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Scolecite – Soothing, Calming, Comforting

A lot of us are going through changes at the moment. There are also a lot of different energies pulling us in different directions lately.  This is all part of the process of release & transformation, but sometimes, I’d personally just like it all to take a break for a moment so I can have a lovely, warm cuddle and know that everything is going to be OK.  Scolecite is like exactly like that ~ receiving a warm cuddle…..from a crystal 🙂

Scolecite is one of the most beautiful crystals on the planet as far as I’m concerned. It looks amazing in its natural form ~ if a crystal could sneeze & that form be captured……….. eh voila ~ Ahhhhh Chooooooo ~ Scolecite 😉 Obviously, we can’t carry the natural form around with us, so it is tumbled into hand held pieces or smoothed into gorgeous wands and palmstones.

Scolocite is one of the best crystals in the Mineral Kingdom to not only provide a soothing, calming energy, but it gives comfort too! Whether we’re tired, angry, upset, poorly or simply not in the happiest, most relaxed state we can be – Scolecite is the crystal to reach for as it wraps us in a warm blanket of bliss. It can hold us gently as we transform from one state of being to another. Whether this be literally in our practical, human life or spiritually, moving from a state of conciousness to higher conciousness. Its a clever little tool!

Scolecite is also part of the Zeolite group of crystals. I believe the Zeolite group to be some of the most effective healing crystals available. Zeolites open us up to Universal energy on deep levels, but not in a way that sends the third eye, crown or our head’s spinning ~ its more a connection from the inside out (although as is the norm with all things, Apophyllite, another Zeolite crystal, bucks this trend!).

Scolecite is said to stimulate our heart and aid us during times of transformation. It is a very deep, gentle crystal, but powerful in its ability to connect us to Spirit in a way that aids us taking control of our lives and being in a confident state of ‘knowing’.

To get the best out of a piece of Scolecite, sit quietly in whatever position is comfortable to you. Place the crystal on your heart if you’re lying down or place your hands in your lap, relax and hold the Scolecite there. Just sitting quietly and asking to connect to the energies of the crystal can bring wonderful states of calm. ALLOW this crystal to comfort you and quiet the mind. Once you’ve made a connection, feel free to meditate with it. At which point, move the crystal up to the third eye or crown area for meditation – or if sitting, imagine drawing the energy of the crystal up from your base until it connects with your crown at the top. Allow its warmth to completely surround you and know that you are in a safe, warm state of comfort. Your guides or Spirit may step into your auric field at this point to offer their energetic support ~ they will know what you need most at that time. 

Love and Cosmic Cuddles

Krissy  XXX

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