Personal Story – Thetford Forest

Personal Story – Thetford Forest

Hello There

I’ve been blogging for quite some time about all things spiritual and sparkly related…..but have been asked by both friends and clients to share some personal stories of how I got where I am today.  Have also been prompted several times by ‘upstairs’ to do so….and they can be insistent buggers!  If I ignore Spirit, they tend to contact me in the Dreamtime and lord knows I need sleep these days with such a wonderful, but hectic lifestyle. I wasn’t sure what to share as so many amazing experiences have occurred, but whilst sitting with two lovely friends & business associates yesterday, a story came through loud and clear.

I work selling crystals at various events all over the UK and this particular Sunday, I was at a sparkly Mind, Body & Spirit event in Newark, Nottinghamshire. A lovely, gentle, older lady approached the stand with a young girl, around 11-12 years old. She seemed very worried and hesitant, so I sent out my aura, wrapped her in love and asked if I could help.

Apparently, a family member had been visiting Thetford Forest in Norfolk one day. At the base of a large oak tree, they’d bent down and seen something sticking out of the ground. Upon investigating further, they found a large, black crystal pyramid buried in the ground. Rather than leave it where it was, they decided to dig it up and bring it home.  Ever since that time, the lady’s granddaughter, who was clutching her gran’s hand and seemed very pale, quiet & frightened, had been having nightmares. Things had gone very wrong for the family, they were arguing, someone had fallen ill for no explicable reason, the little girl felt a horrible energy in the house and was scared to go anywhere on her own. Every light had to be switched on at night and even then, sleep was elusive for the whole family.

I was asked if I thought it could have anything to do with the crystal pyramid?

Now, I do not claim to be a medium. I have excellent ‘intuitive’ skills and if you wanted to put a label on it, could be considered clairsentient. This means I don’t hear or see Spirit, but I can feel what their emotional state and feelings are if the connection is strong enough. Rarely, if ever, can I hear them unless they shout VERY loudly.  Whilst this lovely lady shared her story, I felt a presence step up behind me. It was male. He was ancient, he was massive and to put it mildy….he was absolutely bloody furious!! I felt him press hard against me to the point where I started to lean forward over the stand and eventually placed my hands on the table to brace myself. How Spirit can do this when there is nothing to see with our human eyes, I do not know…..I don’t ask either as it is simply too weird and inexplicable!!

So there I was, leaning over the table toward this poor woman, trying to keep a blank face when this raging, furious, angry Spirit was shoving me forward and just as she asked if the pyramid could be to blame for the trouble in their home, a voice ROARED through me ‘PUT…….IT…….BACK!!!’.

It was all I could do not to roar at the top of my voice and think it came out as a very loud snarl! Am not sure what the lady saw on my face, but her eyes widened in shock and an instant later, the Spirit was gone.

I felt SO embarrassed and couldn’t apologise enough! Its not in my nature to be, what felt to me, unprofessional and certainly not shout at a poor granny and child! I was boiling hot, sweating and shaking. It all felt a bit surreal and odd!

I tried to explain what had happened. That I didn’t know what the Pyramid meant or why it had been buried, but there was a very angry man in Spirit who suggested that it should be returned and buried again in the soil at the base of the tree. I couldn’t confirm for certain that the goings on the house were anything to do with the pyramid, but it did seem a bit of a coincidence and removing it might possibly remove the negative energy in their home.

My own gut instinct was that the pyramid was part of a grid and there were others in the forest. The grid was extremely important energetically and removing the pyramid had collapsed the entire energy grid.  The pyramid/grid may have been buried in the forest by modern man, but they would have been guided to do so by something or someone very powerful and ancient.

Despite my embarrassment, the lady said ‘I knew I had to talk to you, that you would help me’. She seemed resolved and confident now she’d received clear confirmation that digging up the pyramid wasn’t the best idea and putting it back would certainly make someone in Spirit much happier!

I never heard from her or saw her again, but judging by the expression and her gratitude, there is no doubt in my mind that the Pyramid went back to where it belonged and whomever had dug it up was going to get one heck of an ear bashing from Gran 😉

Much love


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