Black Tourmaline ~ The Master Protector

Black Tourmaline ~ The Master Protector

Black Tourmaline is THE strongest protection crystal in the mineral kingdom. It deflects negative energy away from a person or area very effectively and is also the best protection crystal to use when carrying out spiritual work or to protect an altar, home or area.

The word Tourmaline comes from the Sinhaleseย word Thuramali, which refers to various gemstones found in Sri Lanka. Tourmaline was sometimes called the Sri Lankan Magnet because it could attract and then repel hot ashes due to its pyroelectric properties. Black Tourmaline used to be called Schorl, before anyone realised it was part of the Tourmaline family.

Black Tourmaline was first discovered prior to 1400 near tin mines in Germany and can be found on most continents in the world. The use of Tourmaline in the East ย dates back to the 18th Century when both India and China made carvings & statues and used Tourmaline in sacred ceremonies. In the West, usage dates back to the 19th century, when chemists used Tourmalines as a method to polarise light. It made its way into the gemstone world in 1876 when a piece was first sold to the famous jewellery company, Tiffany & Co. Tourmaline comes in a wide range of colours and each colour has a different meaning. Black, however, is THE best for protection and deflection of unwanted, negative energy.

If we work in an environment where there is a lot of negativity, then Black Tourmaline should be an essential part of crystal tool kit. Small pieces can be placed in the pocket, larger pieces around the home or on a desk at work. Carrying Black Tourmaline cannot prevent other people from behaving in a negative way, but it can deflect that negative energy back to the sender so we don’t absorb it ourselves. It gives us the space to simply witness other’s anger or negativity instead of being greatly affected by it.

Black Tourmaline is also excellent to place in protection grids around the home. Place two pieces either side of the front door in order to prevent negative energy from entering the home. If a neighbour is particularly difficult, place pieces of black tourmaline in the corners adjoining the neighbour’s property to deflect any negativity. Place a piece in each of the four corners of a room to protect that room. If anyone is having nightmares and trouble sleeping, it could be due to negative energies or a ley line running through a property, in which case, place black tourmaline at the bottom of the four feet of the bed and it will prevent any negative energy from disturbing the occupant.

I was asked by a friend one day to come and feel the energy in her teenage daughter’s bedroom because the young lady was having major problems sleeping and was convinced there was ‘something’ in her room. After dowsing around the outside of the property and then in the room itself, it appeared there was a ley line running directly through the bedroom and through the bed itself! It was small bedroom, so the bed couldn’t be turned or moved anywhere where the line didn’t touch. I used Black Tourmaline to grid the room and bed itself, using the natural rods/points that Black Tourmaline grows in to literally redirect the ley line energy and point it in a different direction. The young girl slept very well after that ๐Ÿ™‚



When programming or using Black Tourmaline, I always hold it in my hand, fill it with energy and ask it to ‘ground, protect, deflect’ and it seems to work wonderfully.

If Black Tourmaline is used in a grid, I would always use the rods or natural points like those above rather than a tumblestone. Its easy to then point a rod in the direction you want the energy to go. Place a rod going from the area or person who is negative and point it away from yourself, preferably into an empty space so you’re aren’t then directing that negative energy at someone else! When gridding a room and placing pieces in a corner, place the rod horizontally from edge to edge so its effectively blocking any energy coming into that corner.

Just remember that the grid is in place. The crystals should be cleansed & charged regularly (every two weeks) and the grid reset if it needs to be. Black Tourmaline is so powerful, it can often block any energy from entering a room. I’d take the grid down for a day or two before resetting it in order to let other energies flow into a room and see what effect the grid has had. If there is still negativity or an issue, then reset the grid and check again after two weeks.

Black Tourmaline is also THE stone to use for empathic people, light workers or anyone carrying out spiritual work that will expand their auric field. It can ground energies, bring the auric field back toward the body and ensure nothing negative or sticky gets caught up in our aura whilst we are working. Empaths, in particular, struggle not to take on other’s emotions so should always carry a piece of Black Tourmaline until they are certain they can sense, but not absorb, other’s energy.

I’ll be blogging about some other ‘Master’ crystals over the next few months. Moldavite is the Master Transformer, Shungite is the Master Cleanser and Black Tourmaline is the Master Protector. These crystals are the absolute best at what they do. There are many other crystals and gemstones that can also transform, cleanse or protect, but when I call something a ‘Master’ ~ it is because it is simply the best & most powerful at one particular thing. The downside to these Master crystals is that they can be overwhelming or their energy too strong for those who aren’t used to working with crystals. Please drop me a line if you need any advice on how to start working with them ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a fab week and much love.


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  1. Patricia says

    Black Tourmaline is definitely THE BEST for protection against negativity, I personally recommend this fabulous stone to friends and family all the time, always with positive results! I carry mine with me at all times and definitely feel a difference when I haven’t got it with me!!!

  2. Martyn Harrison says

    Thanks for your information regarding Black Tourmaline! I was recommended this stone by Sarah Katz in the UK. Maybe you should check out her website, (it may be .com). Martyn

  3. Not true. If your negative, the stone will make it reflect back to you until YOU clear it out, so its a 2 way blade!

    • Everything I’ve written in the blog is absolutely accurate in my 20 years experience. What you say is also true however ~ if we have a lot of negativity inside of us and we direct it at ourselves, Black Tourmaline will indeed highlight that negativity to us so we can take responsibility and do something about it.

      Black Tourmaline will, at the same time, deflect other’s negativity so we can see clearly what is ours and what belongs to another. Its a fantastic tool for both protection and self realisation. Thanks so much for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sarah says

    Hi whenever I wear black tourmaline it makes me spaced out.Any insights would be really appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Sarah

      Thanks for your comment. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. It could be that your head is too up in the stars or your higher chakras are very active, whilst the lower ones might not be, so Black Tourmaline may be trying to ground your energies and it causes you to space out. Alternatively, it’s just a high vibration crystal for you so I would look at something very different for protection, such as Jet, as the vibration is so much softer. Hematite and Black Onyx are also good choices, but if they don’t feel right (as often, when black stones space us out, none of the ‘commonly’ known grounding crystals work very well) ~ try Red Jasper or Lapis Lazuli as they will often work to ground those who have a high mental or spiritual energy in their upper body. Hope that helps, have a wonderful week, bright blessings, Krissy

  5. mubin says

    Please can you elaborate on what you mean when you say Moldavite is the Master Transformer, Shungite is the Master Cleanser. Thankyou

    • Hi Mubin, sorry to take so long to answer, my system had changed & stopped letting me know when people comment! If I say something is a Master crystal, it is THE best crystal for what it does. For example, there is no better crystal to use for transformation than Moldavite. It has the highest vibration & the biggest effect on people. Many thanks for your question and have a fabulous day ๐Ÿ™‚ Krissy

  6. Rajesh says

    i have effected by the black magic, now i’am using the Black tourmaline. i can feel the difference of positive and negative energy around me. what should i do to come over from the black magic using black tourmaline.

    • Hi Rajesh ~ keep imagining yourself in positive ways, in a positive light and surrounded by positive energy. The Black Tourmaline will keep deflecting any negativity. Keep imagining yourself in a shower of light and all the negative energy being washed away into the earth. Hope that helps, thanks, Krissy ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I gave my father black tourmaline to proctect him in his work (palletive nurse, helping people pass on or die peacefully) to protect him for any negative energy… i then gave him a peice of onyx to wear aswell to protect/aid in his work and they day he wore them both at once he had a crazy/wild experience at work, so powerful he took days off of work ti make sure he was ok… i want to know what energies that could have created and what he was susceptible to

    • I’d have to have a chat with you about that Raven in order to ascertain exactly what happened. Various crystals can cause such strong reactions in humans. Please feel free to email or Skype me, have a great day and hope your dad is OK. Bright blessings, Krissy xx

  8. Anonymous says

    Have been buying stones for several years but still can’t feel their energy.
    Need a strong grounding stone which strong in proection and do not need much cleansing.
    Can you have anything to recommend?

    • Hi, any stone used for protection will need to be cleansed on a regular basis. Once a week in direct sunlight for half an hour will do the job fine, but crystals do work hard when energetically offering protection, so we must cleanse and charge them up.

      Black Tourmaline or Shungite are my go to stones for protection and grounding. Hematite is also good, but this requires cleansing on a more regular basis.

      Hope that helps, have a lovely day and bright blessings, Krissy

  9. Margaret says

    Hi, I haven’t slept well for years, waking very early and achieving only a few hours sleep most nights. I’ve had 5 years years of anxiety and stressful incidents like my partners heart attack, a major financial loss due to a scam, my mothers on going dementia and my fathers suicide to name a few, so I feel that my “stress beaker”is pretty full! My brother recommended black tourmaline to me so I bought a bracelet and have worn it constantly day and night for the last month. To begin with nothing seemed to change but now over the last few days and nights I have been so so tired. I drop off during the day and sleep the sleep of the dead during the night with no waking very early. But…. I wake up in a fog, feeling as if I was in a really deep sleep and it takes a good few hours to really come too. What’s happening and is tourmaline the crystal for me? Many thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Hi Margaret, apologies for taking so long to reply. The website updated & stopped alerting me to people making comments! Am sorry to hear you’ve had trouble sleeping ~ think anyone would with that amount of stressful incidents! I would not recommend wearing the Black Tourmaline at night ~ also, do you cleanse and charge it regularly? I think if we start there, I’ll be able to better ascertain what’s going on. Please feel free to drop me an email @ [email protected]. Thanks and have a lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi, i just wanted to ask if i grid my room at work for protectiin can i plce tourmaline and hematite together? thanks

  11. Lisa-marie says

    I have just started wearing bronzite and black tourmaline around my neck for protection. I have had a little of bad going on around me in the last 2 years so have decided to get back into crystals. I’m also a palliative nurse. Would you recommend this. I have to say in the last couple of days I do feel more positive. And what is the best way to charge my stones. Many thank

    • Hi Lisa-Marie ~ I would always trust your own instincts as you’ve been feeling more positive the last few days after being guided to wear crystals again, so your intuition knows exactly what you need.

      On the front page of the website there is a blog about Cleansing & Charging crystals. This should tell you all you need to know and give you plenty of options to choose from dependent on your preferences. Bronzite & Black Tourmaline, in particular, love sunshine and seem to cleanse/charge and become very lively after half an hour in the sun so that would be my personal choice for them, but we all have our own ways. Have a lovely day and good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Lisa Henderson says

    Hi, I have had dealings with a lot of spirits appearing to me over the past month. I was scared at first, but was told by a shaman to carry and put around my home black tourmaline. I bought a piece as a necklace and wear it always. I work in a hospital with a lot of spirit activity and when I work I get exceptionally hot. So hot that I sweat and my hair is wet at the back of my neck. The shaman said it was my energy being returned to me. Have you ever had experiences with people being extremely hot wearing or carrying the stones?

    • Hi Lisa

      Thanks for your comment. I do indeed have many experiences of being hot when working with crystals. For me personally, I go very hot when healing energy is coming through my system for others. My hands will start to burn if I’m around someone that needs healing and my crystals often heat up when they are doing their job. I too have sweated a lot, particularly when Spirit is around and giving me a hand. It isn’t something to worry about and I often ask them to dial it down a little if it’s getting too hot (not so bad when it happens in Winter, but very uncomfortable when working in July’s summer heat! Hope that helps, have a lovely day Lisa, bright blessings, Krissy ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Anonymous says

    I just brought a black tourmaline chakra pendant today , as i need it as ive recently found out im an empath.. and all very new to this stuff..
    What do i do with it ? How do i charge it? Can i wearit to bed? Can i wear it with other crystals? Thankyou.. how will i know if its working, sorry so very new to this.. also is there any side effects

    • Hi

      Wear the pendant as and when you feel the need to, but I would take it off at night so your body can go back to it’s natural vibration and rest.

      Then, when you add the crystal again in the morning, it will imbue your energy with protection or whatever you have programmed it to do. There is a blog on the homepage called Cleansing Crystals & Charging Crystals ~ this should answer any questions regarding cleansing/charging. I would charge it once or twice a week if you’re wearing it every day. Hold the pendant in your hand and in your mind, ask it to protect you from, but not block you from other people’s energy. As an empath, we need to be able to read the energy of other people, but we don’t want to take that energy on ourselves. Also, if there is any negative energy around, it simply returns it to sender.

      Some people know straight away that a crystal is working. Others may take a few days or weeks to realise that they are handling their sensitivity and other’s energy better. If you’re giving up your energy to a narcissist or they are taking it from you and you’re not protecting yourself, I’d highly recommend some Citrine for the Solar Plexus chakra. It will help you to take back your power and not allow anyone else to drain your energy. If you’re unsure about what a ‘chakra’ is, there is a section under the drop down menu CRYSTALS on the homepage that will tell you all about them.

      Hope that helps, have a lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Anonymous says

    Sorry also to add to my comment , ive been told im taking on the energy of a narcissist, and its draining me alot.. will this help..

  15. Anonymous says

    Hi, first of all I love your article(s).. Your words feel deeply intuitively connected and equally studied. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gift. I have a question about the best way you feel to cleanse or clean crystals or stones. Length of time etc. Especially ones that are protectors. I’m particularly speaking of fluorite, black obsidian and black tourmaline. Thank you.

    • Hi thank you for your lovely comment, it’s much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

      I wash mine to physically clean them and then let them dry in natural sunlight for no more than half an hour (unless am certain the crystals won’t crack or fade). Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline I leave on windowsills so they are always catching the sun and ready to use. Fluorite is much more delicate. It will fade if left in sunlight for too long and it’s internal structure also breaks down in sunlight, which is why it fractures so much. If I had to use another method as it was a dark and cloudy day, sound (using tongs or a singing bowl) or reiki would be my personal, preferred method. There is is an in depth blog on the home page about Cleansing & Charging crystals, the differences and a long list of various things to experiment with. Hope that helps. Have a lovely day, bright blessings, Krissy ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous says

        Thank you Krissy so very much for your reply. It’s very helpful. I will also check out your blog on the home page. Many blessings!

  16. Just wondering what size black tourmaline to use for different things? It’s almost impossible to find out this kind of info online.

    I have many smaller tourmaline pieces that I have in several crystal bags; one I always carry with me along with 5 or 6 other crystals and the others are in my two guest rooms along with tourmilated quartz, obsidian and smoky quartz.

    But if i am gridding the 4 corners of my house and my bed what size do I need?

    Thank you!!

    • I would say you’d need rods, chunks or tumble stones that were a few inches in length to grid a room. Smaller pieces would be fine to grid your bed. Hope that helps, have a lovely day, Krissy ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous says

        Hi! Could you please tell what you mean with “few inches”? I mean, a minimum size you think it’s effective to put in front door or corners?! Thank you so much!

        • A few inches is a few inches. 1.5 – 2 inches or 3.5 – 5 cms. Larger or extremely high energy pieces are required to grid a house.
          Small tumble stones or pieces will not work as they are simply too little.
          A larger tumble stone would suffice (1.5 inches or more), but I have found the natural rods or the extremely high grade rough pieces to work the best with buildings. Not sure why, maybe it’s the energy, maybe it’s their natural state ~ this has simply been my experience ๐Ÿ™‚
          Hope that clarifies, have a lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Anonymous says

    Hi I have had a black tourmaline stone at my front and back door gor 3 years do I need to charge them or can I leave them.

    • Hi, I would give them a good, physical wash under cold water once a month and set them out in the sunshine on grass if you can to dry. Once dry, you then program them for protection and pop them back in place. This will keep them fully charged, happy and working for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Many thanks and have a lovely day.

  18. How do you clean black tormaline. I know shungite shouldn’t go in water look very similar – is it the same with black tormaline?

    • Hi Lee

      If it’s not brittle black tourmaline, it’s fine to give it a quick scrub under running water with a soft toothbrush. Then pop it in the sunshine to dry and it will be both physically and energetically cleansed and charged up, ready to go ๐Ÿ™‚ You can wash Elite/Military grade Shungite and Grade A Shungite under running water too, but I’d use a soft cloth rather than a brush. It shouldn’t cause any problems or hasn’t done so, so far, with mine. Only the Grade B will degrade under water. I wouldn’t recommend leaving any crystals in water, but if they are above 5 on the MOHS scale, they are usually fine to be washed. Hope that helps, many thanks and have a lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Anonymous says

    hi! i just bought a black tourmaline necklace to protect me from negative psychic energy. the first night i wore it i had a dream where a man told me to take it off because the previous owner of it had died, but then someone said, it’s okay, she’s her sister, she can wear it. it was a creepy dream. i also felt a little heavy and irritable the next few days, but that is starting to subside now. i am wondering if i should continue to wear it.

    • Hi, thanks for your query. Black Tourmaline is quite a strong crystal ~ if you’re unsure whether it was clean, clear, charged and vibrating well, my advice would be to pop it in sunlight for half an hour and see how it feels afterwards. If you can, leave it on the earth, in grass or on sand/dirt for half an hour in the sun as the Earth drains negative energy from Black Tourmaline beautifully. Feel free to pop it on a piece of towel or paper so it doesn’t get damp etc. This should clear it of any previous energy and ensure it is cleansed and ready to work for your highest good. Some crystals take a few days to get used to ~ personally, I wouldn’t sleep in anything I was using for protection as our body needs to relax and recharge itself overnight, which is hard to do when a strong crystal is affecting our energies. Whatever crystal we then choose to wear has a good affect on our system the next day. If you wear it all the time, it will simply blend into your own energy system and may not be so affective. It would most certainly stop the weird dreams. Hope that helps, bright blessings, Krissy ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Hi, I recently got a piece of black tourmaline to help deal with my panic attacks and depression. I made it into a necklace, and almost immediately after putting it on felt really powerful and good. But within five minutes I began to notice that the crystal was very warm. Soon after I felt intense pain in my chest, and increasing heat. The pain/tightness was right where the crystal was hanging. I took it off, still feeling quite nauseous and weak. I felt a bit better, but the feelings only went away after I put it in a different room. I’m disappointed and a little nervous at this reaction. What could have caused such a strong negative reaction? Do you have any advice for other crystals that aid with anxiety and protection? Or if it is possible for me to work wih this one? I’d really appreciate any help or advice! Thanks – Jane

    • Hi Jane

      Sorry to hear you’ve had such an intense experience with Black Tourmaline. Did you cleanse and charge the crystal before making it into a necklace? Often stones can carry negative energy picked up from previous owners or just on their travels to us. If the crystal was cleansed and charged, you didn’t have any problem with it when you were working with it, holding it or making it into a necklace. It was only when you put it on your heart chakra that you had an issue. Is this correct? If so, you could carry that piece in your pocket most likely and not have a problem. It simply doesn’t want to be around your neck or near the higher heart or heart chakra (depending on how low it sits).

      Look up the meaning of Black Tourmaline alongside the meaning of those two heart chakras and see if anything resonates or clicks for you. You might be able to intuit why this experience happened. Could be the crystal immediately shifted something in that area which caused the reaction. Did anything come to mind that you can remember? Any memories, thoughts or emotions that seemed out of place? It could be that Black Tourmaline can’t be worn too close to those chakras as you have to be open to others on an emotional level in some way. Those are just a few examples, but am feeling if you do the comparison of meanings alongside each other, something will click ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope that helps Jane, sending you bundles of good energy. Bright blessings, Krissy

  21. Joy salibio says

    hi i just received my black tourmaline through online i just want to know how to start using it, how to program and cleanse it properly before using it. thank you.

    • Hi Joy

      Please read the blogs on the first few pages of this website. Cleansing & Charging, How to use a Crystal for Physical Healing and How to Meditate with a Crystal. Those should provide all the information you need to get started. Thanks and bright blessings, Krissy ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Tanya says

    Hello Kristy.. I have a question regarding using black tourmaline and fluorite stones for my 8 years old daughter. I want to protect her from EMF radiation ( computers, TV, WiFi). And I was recommended using black tourmaline and fluorite by wearing bracelets made from these 2 stones during a day. She puts one bracelet made from small black tourmaline stones on one hand and another one made from fluorite on another hand.

    Would recommend children to wear these stones? And is it ok to wear them in bracelets ( not pedant) or just carrying them in a pocket?

    Thank you very much for your answer in advance.


    • Hi Tanya

      Thanks for your query. If your daughter has already been wearing these bracelets and is perfectly happy with them, I’d say everything is OK. We’re all so different ~ what is too much energy for one person may not be strong enough for the next.

      Kids are great, they trust their gut instinct and would know instantly if something felt wrong. I have to be honest and say I don’t feel Fluorite will do the job ~ it may absorb the EMFs, but then they’re stuck in the bracelet with no where to go until it’s cleansed. Black Tourmaline deflects negative energy, so works in a different way. Fluorite is still an amazing crystal however and again, go by how your daughter feels. If it feels good, she’ll be getting some benefit from it. Fluorite is great for coughs/colds and times of change. It also has a nice,supportive energy, so won’t overwhelm most children.

      My go to stone for protection from EMFs is Shungite and for a child, I’d recommend Grade A or Grade B as the Elite may be too overwhelming. It’s fine to wear crystals as a bracelet, pendant or to carry a pocket stone ~ again, this is simply personal choice and what feels most comfortable or practical for that person.

      Hope that helps, have a lovely day and bright blessings ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. meena menon says

    Please can u let me know how to place the black tourmaline in the garden outside my home and also in the front door of my house.

    • Hi Meena

      For your front door, just place a blade of Black Tourmaline along the top of the door frame. Use blu tak to keep it in place. Ensure people don’t slam that door a lot as it will knock the crystal off. Or you can place a piece either side of the front door on the inside of the house. Whichever feels ‘right’ to you.

      For the garden, it depends on what you want to do with it. Are you trying to protect the land or the whole house? If so, please refer to my blog Gridding a House or Plot of Land, which is on the first page of the website.

      Many thanks and bright blessings, Krissy

  24. Bharati says

    Hello Kristy,
    I so love your blog.
    Can I dig a small black tourmaline outside my door (at the entrance)in the ground and conceal it.

  25. Hi Kristy, My mum is getting her breast removed in a few weeks and she is incredibly scared and already bares quite a lot of anger and self resentment. I have recently got her an elite Shungite pendant but I wanted to know what a good combination would be for her particular situation. thank you very much for your blog and time. Kindest Regards William

    • Hi William, am so sorry to hear about your mum! I highly recommend a combination of Pink Petalite and Howlite. The Petalite is emotionally supportive and soothing (it is the recommended stone for Cancer in particular) and the Howlite enables us to release anger and move through difficult emotions without turning them on anyone else or ourselves. I am part of an international, distance healing group, so if you’d like to email me your mum’s details via the Contact Form on the website, I can add her to our list for distance healing if you would like? Sending you both a big boost of healing energy. Blessings, Krissy


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