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RED Phantom Quartz ~ Higher Self/Soul Connection & Energy

Once again, I was lucky enough to visit my supplier just as he received a crate shipment from The Congo in Africa. Not only did it contain the divine Kundalini Quartz, but also this extremely rare Red Phantom Quartz.

All of the pieces I’ve chosen are true Phantoms with such sparkle and clarity to the quartz, usually only collectors get these pieces. Luckily, they don’t break the bank with prices ranging from £3-£18!

Red Phantom Quartz is Quartz that contains an Iron Oxide such as Lepidocrocite, Magnetite or Hematite. The term is often given incorrectly to quartz with Hematite inclusions or coatings. True Red Phantom Quartz shows a clear red phantom outline within the crystal that exactly matches the shape of the external crystal. This can be clearly seen in the pictures above and below.

The mere inclusion or a coating of Hematite does NOT make a piece of quartz a Red Phantom Quartz. A piece of Quartz with an inclusion of Hematite is more likely to be Lodolite (Shamanic Dreamstone).

Red Phantom Quartz forms when a regular clear quartz point grows and for whatever reason, a deposit of Iron Oxide forms a coating on the outside of the Quartz point. After some time, the Quartz point begins to grow again and we are left with a Red Phantom layer trapped within the quartz. It looks like a red point has grown within the clear one, although this is simply an optical illusion as it is only a layer of Iron Oxide, not a solid section of it.

Phantom Quartz is a powerful healing and meditation tool. Click Here to read my informative blog on Phantom Quartz.

Red Phantom Quartz stimulates physical healing energy, vitality and energetic boosts in general, passion and creativity. It is an excellent Quartz to work with the lower chakras and supports us in raising the vibrations of these lower energy centres, allowing us to release fear and open up to express ourselves from a more rooted, stronger, more stable foundation. This is on all levels too, so our mind is clearer and more connected to our Higher Self, our emotions are more stable and grounded and our physical energy is stimulated and raised.

Red Phantom Quartz  helps us to get in touch with our higher self in order to tap into both self and Universal knowledge.  It works to ground any nervous based energy and anchor us firmly in reality, so that we can listen to our inner voice and tune into understanding what our Higher Self truly needs in order to evolve. Red Phantom Quartz allows us to see through any self illusion so we can access the truer, deeper parts of ourselves. This aids us in seeing both our light and our darkness, for there are power and gifts in both.

There is often a battle between our logical, rational, Human Self and our Higher Self (or Soul). The logical mind shouts very loudly and works hard to question and try to quantify everything we process through it. Alongside that, our Higher Self speaks in whispers, in subtlety, in intuitive knowing and gut feelings.

Red Phantom Quartz allows us to deeply communicate with our Higher Self in order that we bring our human self more in alignment with our soul’s true purpose. Throughout life, we are often told who we are or who we should be. We carry the expectations of our ancestors and parents and therefore our Human self is often living a life that simply doesn’t feel ‘right’. Red Phantom Quartz is a brilliant ally in helping us to learn who we truly are and who we want to be. This may, quite often, be through learning what we don’t want before realising what we do want. It is why the Iron Oxide is so beneficial in this quartz, because it keeps us grounded and firmly focused on the reality of our life in order that we can make conscious, soul driven changes.


I also believe this crystal has come to the fore now to connect us more to the Earth Star Chakra. Red Phantom Quartz is extremely good at drawing energy up from deep within the Earth and as the Earth Star is responsible for governing our Soul’s Purpose, we can continually draw on the huge reservoir of energy that is readily available within the Earth to keep fuelling our path forward. Not only does Red Phantom Quartz draw energy up from our Soul/Earth Star chakra, but it also anchors and grounds our energetic field to the Earth. This happens in a very organic way rather than us feeling like we’re nailed to the floor. If you’d like to read more about the Earth Star Chakra, please Click Here.

Red Phantom crystals can be used in meditation. Simply lie down and place the crystal on the sacral or solar plexus chakra, which ever feels more comfortable. Alternatively, sit up and hold your hand loosely in your lap whilst holding the crystal. Take yourself into a meditative space and then ask to be strongly connected to your Higher Self or to hear the knowledge of your inner voice.

Red Phantom crystals can be used in a bath alongside Epsom Salts for a truly energising experience. Some people like to sleep with them at the base of their mattress or foot of the bed in order that their energy be drawn down and rooted more firmly whilst asleep. This can allow us to wake feeling profoundly grounded and stable.

One of the best methods I’ve found is to sit or stand holding the Red Phantom either at the solar plexus or sacral area. I then use visualisation to draw energy up from deep within the Earth, starting right from the core and moving through to the Earth Star Chakra, where I will see the energy connect and pool into a ball of red, sparkling light. Once I feel firmly connected to the Earth Star, I then pull that energy up through all of my chakras, again spinning it as a ball of light at the base, Sacral and Solar Plexus. This should feel slightly tingly or energising on some level. 

I see this red, sparkling energy firing up and igniting the lower chakras before sending it up through my body. Most people like to then send it up through the Etheric chakras and out into the Universe, but what’s really cool about Red Phantom Quartz is it loves to work with circles of light and energy. So I visualise the energy hitting the top of my chakras, then expanding out as far as my auric field reaches, then send it right back down into the heart of the Earth again. I’ll keep doing this again and again until it starts to create a circle of energy from the Earth, to the top of me, then back down again. I’ve found myself getting quite lost in this cycle of energy and its a wonderful feeling.

This exercise draws energy up from the Earth, replenishes our human/physical energy system and then sends it back in return, again and again. Sometimes I’ll be left feel motivated and energised. At other times, I’ve simply felt really grounded, rooted, emotionally stable and at peace.

Red Phantom Quartz LOVES sunlight! I lay mine on the grass on a sunny day so it can absorb both the energy of the Sun and the Earth.

If you’d like to see what Red Phantom Quartz is in stock, please Click Here.

With much love

Krissy xxx

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