention.

Q. How do I grid my flat if people are living above or below me?

A. You would grid your entire flat as you would a building (see pic above), only the crystals would have to remain on the inside.

Q. How do I bury my crystals in the Earth without damaging them?

A. If you’re gridding a building by burying crystals in the earth around it, the best protection and geopathic stress crystals are Shungite and Black Tourmaline. They are not pretty and absolutely LOVE being buried in the earth in their raw state ~ when you dig them out of the earth again after a few weeks, the energy is incredible. So even if you don’t resonate personally with these two stones, try to use them for large grids if you can as they work better than most other minerals. However, if you’d rather not bury your crystals directly in the earth, pop them in a really thin sandwich bag to protect them ~ anything thin and waterproof is fine (NOT tupperware ~ thick plastic disrupts energy flow).

Q. Can you make a grid from different crystals or do grids all have to be the same type of crystal?

A. You can make a grid with as few or as many crystals as you wish. However, I have found that a maximum of 4-5 different crystals that all blend well together for the same purpose is about the maximum as otherwise, the energy is too chaotic and jumbled. Too many crystals is an overwhelm of energy, so the grid doesn’t really know what it’s doing, even if you set a strong intention. Simplicity is the key to working with energy. The theory around energy work is complicated, the practice however works best when things are kept clear and simple.  I have often seen grids that are visually stunning, but the energy of 50 different pieces of crystal feels absolutely awful, with no clarity on what the grid is actually for. If you’re just starting out with gridding, start simple. Just choose 1, 2 or maximum 3 crystals that resonate for you and get a feel for gridding. You can move onto more intensive grids as a natural progression of practising.

Q. Does a grid have to be set differently for geopathic stress?

A. No, the same procedure is followed. It would be the intent that is important and the crystals used. Shungite is the most powerful mineral to deflect or protect from EMFs and geopathic stress as it contains a rare Carbon 60 molecule. Click Here to read my informative blog on Shungite.

I have a lot of crystals in stock, so if you’re looking for anything in particular, whether large or small, please drop me a line. I also take commissions to make Personal Grids (no extra cost). A few examples of recent commissions below are the grids below. The first to draw feminine energy into a home dominated by masculine energy, very soft and soothing, whilst the grid below was created with a very specific physical healing element that also incorporated healing for animals.

I hope you have found this blog helpful, please do get in touch if you have any questions.
With love and cosmic hugs 🙂
Krissy xxx

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8 thoughts on “Crystal Grids ~ How To Grid A Room or Building”

  1. Namaste,

    How do I know what crystals to use for my grid and what there energy contains; i.e; for protection. love, truth etc?

    Peace and light x

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Ellen

      Please refer to my blog Crystal Grids, A Simple Guide as it gives several examples of which crystals to use:

      Also, there is a drop down menu under ‘Crystals’ at the top of the main page of the website with an extensive A-Z that gives you all the energetic properties of each crystal:

      Lastly, there is a search engine on the front page so you can type in any words you wish and it will show you crystals or blogs that are relevant.

      Many thanks and bright blessings

  2. Hi Krissy! How would you grid an attached townhome on the land? (My townhome has neighbors on either side but I want to grid just my townhome to the land following your directions for gridding a building). How would this be done? Thank you!

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Carrie

      I’d bury a crystal at the end point of your property, even if it joins someone else’s. Intention is the most important thing, so I’d place crystals at those points at the front & back of the house by popping one down, then walking an energetic line through the house to the other point. Effectively creating a line that separates your property from next doors. Hope that makes sense. Many thanks, Krissy

  3. Hi. I was wondering whether a grid in the shape of a pentacle
    rather than the 4 directions points and in the center is as or more or
    less appropriate for gridding a detached duplex that is surrounded
    by neighbours and has severe geopathicstress as is ex farming land
    due to poisiones, underground water and feudal neighbours.
    I have the 5 peices of aventurine (newly acquired broke into 5 pieces
    within 5 minutes of it being in the house) this definately confirmed
    my intuition that it was to grid my duplex. As it is long overdue and
    and it’s now become pressingly imperative.
    So basically should I go with the Pentacle layout? Or should I stick
    with the 4 directions and one in the Center of the house?
    Or are both viable and it’s my choice.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Lorinda ~ great question, thank you! My only caution would be that the pentacle is a powerful symbol and whatever is associated with that symbol will be drawn into your home if you use it in a grid. This isn’t necessarily our perception of the symbol, but it’s true energy, which many are not aware of. I try not to involve symbology in grid work unless am 100% certain of what that symbol means in it’s truest form and the energy it represents. The elements do not work with a pentacle in the same way, so you’d also need to look into wicca to understand how & if they are happy to work with a pentacle and how you could draw them in. The elements are primary direction based (N, S, E, W), which a pentacle is not. Hope that helps and happy gridding 🙂

  4. Love your site. It’s very helpful and informative. I do have one question. In the two example grids above. What stones did you use in the HEALING GRID that also incorporated healing for animals?

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Tina, thank you for the lovely feedback, it’s much appreciated 🙂 Peridot and Blue Lace Agate are really good for animals as both soothe in different ways, particularly the Blue Lace. If I had an anxious or fearful animal, those are the two stones I’d reach for immediately.

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