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Golden Healer Quartz ~ Harnessing Our Inner Power

Golden Healer Quartz is a beautiful crystal that is really coming into it’s own this year. The frequency vibration of crystals is following the evolutionary process we are all undergoing, so new or less commonly known crystals are suddenly being found in large amounts and released into the World. Their vibrations are higher, encouraging and supporting us in attaining a higher vibration within ourselves.

Golden Healer Quartz is found in various deposits around the world, the largest being in Wales and China. A true Golden Healer Quartz is defined as a quartz that has iron oxide growing just beneath the surface of, or in layers within, the crystal. In particular, the colour of the iron oxide is yellow (rather than the usual red associated with iron).

Golden Healers can be milky through to crystal clear and range in colour from a pale yellow, to lemon, to a deep golden or mustard colour.  The highest energy Golden Healer crystals are clear quartz with deep, dark, golden iron oxide. These are extremely shiny, bright and clear.

Golden Healers are said to contain a high and wide ratio of healing frequencies that facilitate multi dimensional and multi faceted healing for both ourselves and in crystal grids for buildings, areas of land or the Earth.

The iron oxide within the crystal boosts it’s energy and if we direct that energy with focused intent, from a place of love, it is extremely effective. Multi faceted healing tools such as Apophyllite, Shamanic Dreamstones and Brandberg crystals allow us to transform ourselves holistically, ensuring that our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing experiences stay in line with each other.

Using these crystal tools to shift old patterns and heal past wounds allows for deep healing as every single part of our energy system is slowly, over time, rewired and reignited! If something, someone or a situation is no longer working for us, we will simply move away from it. I’ve read in some books that Golden Healer’s create massive change with little fuss or effort, but haven’t found this to be true.

Golden Healers work in a calm way, but the changes they help us to make are deep and on multiple levels. This can often be challenging and it doesn’t happen overnight. We may spend a little time working on our emotions, then on our thoughts, then trying to see things from a higher, spiritual perspective & then integrating these insights on a deeper level ~ alongside healing any physical ailments we may have. This takes a little time and for some it takes a lot of effort. Because this crystal is so effective, we need to be aware that working with it is likely to feel amazing, but we are also going to release a LOT of ‘stuff’.

Golden Healers tend to release negative energy within us, whether that be in the form of critical thinking patterns, unhealthy emotional behaviour, past pain, stagnant energy or a lack of deeper awareness of a situation.

These crystals are a force to be reckoned with ~ not so much in how they feel, but in what they do as they are a refreshing, positive wake up call. They make us walk our talk and do the work we know we should be doing ~ or that we are struggling to process.  The pay out at the end of that hard work is immense! We are all learning, growing and changing every single day, but to change on a level that registers within our soul is a very deep and incredibly empowering experience.



We all have the power within us to transform our lives ~ Golden Healers help us harness that power, first for ourselves, then for the good of all. If there are any current or past life experiences regarding the giving/taking of personal power, trust issues, lack of belief in self/others or lack of self confidence/esteem, which reside energetically in the stomach/solar plexus area, then a Golden Healer is the crystal to work with to understand, accept, cleanse, clear and start anew.

Golden Healers direct us away from listening to that inner self critic and the voice of the Ego Mind towards listening to and trusting our intuition ~ that ‘gut feeling’ if you will 😉 They connect our source of power (solar plexus) to our source of spiritual connection (crown) so when we have done the work required of us, the confidence, empowerment and wisdom that flows forth is incredible.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a Golden Healer is it’s ability to help us heal things right from the start of our Soul’s existence. If we are working on healing ancestral or past life patterns/wounds ~ things that have been brought along with us, unhealed from a previous life ~ or perhaps a pattern of behaviour passed on from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter etc. then this is the crystal to work with.

I haven’t worked with a Golden Healer on past life issues, but personally, am healing ancestral family patterns in this lifetime. The buck stops with me ~ I know what the patterns are, which side of the family they have been passed down on, whether it is masculine/feminine energy and that they cannot be passed on to my children. My Golden Healer allowed me to bring everything together into a place of clarity. It helped me to understand, to accept and forgive, which are not easy things to do when dealing with deep wounds or particularly unpleasant behavioural traits.

On a physical level, use a Golden Healer to cleanse and heighten the positive energy in the body ~ it works to heal all internal organs, particularly the stomach & digestive system alongside strengthening the immune system. If we aren’t focusing on the right healing methods for these issues, a Golden Healer will gently guide us towards what will work for us. Whether that be conventional medication, a specialist, a counsellor or something more holistic or spiritual ~ we are guided for our highest good to what will help us the most.

A Golden Healer will work wonders for you if you have issues with anything to do with the Solar Plexus area. Issues such as lack of trust (in self, others or the bigger picture), past trauma/abuse, giving or having your power taken away, stomach disorders, lack of self confidence, low self esteem, the courage to speak your truth (the energy for speaking our truth comes from the Solar Plexus, not the Throat Chakra), ancestral or past life work. These are also fabulous tools if you find yourself stuck or stagnating on a spiritual level~ they clear any negative energy around the Crown chakra so we can start to intuit things clearly again.

To use a Golden Healer, sit quietly with it in whatever way feels comfortable to you. Imagine a Golden Ray of light beaming down through the top of your head, filling the body with sparkly, golden, brightly shining, light energy. See it connect to the Golden Healer and explode that energy outward in a cascade of glistening sparkles. See your entire body aglow with clean, pure energy.

These crystals can be placed on the bedside table (although remove if it disturbs sleep), under a healing bed, laid on the body during crystal healing therapies or just placed on the solar plexus (belly button area) if you wanted to lie back on a bed and see how it feels. A Golden Healer is also a fabulous boost when incorporated into healing grids or altars for World or Earth healing.

With love and bright blessings

Krissy  XXX




7 thoughts on “Golden Healer Quartz ~ Harnessing Our Inner Power”

  1. Tiffany Stephens

    Hi Krissy, perfect synchronicity. My golden healer has been sitting used on my shelf for years. Just the other day I put it out at the full moon. Now you have sent this…..time for some work. Thank you. Tiffany XxX

    1. You’re most welcome ~ isn’t it magical how the Universe brings us what we need 🙂 xx

  2. Will you be getting any more golden healers to sell? I don’t see any available in your online store.

    1. Hi Bridget, I obtained some more from my supplier yesterday so will be listing them as soon as possible. I’ll at least put a few pieces on by Friday. Thank you and have a lovely day 🙂

  3. Hello…
    I just wandering if you can tell me, how to know between the real and the fake stone please?… I love this stone very much!.. Golden Healer Quartz Crystal is the best!… Thank You!… OmaLP xx

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi OmalP 🙂

      True Golden Healer Quartz looks like quartz with layerings of yellow inside. The colour is rarely uniform and there is no bleeding of the colour. The fake stones tend to have a more uniform colour, yellow on the outside or if they are yellow on the inside, where there are cracks and fissures, it will look like the colour has bled into the cracks ~ a clear sign that the inside has been dyed. Hope that helps and have a great day 🙂 Krissy

  4. Cherry Blackmore

    Just – literally just, as in, it arrived in the post about half an hour ago – got a Golden Healer Quartz cluster, natural and still on its matrix. The funny thing is, it looks like it was found only about 2-3 miles from my home! A lovely warm and potent energy, almost like Heliodor but with a Quartz signature instead of a Beryl one, it makes my palm itch! Of course, Golden Healer Quartz, like Heliodor, is a Solar Gem; the rest of the family are Citrine, Topaz, Peridot, Amber and Yellow Sapphire. I’m only missing Yellow Sapphire now. My new baby flooded my aura with gold light, and I feel very different in the half an hour or so I’ve had it: I feel ALIGHT! 😄

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