Time Line Crystals

Time Line Crystals

Time line crystals are crystals that have a very definitive face that is a thin line, rectangle or parallelogram that sits below the other faces on the crystal.

There are two different types of Time Line. One leans to the left as if it is falling backward and is a Time Line to the Past. The other leans to the right, falling forward and is a Time Line to the Future. Meditating with a crystal with a Time Line can bring forth quite a bit of interesting information. Even being drawn to a crystal with a Time Line, but not necessarily using or buying it, can indicate where your focus should be in that moment.

tlpast PAST Time Line                                      tlfuture FUTURE Time Line

Past Time Line

During meditation, Past Time Line crystals can access specific events in our own lives and in the past lives of ourselves or others. They are great at going to the root cause of an issue rather than getting caught up in the symptoms. Past Time Lines are helpful when we’re trying to work out why a particular experience, event or relationship occurred and what our lessons are. It can show how the past affects us in the present, particularly our thought patterns, behaviour and emotional responses to things. Past Time Line crystals are also great for clearing energetic blocks in the upper chakras and etheric chakras above our head.

Future Time Line

During meditation, Future Time Line crystals are excellent for focusing on our goals, for visualisation and manifestation. Fantastic to use in manifestation grids! If we struggle with visualisation, these crystals can help clear our mind and allow crystal clear images to appear. They can also show us the path to achieving our goals. During meditation, we can imagine where we would like to be in the future, see ourselves doing or having whatever it is. Then we need to back that clear visualisation up with emotional intensity – so we not only see what we want to manifest, but we FEEL it too. Programming Future Time Line crystals can ensure we amplify our emotional state alongside our clear vision.

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