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Tsesit Stone ~ Ancestral & Indigenous Power

This week sees the introduction of a stone that has been used by indigenous tribes in Africa for eons, but is only now coming to the fore in Western society.

It is called Tsesit Stone (pronounced Te-sit) and found near the village of Tses in Namibia, Africa. The San (indigenous & first peoples of South Africa) believe that everything in nature is animate, meaning all natural things have a Soul. They regard the notion of ‘divinity’ as alien. Nature in all her manifestations is what is considered Sacred.

Many generations collected Tsesit Stones and passed them down to tribal members alongside ancient knowledge & wisdom. A lovely gentleman called Hans Feiersinger conducted extensive research and held conversations with the elders to learn the history of this Stone and it is he who has provided the information about it’s journey.  Following the rules of nature, San people believe that each Tsesit Stone carries it’s own Soul & energy that has borne witness to the evolution of the Earth and all the different ages of humanity.The wisdom and uses of this mineral have faded out over the past 150 years, so it’s really interesting that it’s now coming to the fore and reaching Western society. 

I personally believe this unusual stone carries ancient & ancestral knowledge that has been recorded over centuries and triggers such energy to come up within our own system if that is our Soul’s path. Through dreams, meditations, journalling & strange memories or thoughts that come to mind, the awareness this little stone brings is quite remarkable. Working with this mineral with the intent of connecting to or clearing ancestral patterns is amazing. It’s very earthy & grounding, yet stretches my energy up and out into the Universe like an elastic band.

Most crystals do one thing or the other ~ grounding or connection. In the past few years however, there have been many minerals that have combined together or new minerals being found that create an energy that grounds & connects simultaneously. So we remain firmly rooted in and stabilised by Mother Earth through our lower, physical (personal) chakras, but are able to meditate, journey, astral travel or explore our Higher Selves and our connection to the divine & our guides through our upper and transpersonal (outside of the physical body) chakras. 

Tsesit Stone also seems to work on easing pain and inflammation whilst enriching the blood, due to it’s heavy Iron content. Tribal women carried this stone to ease the pain of menstruation and to encourage the blood to flow quickly away. Once thoroughly cleaned (scrub with an old toothbrush under running tap water), Tsesit Stone can be placed in a water filter (alongside Shungite or on it’s own) as the Iron content stimulates red blood cells and therefore provides our body with more oxygenated blood. Please do not put Tsesit Stone in water if you are a man as men do not need the iron stores that women do and therefore, unless their diet is incredibly bad, extra iron is not required.

However, many people, both men & women, suffer from an inability to absorb iron into the body or just have low levels in general. If so, drinking filtered Tsesit/Shungite water is an easy, effective & perfectly natural way for our body to absorb Iron. Our ancestors were somehow aware of the importance of Iron. If they came across an iron rich water source, they would fill up carriers and drink from it specifically to increase their energy & strength. If you’re at all unsure, use this mineral through handling it rather than placing it in water. If drinking Tsesit water resonates for you however, I’d recommend doing so for 21 days and see how you feel. 

The closest this stone comes to chemically is Goethite, which is a magical, transformative, Universally connected energy to work with. Tsesit stone seems to carry these same attributes, only in a far more grounded way. It definitely brings through strong vibes around past lives and awakens wisdom and connections we have forgotten and don’t even realise we carry. A stone to work with any time you’d like to re-remember something or have a niggle there is something you can’t quite see or put your finger on. Tsetit Stone is really good at directing us to the core energy, theme, memory or situation we need to look at (ie. it gets round our Ego quite easily if we use this stone with the intention of seeing the truth). 

I was in a really low physical place a few weeks back, when coming into contact with Tsesit for the first time. I’d passed a kidney stone a few days beforehand, so was still sore. My mind and emotions were fairly exhausted and on a bit of a roller coaster. Am not kidding when I say within 24 hours, my pain had eased considerably and I felt mentally sharp, emotionally balanced and able to motivate myself again. I know exactly how crystals work, yet some still amaze me after all these years and I hope they always do! The following few days were easily productive and I firmly believe it’s from handling these stones to figure out how they work and having them around or on me for long periods of time that helped immensely.

Something else that is quite special about Tsesit Stone is that it has two layers. The outer layer is hard, around 7.5-8 on the MOHS Scale. However, if we crack open a Tsesit Stone, it’s inner layer is far softer (usually fibrous and red), having a hardness of only 3.5-4 on the MOHS Scale.

I still haven’t figured out if there is a purpose for this or if it is simply the way these stones form. It’s highly unusual and intuitively, it feels these two separate layers are what enables this stone to both ground and open us up at the same time. I was shown images of cracking through our defence systems to the vulnerability, gifts & beauty that has been hidden behind that defensive energy for too many years now. Embracing our own vulnerability is an incredibly powerful thing to do that brings many gifts. So for those of us whom have struggled with surrendering to vulnerability over the years (of which I am one), this lovely, gnarly little stone aids us in that process.

I always work intensively with stones before blogging about them and this one is as unusual and magical as Moldavite. Granted, in an entirely different way, but the energy is fascinating. If you’ve worked with Tsesit Stones and would like to share any feedback, I’d be really grateful. It would be cool to know how they’ve made you feel and any greater shifts you can see happening in your life since working with them.

On a physical level, it’s said that Tsesit Stone is said to improve oxygen supply to our cells, promotes natural lymphatic drainage and boosts regeneration in the body. It’s deep connection to Earth and grounding energy enables deep sleep ~ I’ve been sleeping like a rock ~ no pun intended 😉 It reduces anxiety and stress in our nervous system and is an excellent tool for breath work of any form as it can take us deeply within or external of ourselves & aid our holding on to the rhythm of breathing with ease. The San say Tsesit Stone:

  • Connects with the Earth
  • Opens up in Fire
  • Moves Steadily through Water
  • Reinvigorates in the Wind

I can completely resonate with that as my system does feel more open, connected, steady and reinvigorated!

With much love and bright blessings

Krissy xxx


6 thoughts on “Tsesit Stone ~ Ancestral & Indigenous Power”

  1. Hi Krissy, thanks for posting this great information. I’ve just bought a piece of tsesit today. I have never heard it before, but I noticed an intense pull straight away and every time I pick it up at the alta major chakra as well as the crown chakra. It is very powerful and as you say, has the intensity of moldavite or malachite perhaps as well. And grounding simultaneously, which reminds me of magnetic hematite or copper.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Yes Yes Yes Emma, all of the above, you’ve described it beautifully, thank you 🙂 I’ve got two pieces and they like to work together. One masculine, one feminine, although I occasionally only pick up on or the other. A good head’s up for where am at energetically!

  2. Hello there x I bought a magical piece of Tsesit and the moment I unpacked it 2 doors slammed in our home with no wind present ! What a start! My guides said doors closing to the past me…. rebirthing a new me – i definitely needed grounding to bring through light into the here and now – whilst remaining fully open to the universe and it’s multiple dimensions xxx thank you for this blog LOVE IT

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Love that Bex, thanks so much for sharing. I guess your ancestors wanted you to know they are around 😉 With much love, Krissy

  3. Hi! I just bought one dnd waiting for arrival by post. Thanks for all the information. I lookforward to see what I feel with this because I don’t feel anything with any crystal. Not even moldavite.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Jiji ~ many people don’t feel crystals physically, but they can feel them within their body. Sometimes, the mind calms down or gets active. Sometimes our emotions are soothed or lifted. At other times, we cannot even explain it, we simply feel ‘better’ on some level for having them around us. Good luck working with your Tsesit stone. It’s a really cool and unusual energy for sure 🙂

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