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Where to Expect the Unexpected in Your Personal Life ~ An Easy Guide

Hellllooooo and welcome to an astrological based blog I feel guided & excited to share to support and empower you during a very odd time to be alive in the World.

I try to use plain English and as little astrological jargon as possible to describe what’s going on in our celestial skies, which hopefully makes the information easier to absorb. I may add a paragraph or two for those whom are more aware of astrology, so skip over these if they muddle your brain. Astrology is a fascinating, but quite complicated subject.

You don’t have to have any astrological knowledge at all to have some fun with it and gain great insight into yourself and your life. Be careful though, as once you resonate with some of the information, it can become addictive to learn more. Trust me, I was just looking into my own chart 20 years ago and haven’t stopped learning since!

Many people’s knowledge of astrology doesn’t reach past reading their Horoscopes online or in print. The problem with these sort of Horoscopes is they are generalised, so may resonate with only 20% of the population at best. However, true astrology looks at each person’s individual and completely unique natal (birth) astrology chart.

Your chart shows exactly where the planets were positioned in the sky the minute you were born. Unless someone else was born at the exact same minute in the exact same place, literally on top of you, no chart is ever the same. Even that of twins. I have twin sisters who are like chalk & cheese and it’s fascinating how those few minutes apart in their birth time has made a big difference to their charts and how their lives are being lived.

The information astrology provides us with is worth it’s weight in Gold. It is a science based tool that not only provides the blueprint of our lives and what our Soul’s intention, karma, lessons, wounding and purpose are in this lifetime, it can also help us to understand why we are experiencing certain things in our lives at any given time. Astrology can also help us to look ahead and understand the cycles or patterns that repeat in our lives and the purpose they serve. Once we can see the cycle/pattern and work consciously with the energy, we can finally heal or grow in a way that frees us from it ever happening again.

When situations occur in our lives that are unexpected, if we know they are coming and in which area of life they’re likely to impact us, we are far better prepared to get the best out of that energy. When we’re unaware, we can often feel shocked, hammered, forced into overwhelm, stress, drama, fight/flight or chaos. I do have to add, however, that the planet responsible for these unexpected happenings in our lives, Uranus, can surprise us with situations that can be perceived as either devilish or divine. It really all depends on our outlook.




Astrology always provides the balance or polarity of a particular energy ~ a spectrum or scale if you like. Where we land on that scale is entirely down to our personal upbringing and how we currently view life. One person’s rubbish is another person’s Gold. If we are aware unexpected things could happen in a certain area of life, we understand there is a lesson or purpose behind it that will turn out to benefit us in some way in the end, even if we can’t see that at the time. With the energy of Uranus, I always advise people to work with whatever is thrown at them in the highest vibration and way possible.

Uranus is bringing the energy of the unexpected into society as a whole, but also to each of us individually. If you know anything about your natal astrology chart, find where Taurus is on the outer ring of the chart. Then look to see which house or houses it is governing. Uranus will be in 10 degrees of Taurus for five months. Many would have felt this energy start to come into their lives towards the end of July & first two weeks of August. However, the exact five month period lasts from August 15 2020 through to January 14 2021.

For those of you who do not know anything about astrology or your astrology chart, it’s fairly easy to create if you know your time, date and place of birth.

If you don’t know your time of birth, then it’s impossible to be exact, but if you have a ballpark time, you should be able to ascertain where Taurus is in your chart. If what you read doesn’t resonate, check the House either side of the one Taurus covers as it’s probably an indicator that the birth time is wrong.

Below are my own, personal charts as examples of the Basic and Advanced chart methods. Uranus in Taurus is down on the bottom left for me, in House 2:

Basic Chart
Advanced Chart



Follow the below steps to access your personal chart


  • Go to
  • Click on Free Horoscopes, go to Interactive Horoscopes, then click on AstroClick Portrait
  • Under ‘Guest Users’, click the link to where you can input your birth data
  • Enter your full birth data and click ‘continue’
  • This will bring up your interactive natal chart. You can click on any area of this chart and it will tell you what that area means for you personally, whether it is a planet, Zodiac sign or House Number. These are the three key parts of a chart.
  • When looking at the chart, you will see Zodiac symbols around the outer edge. Find the green one that looks like a Bull.
  • On the inner circle are the astrological houses marked 1-12. Click on that inner section or ‘House’ of the chart  that Taurus covers to see which area of life Uranus will be impacting you


If you are comfortable with technology, astrology charts or using such websites, you can look at a more advanced chart that will show you exactly where 10 degrees of Taurus is. This is helpful if you have Taurus covering parts of two different Houses like I do.

  • First follow the Basic method above to input your birth details
  • Then Click on Free Horoscopes, go to Drawings & Calculations and click on Extended Chart
  • Scroll down slightly until you come to ‘Chart Type’. It will currently say ‘Natal Wheel’
  • From the drop down menu, scroll down and select Natal Chart & Transits
  • Click on ‘Click Here to Show the Chart’
  • Find Taurus in green on the outer ring and somewhere in that Taurus section, you will see the astrological symbol for Uranus on the very outside of the chart.
  • This confirms exactly in which House Uranus is focusing his energy.

Once you know where Taurus is in your chart, you can click on the House it governs on the Interactive Personal Portrait mentioned above and read the information there. This will show where to expect the unexpected, so when unexpected things occur over the next five months, you know they are linked to this area of life on some level ~ and you’ll hopefully be able to move & flow with any changes rather than resist them. They are for your benefit in the long run and Uranus only ever drops in when it’s absolutely necessary. You can also run an internet search for the ‘Meaning of House X in Astrology’ to gain further insight.

For me personally, there are unexpected things happening in my life in House 2. The core meaning of House 2 is ‘What do I Value’, so it is no surprise that certain situations have triggered me to take quite strong action and heal some deep wounding around what motivates and is important to me in life. My core values have actually shifted for the first time in many years, so whilst the healing of wounds bit isn’t a lot of fun, the change in values, focus and drive is actually quite exciting!

For example, an unexpected physical challenge has suddenly made health a priority and core value when before, a bit of exercise & eating relatively healthy used to be enough. Due to shifting values, am aware I may be challenged on what my beliefs or values are, so if something unexpected happens, I don’t move into defensiveness, chaos or fear. I move into calm, acceptance and open mindedness about what my truth actually is and whether it is still relevant today.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any issues looking at your own chart. Above all, have fun with it.

With much love and heaps of gratitude

Krissy xxx

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