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Why Use a Crystal or Any Energy Tool for that Matter?

Hello and welcome to my latest blog. I’ve been asked recently about vibration and how that works with crystals or any form of energetic tool (wands, pendulums, lazer points, shamanic drums, feathers or rattles etc.).

Many of us have been taught that a high vibration is good and a low vibration is bad. I feel this does most people a disservice as energy tools don’t necessarily work that way.

With crystals, it’s better to view vibration as faster or slower. This removes the idea that high/low is equal to good/bad.

It is definitely healthier to work towards vibrating at a higher frequency in general, but our body has it’s neutral, base energy (which can be high or low) and our day to day lives can affect that base energy, causing it to spike or dip. We could be feeling great, then come into contact with a person or situation that lowers our vibe.

If we study how that makes us feel……. for example, if it makes us feel insecure, if we’ve empathed with someone when we really should have stronger boundaries or if it makes us feel angry, rejected, helpless or sad, there’s something in those emotions for us to explore. If we can examine, work with, heal or release those negative feelings, we are able to remain in our neutral, base vibration and not let others energy affect our own.

There is also the issue of diet and environment. In the absence of emotional issues or unhealthy mental thought patterns, many of our physical issues stem from the amount of toxins we consume, use and breathe. Dairy is inflammatory, wheat has become incredibly toxic over the years, meat is full of hormones, processed food is full of things our body has to work hard to detoxify. The more our body has to work to remove toxins, the lower our base, neutral vibration becomes.

We have four energy systems or layers that combine into one. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. To truly raise our base vibration to a higher level, change has to occur on all four levels. Only then will our system upgrade. This is why holistic (whole-istic) healing is so important ~ as we must look at all aspects of our energy system, not just one or two.

The core aim of using energy/vibrational tools is to bring things back down to our own, neutral vibration. This base vibration will be different for everyone based on their levels of awareness, wounding, their environment, family dynamics, relationship dynamics, spiritual development, physical body mass, state of mind, diet etc.

There are so many different parts of ourselves ~ that is why one crystal will work for one person and do nothing for another ~ each person’s individual vibration is specific and unique to only them. No one else will carry that exact vibration. Many may connect to or resonate with parts of us, but no one will resonate will all of us and that’s healthy. We are all one, but never lose our autonomy or Sovereignty within that Oneness.

When we physically hurt ourselves, that area of pain vibrates at a very fast (high) frequency. The same as anxiety or stress increase the vibration of our nervous system ~ it’s why people experience a churning stomach, persistently tap on things, can’t sit still or experience a constant shaky feeling inside. That is our physical body manifesting the excess nervous energy in an effort to get rid of it.  A ‘high’ frequency in this instance is not a good thing. Malachite is one of the premier minerals for easing pain. It has a low, slow, soothing, stable vibration. When we bring Malachite close to an area of pain, the slow vibrations mingle with and connect with the faster vibrations of pain and slow that energy down, bringing it back towards our neutral, base energy. This in turn eases the physical inflammation and our pain lessens. Malachite also works to bring up any negative thoughts & feelings that might be an underlying part of or reason for the injury.

Depression, on the other hand, has a low, slow, dull vibration. So to ease us out of that or uplift our mood, we’d use something like Lepidolite. How Lepidolite forms usually means it carries a soft, gentle, comforting vibration along with some higher, sparkly frequencies that spike here and there. It’s a mineral that meets us where we’re at so we feel comforted and then encourages us to spark & uplift ourselves in small steps, so things don’t become overwhelming.

There are faster vibrating crystals that also work for depression, such as Kunzite. However, that faster vibration means a faster move out of depression, which may not be the right path for some. Hence why it’s important to look at a range of crystals for any issue and go for the one you’re most drawn to ~ your Higher Self knows what you need. Have faith in that intuitive nudge, however it manifests!

The chemicals & minerals we sometimes need internally to bring our physical body back into a place of balanced vibration are the same as those found in crystals & minerals. There is a vibrational, energetic match rather than a physical match. We have to process those chemicals, vitamins or minerals in some way to convert them into a physical match.

My body responds really well to vibration, which is why I do the work I do. Other people may have denser or more toxic systems, so would need to take the physical chemical/mineral to effect change. Vibrationally, they need a bigger boost than a crystal can provide alone. Dietary changes and natural foods are the best way to correct chemical/mineral imbalance. Crystals are the perfect tool to support us energetically whilst we figure out how to feed our body what it needs. For example, my iron levels generally run quite low. When my physical body actually needs a dietary boost of iron, I’ll start being drawn to crystals containing Iron. This gives me a head’s up that a dietary tweak is required and helps me get back into balance without the need for the physical form of Iron. This is just my experience, please always follow whatever health advice you feel is best for yourself.

Understanding the relationship between energy tools, the four parts of our energy system and learning to really listen to our body and pay attention to what we are drawn to can help us shift things in our lives really quickly!

In conclusion, when using any energy tool, look at whether it raises or lowers vibration and choose accordingly. If you suffer from high anxiety for example, don’t go for the big, woo woo, fast vibing crystals unless you’re also working with something really grounding and soothing. Otherwise, you may have an amazing meditation or spiritual journey, but your nervous system will feel even more strung out afterwards.

If you tend to drop low, be mindful that some of the crystals that carry a slower vibration may keep you anchored in that low place, so you’ll need to slowly raise the vibration of the crystals you’re working with in order to help pull your vibrations up and back into neutral again.

Our gut intuition is our biggest gift when working with energy and energetic tools. Even if you know nothing about spirituality, crystals or anything ‘woo’. Your first, gut instinct will always be right for you. Focus on bringing anything that shows up in your life back to yourself, examine how something makes you feel (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually/vibrationally). Be clear and focused on your intention when working with these amazing tools and you won’t go wrong.

And remember, it’s not about high vibration and low vibration. It’s about getting to know your own body and energy system enough to recognise whether you need something to help speed you up and get you back into neutral, or something to ground and slow you down to do the same. This neutral balance helps us navigate life in a much happier, healthier way and crystals are the perfect tool to support us in doing this.

With love and bright blessings




5 thoughts on “Why Use a Crystal or Any Energy Tool for that Matter?”

  1. It was a great contribution! I knew very little that crystal healing was so remarkable. During this time, I learned and read a lot about crystals. I would like to know if there are other resources that I can contribute to. It seems difficult to find the latest information on the website. I came across some related websites. Most of the websites aren’t updated often enough for me to learn faster. Is there anyone who is willing to help?

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi, although you may read a date at the top of a blog as to when something is written, it does not mean that information is now old. Crystals are fairly set in how they work and how to use them, so there isn’t lots of updated information coming out as we already know how they work. I update blogs regularly and if a crystal has changed what it does significantly, will write a completely new blog with that new information. I can’t reply on behalf of any other websites, but do know that mine is up to date. Crystals are experiential. You can read 1000 books and still won’t know what you’re doing or how they really work for you until you start using them. So updated information won’t actually help you to learn anything faster. Only doing the work with crystals in reality, on a daily basis, will assist you in that. Otherwise you’ll have a head full of academic knowledge, but still be no further in actually understanding or experiencing that information for yourself. Hope that helps, with bright blessings, Krissy.

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