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Spiritual Development – Part 2

Following on from last week’s blog………….

OK, so we get that there aren’t any easy passes. To walk a spiritual path that creates a healthier, better balanced, more enlightened and compassionate person takes a lot of learning, growing and hard work for most of us.

We can’t grow spiritually if we don’t grow personally ~ FACT

You don’t know how many times I’ve ‘arrrrrgggghhhed’ at the unfairness of that truth. By the time I’d stepped on to my spiritual path it was too late, there was no going back ~ once we have awareness, we can’t make ourselves unaware again. It’s simply not possible…….. and boy oh boy did I have some issues to work through (ongoing process….still… *sigh*)

Personal development is where the work comes in.

Imagine our Spirit as a separate light form and that light form is desperately trying to move forward in front of us to lead the way. However, if we look closely, we can see it is anchored tightly and constricted by our human self. Until we look inside to see where we’re anchored and being held back, our Spirit can’t move any further forward.

Use the search engine at the top right of the home page to search Empathy. We have to face our personal demons and deal with issues, but Empathy, towards ourselves and others, provides a little silver lining on the cloud. Its a completely free tool that can enable us to treat ourselves and others in a kinder, gentler way. It allows us to look at others and inside ourselves with less judgement ~ after all, our own worst critics is our self, right?

The more we learn how to empathise with others, the more we can turn it on ourselves and detach from emotions and pain from the past. Empathy can support our becoming a witness to the past instead of being controlled by it and as soon as we’re ‘witnessing’ instead of being ‘involved in’……we can take steps to freeing ourselves from that issue!

I hope the above is food for thought.

Cosmic hugs

Krissy xxxx


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1 thought on “Spiritual Development – Part 2”

  1. Dr Deepa Natarajan

    Your observations on personal followed by spiritual development takes me to Tiruvannamalai where a lot of foreigners show up, many of whom, take to spiritual over personal development. They have definitely changed externally but suck inside. And I am glad to have dropped out of the spiritual thingee way back in 2017 because I gotta face my issues sooner or later. I am glad to have been true to myself this way. I am happy to have made time to go through the link you had sent because this is a personal confirmation for me that I have made the right decision.

    Thank you.

    Much love and light 😊

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