Colour : Dark grey, silvery, often covered in red desert dust or sand that has turned red due to it’s iron content
Chakra : All personal chakras
Physical : Menstruation, pain, blood, circulation, lymphatic drainage, breathing, oxygenation of cells, regeneration of cells
Spiritual :I personally believe it carries ancient & ancestral knowledge that has been recorded and triggers such energy to come up within our own system. Through dreams, meditations, journalling & strange memories or thoughts that come to mind, the awareness this little stone brings is quite remarkable. Working with this mineral with the intent of connecting to or clearing ancestral patterns is amazing. It’s very earthy & grounding, yet stretches my energy up and out into the Universe like an elastic band. 

It also seems to work on easing pain and inflammation whilst enriching the blood, due to it’s heavy iron content. The closest this stone comes to chemically is Goethite, which is a magical, transformative, Universally connected energy to work with. Tsesit stone seems to carry these same attributes, only in a far more grounded way that definitely brings through strong vibes around past lives and awakens wisdom we have forgotten and don’t even realise we carry. 

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