Spiritual Development – Part 1

Spiritual Development – Part 1

Part of my job is as a personal & spiritual development coach. Many of us are desperate to develop spiritually, but don’t realise that we can only go so far on our spiritual path before we have to take a good, long look at ourselves.

You may have heard people comment that they ‘used to be into crystals’, but then everything stopped working ~ or that they’re stuck and feel like they can’t develop any further. That’s because spiritual development is tied directly to our own personal development.  The personal holds the spiritual back as we cannot attain higher spiritual vibrations and stronger gifts until, to be frank, we sort our personal crap out!

Bad behavioural patterns, not honouring the physical body, childhood wounds, letting others take advantage of us, being a victim, unhealthy relationships, unhappy in our career, financial struggles, constant negativity or health issues – yep, you guessed it, all of these can be personal development issues. Until they are addressed, we are held back from advancing any further along our spiritual path. It doesn’t matter how spiritually gifted we are, to develop our gift, we have to develop ourselves first!

As human beings, we each have our own, individual base vibration. When we start to walk a spiritual path and learn new things, that vibration rises higher. It feels like a wonderful buzz! We may experience a flurry of coincidences or synchronicities that lead us forward on our path in new and fascinating ways. We may come across teachers, attend workshops and meet new friends, all of which makes our world a bigger, brighter, more positive and wonderful place to be.

Then that energy starts to slow down. Our spirit has raised our vibrations as high as they will can go and once we become used to that higher vibration, it becomes the norm. This may feel like we’re suddenly stuck, like nothing is happening. We may start to question what we’re doing or if any of what we’ve experienced is actually real. We may feel bored, restless or frustrated that we can’t talk to Spirit, can’t intuit the tarot cards, can’t feel the crystals we’ve been using for so long now, the ones that had such an impact only last month!

So how do we get round it, work through it or resolve this issue? I know something that may help and it doesn’t involve too much digging into ourselves or emotional work – its more a case of opening our minds!

Part 2 of this blog will be issued on Monday or it’ll run into pages 😉

Have a fantastic week, lots of love

Krissy xxx

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