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Lemurian Aquatine Calcite ~ A Mineral for the Soul

I’ve recently been drawn to a mineral that has been around for quite a few years now and is named Lemurian Aquatine Calcite.

This is a trademarked, marketing name created by Robert Simmons. A bigwig in the crystal world who has a habit of taking perfectly normal minerals, in this case, a blue, chalcedony based agate from Argentina and rebranding them with big, ‘woo woo’ type names. IMHO, this is done in order to sell more at an inflated price. Think Indigo Gabbro, which Robert rebranded as Mystic Merlinite or Lithium Light, which is merely a low grade form of Lepidolite with Quartz in it. He has done this with many, many minerals and I don’t agree with it at all. It confuses people and rips them off!

So I have to personally disagree with the Lemurian Aquatine Calcite label for two reasons:

One, this is NOT a form of Calcite and secondly, there are far more energies attached to this gorgeous mineral than Lemuria alone! So I have removed the ‘Lemurian’ label on my website, but have left the main name as Aquatine Calcite so as not to confuse anyone searching for it.

I have not purchased this mineral as Lemurian Aqautine Calcite at the inflated, rebranded price either, but as Argentinian Blue Onyx, which just to confuse things even more, is the actual trade name that the Argentinians came up with before Robert Simmons rebranded it.

Soooooo, just to be clear, this beautiful mineral is neither Calcite, nor Onyx, but a chalcedony based Agate, which is a form of Quartz. It IS only found in one place in the World however, so there aren’t huge amounts of it and it has an incredible, mysterious, ethereal feel to it. It carries all of the elements except fire, because it calls out our fire from within 😉

This beautiful mineral came to the fore back in 2009, but the energy didn’t seem to resonate then (possibly due to the rebranding/not feeling authentic to me). I now realise, it was simply getting ready and has surged forth this year to support us in the rising of the Divine Feminine and the healing of the Divine Masculine (both within ourselves and in others). Aquatine Calcite also taps into my Soul energy in ways that are hard to explain.

Many women are being asked to lead their men into their emotions, creativity, feelings, spiritual connection and intuition. Whilst many cry out about feminine suppression and WOW, have women been persecuted and suppressed over the years……….. I feel men haven’t had it easy either. Whilst women were encouraged to stay at home and raise children, men were told their job was to go out and provide.  Unfortunately, society couldn’t keep this up as more and more relationships were caged in unhealthy societal conditioning and expectations. Instead of being allowed to develop organically and authentically, honouring each individual. Some women want to go out to work, some men want to stay at home. And that’s OK. Whatever makes two people happy is OK and all that matters in the long run. Most never got that choice.

Many men aren’t allowed to show emotion or tap into their gut and feelings, simply because society says they should be focused on providing, protecting, competing, controlling and earning, forcing them into a box that may not fit and leaving the woman to deal with everything outside of that box! It has bred resentment and anger in many of both gender. This has resulted in a fractured society full of toxic masculinity, emasculated men and many men cut off from their true selves and Source. Feelings, nurturing, creativity and our intuition isn’t gender specific ~ it’s species specific. All humans need to feel, to be free to express their emotions and true selves, to honour and strengthen their connection to themselves and Source.

As we finally move into the Age of Aquarius in December 2020, we are moving on from a 200 year cycle steeped in masculine energy. We can all see where this had led to today. It is now time for women to rise (whether we like it or have the strength for it or not) and for men to accept & embrace the beauty and gift in their own feminine energies of compassion, empathy, intuition, creativity and nurturing! Women are being asked to step into their power and to lead the masculine by example. It will be important that the energy doesn’t tip too far out of balance on the side of the feminine either or in another 200 years, humanity will have to redress this imbalance all over again, it will just be in a different way. Yes, women have faced centuries of being treated badly ~ but you know what that has done in the end? It has made us incredibly strong. We simply have to re-remember that.

That is what Aquatine Calcite is here to do. It aids our heart, mind and body in remembering experiences related to our Soul. So, when we feel we are weak and cannot help or lead ourselves, let alone anyone else, our Soul will show us that is merely Ego and human fear. We must leave the Ego at the door and trust that our Soul will remember exactly what it needs to do.

It may be to focus on your own creativity, to help your partner connect to their heart & intuition, to work through and heal the dynamic of the Empath & Narcissist within yourself & relationships (as this is the manifestation of the imbalance), to build a community garden that envelops and supports everyone equally ~ whatever it may be, we are being asked to step into the power of our divine feminine and creativity. And to do whatever work is required to release, heal or clear any obstacles that get in the way of that.

For men, Aquatine Calcite will assist in dropping defences and slowly help to crack open the mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. This mineral is really strange as it works with masculine and feminine energy in different ways. Both connect to our inner selves, but with women it’s far more 5D and spiritual to work with, whilst with men, it’s more about their shifting their human, 3D selves into a more open, creative, heart centred energy. Ladies get all the woo, men get all the heart 😉

Aquatine Calcite is an all round crystal to work with as it covers the energy of our Tantien, Solar Plexus, Heart, Higher Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras. I was shown it is a stone of divine balance. It’s very clever how this works in physical reality too ~ some pieces have a paler blue and yellowy brown. Others have less brown, but a darker blue ~ so each piece has it’s own way of being in balance. If you are drawn to an all blue or highly brown piece, it will show which part of you, the masculine or the feminine, needs support. If the piece is fairly balanced, then it’s energy will help keep you that way and help you come to notice what knocks that inner balance, so it can be addressed.

Aquatine Calcite soothes the nervous system and is said to heal the entire energy system down to a cellular level. IF we do the deep, healing or self awareness work that is being asked of us at that time. For a crystal to affect us on a cellular level, we have to be willing to go to those minute depths within our hearts, minds, body, spirit, personal history or ancestry. This is why this crystal is so beautiful to work with ~ it supports us in doing that in the most gentlest of ways.

It is also said to be good for enhancing our intuition, empathy, emotional awareness/balance, compassion, tolerance, psychic abilities and it eases the amount of self judgement we turn on ourselves. It encourages us to embody these attributes first, before sharing them with the World. It’s no good talking about the change we want to see in the World. We have to be it.

That is where Aquatine Calcite realllllllly works for me ~ it’s energy sinks into the body, connecting primarily around the Tantien and Solar Plexus (despite being mainly blue), where it works to connect us to our Soul. Our Soul then speaks quietly within by way of memories and visions, dreams and words, photographs and images ~ and it prompted me to pick up my journal and write. It was surprising what flowed out and very personal to me. I was taken to many, many past lives and civilisations as my Soul has been around the block quite a few times now ~ this mineral is NOT Lemurian specific ~ it covered so much and tapped me into the memories of all the different energies and wisdom of those differing ages, including Lemuria. I have to honour how the crystals speak to me and this one simply doesn’t want to be put in a box. I feel it’s a very personal, energy enhancing experience for anyone who works deeply with this beautiful mineral.

So I would meditate, journal, sit with, carry or wear Aquatine Calcite for a consistent period of time. The energy is soft, subtle and extremely dreamy, almost magical to work with. At times I have felt absolute awe, followed up by such supportive energies of my healing team & guides surrounding me. I haven’t used it in Crystal Healing therapies yet due to not being able to see clients in person, but for me, it’s eased my anxiety, slowed my thinking down so am focused on one thing at a time (instead of 10 going round like a washing machine in my head) and just brings me into the gentle, wise, calm part of myself.

I simply do not feel so frightened or bothered about the future when working with this mineral as it keeps me focused on the here and now and seems to provide whatever I need on a day to day basis. Whether that’s calm, rational thought, comfort, connection or guidance. It morphs into whatever we need, based on the balance between our own masculine and feminine energies. As always, if anyone has any experience with this mineral that they’d like to share, please do get in touch or comment below.

I know the above probably flies in the face of the information already out there around this mineral, but I simply do not trust minerals that are ‘branded’. I therefore, prefer to work with a new crystal directly and have those I trust work with it and provide feedback. That way, we know exactly what this gorgeous mineral is doing for us in the present moment, rather than buying in to marketing spiel that was issued many years ago and has simply been copied and shared all over the internet since.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my perspective on Aquatine Calcite and that you have a magical day 🙂

Much Love, Krissy XXX



I recently read your post on Aquatine Calcite and got myself a few pieces of it (dark blue with strong yellow areas) as well as a bracelet (pale blue and slightly yellow).  I wanted to share my experiences. They were quite similar to what you describe. The pieces with yellow especially felt like they connected very deeply into the dantien and (even more) into the solar plexus but at the same time the energy was also watery and ethereal. It was a very unusual combination – both rooted in one’s self and one’s experience of incarnation and having an ethereal uplift via the high heart (and to some extent the crown and etheric chakras).

I also get the feeling of peace, being able to stay rooted in compassionate wisdom, to “let the game come to me” (as my meditation teacher used to say) and not to try to rush trying to meddle or fix things. It’s been an amazing gift.

Thank you for the description that led me to try it. I was drawn to the pictures of it for a long time, but I thought that it was a calcite and calcite doesn’t tend to work so well with my energy body – I feel it as too “light” for my liking. It’s clear even from the energy of this stone that it’s not calcite. I can’t imagine any calcite having that “rooting” quality. Anyway, thanks again for the great tip about this wonderful crystal! DP ~ December 2020


3 thoughts on “Lemurian Aquatine Calcite ~ A Mineral for the Soul”

  1. I find your compassionate annoyance with this Robert Simmons to be very cute. Just got my first piece 2 hours ago- the energy is incredible- I have never felt so deeply before. Its like a Sade song in crystal form.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Wow, LOVE that ~ as I can hear Sade’s silky, deep, beautiful voice in my mind 🙂 Yes, Mr Simmons, bless him. I just don’t like people ripping others off. No need! Wishing you a wonderful day Akid, bright blessings, Krissy

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