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Grandidierite ~ Getting to the Roots of our Heart & Soul

Grandidierite was first discovered in 1902 by a Frenchman who was exploring southern Madagascar. This man named the mineral after his predecessor, Alfred Grandidier, who explored and documented much of Madagascar’s natural habitat and resources in the late 1800s. Small deposits have been found in other areas of the World such as Sri Lanka, but none have produced the quality of the stones found in Madagascar.

This mineral isn’t mined in the traditional way. It’s so incredibly rare as it is only found in small pockets that are quickly depleted. To date, there are only a few 100 gemstone quality, cut stones in the World. Often the finds are clear with very little colour, which is why there are so few pieces and very few people know about this mineral. There is currently a 2.92 carat, cut gemstone selling for $69,000! This is not a mineral to buy in jewellery unless it’s from a trusted seller or it comes with a certificate of carat value from a reputable jeweller. It is one of the rarest gemstones in the World.

Grandidierite is a trichroic crystal, meaning it can exhibit three different colours: blue, green & yellow or a mixture of those. It is fascinating to pass a polished piece under light and see the different colours and shimmers within. There are often layers that take you deep into the crystal both visually and energetically.

The energy of polished Grandidierite is strong, deep and pulsing. There are shimmers, flashes or sparkle under the surface. It holds a calm, stabilising ‘adult/present’ energy, whilst simultaneously lighting up the heart & eliciting a feeling of ‘magic’ in the air. If you prefer gentle energies, work with a rough piece as it’s far lighter and slower, which is the preferable route for some. We all move forwards at a different pace.

Grandidierite is a heart centred stone that packs a punch. I’ve never worked with anything like it. It is grounding, stabilising, supportive and very feminine. However, it contains the highest form of POWER in our feminine energy at any given time. It’s a strong energy to work with. For me personally, it moved me into the energy of acceptance and vulnerability within one day of working with a polished pebble.

It has allowed me to access & release heartbreak, an emotional energy I didn’t even know my system was holding. Heartbreak that was getting in the way of my ability to trust. I also released tremendous amounts of grief and fear ~ my feeling was I was being supported in my heart to love and care for myself on levels I’d never been able to before. I don’t feel the Grandidiertie triggered any of this emotion or experience ~ rather, it had my back in what I was going through and kept redirecting me towards my strength & power in the most loving ways. As I moved through these periods of emotional release & healing, it was like layers of stress and emotional pressure/overwhelm started to lift.

Grandidierite Faceted Gemstones from Gem Rock Auctions

We’re often told to let things go ‘with love’. This wonderful mineral has allowed me to truly embody that. When we let go, we experience emotional freedom and our heart naturally opens more in response. Think about letting go of a toxic person, habit, addiction or food type. The freedom we feel afterwards is almost tangible as we’re so much better off.

Grandidierite has supported me fully in letting go of things that simply aren’t mine and to sit comfortably, stress free and happily in a place of observation & response. It has allowed me to let go of so much more than that too, including being wired primarily into a fight, flight or freeze response the majority of my life! Supporting us in letting go of fear has got to be one of the biggest gifts this mineral can bring. We have to do the work though, the stone won’t magically make our fear disappear on it’s own.

Grandidierite supports us in our surrender and vulnerability, in our intuition and ability to step into compassion and love, in inner child work and deep, deep healing. Whether we wish to direct this energy towards ourselves, to address any wounding we may have around the feminine (brilliant for men to work on their masculine energy that has been damaged by the feminine), to work with our inner child by learning how to listen to, accept, comfort and hold them, to focus on healing our Core Wound should we wish, giving us the emotional strength to do so ~ or to tune into & align with the rhythm of our Soul ~ Grandidierite holds us through the deepest self work we can ever do.

For me, it moves us towards becoming the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother. With healing our wounds that are ancestral and passed down from mother to child, generation after generation. Grandidierite takes us deep into Mother Earth and deep into ourselves, forming a connection with all parts of ourselves ~ our darkness and our light. It allows old emotions to bubble to the surface so we may acknowledge them, feel them, comfort the wounded part of ourselves and then release them. To taste and experience freedom from that which weighs us down, often without our knowledge.

I don’t know if Grandidierite pulls us towards a place of joy or if it simply expands that vibration once we’re in it, but I’ve felt so much happier with it in my pocket than not. Eventually, I’ll integrate all of the energy and feel just as happy without it, but for now, it’s helping me bridge that movement from old energy into the new.

This incredibly rare mineral is not for the feint hearted. There are plenty of crystals that support the heart chakra, self love and emotional healing. Not at this level though. Grandidierite goes right to the roots, to the core of our issues and emotions, connecting us to our absolute truth and authenticity in all it’s glory. So we may truly release that which no longer serves and step into the power of our heart and Soul ~ as the strong, amazing, unique, magical individuals we all are.

As always, if you have any experiences you’d love to share to help others in working with this energy, please do comment below as we can all learn from each other x

With love and brightest of blessings






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